Tears of the Kingdom: Soryotanog Shrine [Location]

In this guide, I will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to explore the Soryotanog shrine.

Tears of the kingdom: Soryotanog Shrine [Guide]

Shrines are mini-dungeons found all over the map, which are 152. Exploring them can be challenging. I will provide a step-by-step guide to you on how to solve one of these shrines, which is the Soryotanog shrine.

Key Takeaways

  • Out of the 152 shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, the Soryotanog Shrine is important.
  • It is located in the Gerudo desert region.
  • Soryotanog shrine is also called Buried Light. 
  • You can explore a total of four rooms in this shrine.
  • Players must make use of Fan gusters to complete the necessary puzzles. 
  • You can find a chest in the third room containing x10 arrows. 
  • Completing the shrine will reward you with a Light of the blessing.

Location of Soryotanog Shrine

Location of soryotanog shrine on map
Location of Soryotanog Shrine | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You can find this shrine in the Gerudo Desert region, which can be reached using the nearby Skyview Tower.

The coordinates are x= -3881, y= -2964, z= 0123. Another name for the shrine is Buried Light.

First Room

Upon entering the Soryotanog shrine, you will come across a door requiring a key to open. Remove a pile of sand nearby to find a fan lying around. You must activate it and use Ultrahand ability to pick it up.

Then, take the fan to the left side of the room, where you will find more piles of sand. Rotate the fan to blow wind on the dune at the far end of the room, near the wall. You will find a chest hidden below containing the door key.

Chest in sand pile
Chest with the key in the first room | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Second Room

I recommend taking the fan with you as you cross the rooms. You must fight the construct enemy as soon as you enter the second room. Next, you must again blow off sand piles in the area to reveal a buried mirror.

The second pile is located in the right corner of the room. Use the fan to blow off the sand on the pile to reveal a path leading to another room. Take the fan and cross to the other side.

Third Room

This room is optional to explore. I will guide you through it to find all the chests in the shrine.

You will once again encounter another construct enemy upon blowing sand piles. You must defeat it and proceed to find Fan Guster.

Hidden room in Soryotanog shrine
Hidden area in third room | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. Place it on the wall’s far side, where you will see a platform above you.
  2. Rotate the fan and place it on the ground so the wind blows upward.
  3. Glide your way up to the platform using the wind thrust.
  4. You will encounter a large fan stuck due to sand complications on it.
  5. You must remove the sand for the fan to move, which will open a door right behind it.
  6. The room behind the door has another chest that contains x10 arrows.
  7. After claiming this, you must return to the second room.

Opening The Last Door

  1. Move your way to the far left side of the room and Ascend to the platform above you.
  2. Glide down to the platform in the fourth room with the construct enemy on it.
  3. Using the Fan Guster, blow off the sand to find a light source nearby.
Rotating mirror on the light
Directing light to the second room | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. You must find another mirror located in one of the sand piles.
  2. Grab this mirror, walk up the stairs, and place the mirror in such a direction that the light passes through the grill to the second room.
  3. Ascend to the platform above you and return to the second room.
Completing Soryotanog shrine
Opening the final door | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Use the second mirror and place it in the direction of light facing towards the last door. Once it turns yellow, wait a few seconds for it to turn green, opening itself. You will find a Light of the blessing at the end of the shrine, completing it.

My Experience With Saryotanog Shrine?

This is all regarding the walkthrough of the Soryotanog shrine. It requires many mechanics revolving around using fans and mirrors to complete the puzzles. Before diving into a puzzling structure to understand its mechanics, I suggest taking your time and proceeding.

Remember, using a fan in the Second room will significantly pave the way for clearing the shrine. Secondly, you must utilize the best weapons to defeat the enemies in the shrine and avoid losing the progress midway. 

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