Tears of the Kingdom Spotting Spot [Side Quest]

In this guide learn how to complete the side quest "Spotting spot" and obtain the spotted horse.

Spotting spot tears of the kingdom
Spotting Spot Guide [Side Quest]

“Spotting Spot” side quest in Tears of The Kingdom rewards you with the horse Spot. In Tears of The Kingdom, you can make many horses your mount. The game has many unique horses that can be harder to tame but have better stats. This guide will cover where you can get Spot, its stats, and how you can get the side quest.

Key Takeaways

  • “Spotting Spot” is the name of a side quest in Tears of The Kingdom.
  • This side quest is triggered by talking with Lester in Lookout Landing.
  • The “Incomplete Stable Side quest must be completed to get this side quest.
  • You must also complete some parts of the main quest, “Regional Phenomena.”
  • Stealth and Stamina are important aspects to have to tame a horse.
  • Spot can be located southwest of the lookout landing.
  • Spot is a unique horse due to its appearance.
  • Spot has 4/5 stars in Strength, 3/5 in Speed, 3/5 in Stamina, 2/5 in Pull, and a Wild Temperament.
  • The “Spotting Spot” side quest rewards you with Purple Rupee, One Swift Carrot, and the horse called Spot.
  • Spot is one of the best horses for the starting phase of the game.

Spotting Spot

Spotting Spot Tears of the kingdom
Lookout Landing | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Spotting Spot is a side quest you can trigger in Tears of The Kingdom. This side quest can be completed early on in the game. While getting the side quest is pretty easy but then going to find the horse called “Spot” can be a bit tricky if you do not know where to look. However, you do not have to worry as we will cover everything you need to know about the side quest in this guide.

First, you need to complete the side quest “Incomplete Stable” given by Lester in Lookout Landing. You can easily complete this side quest by using the ultra-hand ability to fix the stable’s roof. After which he will tell you about his missing horses and ask you to find one called “Spot”. Through conversation with Lester, you find that Spot is near the lookout landing.

Tears of the kingdom
Conversation with Lester

You might also need to complete some parts of the main quest, “Regional Phenomena” to get this quest.

How To Tame Spot

To tame the horse “Spot” in Tears of The Kingdom, follow these steps:

Taming Spot:

  1. Go south of the lookout landing, slightly to the west.
  2. Look for a white horse with grey-black spots.
  3. Approach it cautiously to avoid detection.
  4. Use armor to increase your stealth and consider items like Sneaky Elixir or Energizing Elixir.
  5. Sneak up on Spot by crouching in the grass and approaching from an undetectable angle.
  6. Mount the horse and press the Soothe button to begin taming.
  7. Ensure you have enough Stamina for a successful tame.

After Taming: 8. Ride Spot back to Lookout Landing.

  1. Speak with Lester for a reward of a Purple Rupee and one Swift Carrot.
  2. Talk to Lester again to register Spot as your horse in Tears of The Kingdom.
  3. During registration, you can choose to rename the horse to your preference.
The Horse “Spot”

Spot Stats

These are the following stats for the horse Spot.

  • Strength: 4 Stars
  • Speed: 3 Stars
  • Stamina: 3 Stars
  • Pull: 2 Stars
  • Temperament: Wild

The stats tell you the strong points of your horse. Depending on the stats, you can use your horse for different environments. For example, if you want to go into an area where a lot of enemies will spawn and hit you, then you need a horse with good strength so it can withstand the attacks. Or if you need to avoid enemy attacks, a more-speed horse will suit you.


The strength of a horse tells how much the horse can get hit instead of hitting. The endurance of a horse to take damage is also vital when traveling in an area where there are usually enemies. The higher the horse’s strength, the higher its Health Points. So a horse with more strength will be more resilient and can also take more fall damage comparatively.


Speed is straightforward; It is the pace the horse can go at. The higher the speed, the faster you will reach your destinations but be careful as the faster horse is also harder to control due to less stability.


It is how much your horse can run before it runs out of breath. Stamina is used by a horse when running at full speed, and after it runs out, the horse returns to a normal pace. A horse with higher Stamina is preferred. It can save you from enemy encounters and help you in the Long run, pun intended.


This is a unique stat that tells how heavy of a cart the horse can pull. This stat is more precisely needed in some side quests as there is not much use of a pull stat in the normal game. However, having a higher pull rating is still preferred to help you out in some of the sidequests where you encounter its use.


A horse can have two kinds of temperament in Tears of The kingdom.

  • Gentle: These horses are easier to tame and require less Stamina. Moreover, if you bond well with this kind of horse, it will not throw you off its back if you exhaust its Stamina.
  • Wild: These horses are harder to tame and require more Stamina. Moreover, even if you bond well with this kind of horse, it will still throw you off its back if you exhaust its Stamina.

Ending Remarks

The game has many horses, and Spot might not be the best among them. However, You can do this quest quite early in the game, and it can be the horse with the best stats at the start. Doing the quest is also not that hard if you know where to look to find Spot.

So, I would say it is worth it to complete this side quest. Get yourself Spot, as it has the best stats for the starting phase of the game and is also easier to find. The best part about getting Spot is that it is one of the unique horses you can find in the game due to its appearance.

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