Tears of the Kingdom Stone Talus Heart [Easy Strategy]

Reward yourself with a Luminous Stone Talus Heart by defeating the Stone Talus - A strong mini-boss

Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
Defeating the Stone Talus Monster [Walkthrough]

While playing  Tears of The Kingdom, you will encounter many challenges, puzzles, and bosses. Having face Stone Talus is one of them. Locating and destroying this mysterious stone-like mini-boss can be challenging and thrilling at the same time.

In this guide, we will tell you about the location of the Stone Talus, how to defeat the Stone Talus mini-boss, and the reward the game offers us after the victory.

Key Takeaways

  • The Stone Talus Heart is a powerful item that can be obtained by defeating the Stone Talus. It is a strong stone-like enemy found throughout the expansive world of Tears of Kingdom.
  • You can utilize the Stone Talus Heart to fuse with a weapon, thereby enhancing the damage output of the particular weapon.
  • It is a precious item that can increase the weapon’s potential.
  • Stone Talus is a great option if you want to increase your weapon’s damage output.

Finding The Stone Talus

Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
Stone Talus Map Location(Captured by Us)

The Talus is a monster that appears in multiple games in the Legend of Zelda series. The initial encounter with the Stone Talus Heart occurs in Crenel Hill Cave. The North of Battle Talus, on Orstedd Bridge, houses this large deep cave. This first encounter with the mini-boss can be significantly difficult. Therefore, it is important to be prepared before you fight it!

As now you have reached the exact location, start entering the cave. As the cave is dark, you may want to use a lantern to light your way. Follow the path, and you will eventually reach a large chamber with the Stone Talus monster in the centre.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
Entering the Cave (Captured by Us)

How To Defeat The Stone Talus

To defeat the Stone Talus, you must attack its weak point. For this purpose, try to get onto the giant mini-boss; you will find a Glowing Crystal on its back. Any weapon can destroy this crystal. We advise using powerful weapons such as Greatsword or Bow to finish it quickly. You can also utilize elemental attacks with fire and ice to destroy its weak point, the Glowing Crystal.


The Stone Talus is a massive, strong creature that can deal much damage. Therefore you must use a strategy before going close to it.

  1. First, you must make it to Talus’s head, which will wake him up from sleep. Equipping a one-handed weapon can benefit you by making it easier to blow off its weak point. 
  2. Stand on its back and start hitting its glowy crystal. After 12 hits, the Stone Talus will throw you away from its back. To avoid any damage, be prepared to run and glide right away.
  3. Continue repeating the first and second steps until you have successfully defeated and toppled the Stone Talus.
Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
Destroying The Glowy Stone Crystal(Captured by Us)

The Stone Talus will fall off immediately when you destroy the glowing crystal. This is the best chance when a player can blow off its head, killing away the stone-like creature. 

Claiming Your Prize

You shall be bestowed with a valuable item as a reward upon successfully striking its vulnerable head after its collapse. Along with other precious things like Luminous Stone and Rubies, the Stone Talus will also drop a Luminous Stone Heart. You can not pick the Stone Heart directly; you can fuse it with a weapon to give your weapon an increased damage output.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
Fusing Stone Talus Heart with Zonaite Spear(Captured by Us)

To fuse the Stone Heart with Zonaite Spear. Use the Fuse ability to create a Luminous Stone Hammer for this intent. The spear’s attack power will hop from 4 to 25, substantially growing its power.

Summing It Up

Stone Talus Heart is a great and must-try option if you want to increase your weapons damage output or obtain rare items. You can also use it to exchange rare items. You must go to the merchant to exchange the stone talus heart for an item. Shop around for the best deals while exchanging the Stone Talus Heart, as the merchant offers different valuable items.

We hope the guide was helpful! Good luck on your quest to defeat all the Stone Talus enemies out there. For more guides on Zelda you can check our latest work. 

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