Tears of the Kingdom: The Great White Stallion Guide

In this guide we will learn about the Great White Stallion and how to get it.

Great White Stallion cover
Tears Of The Kingdom: Great White Stallion

Being one of the classiest and toughest horses in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, who wouldn’t want the Great White Stallion in their collection? We will show you how to find and acquire the horse. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Great White Stallion is one of the horses you can register in the game.
  • It is related to the White Horses of the Royal Hyrule family.
  • The horse has unlimited stamina and great strength.
  • You must start the Picture for Highland Stable quest to acquire the horse.
  • You can find the horse near the Lake of Horse God.
  • It can be captured using two approaches: sneaking on it and paragliding.
  • You need a lot of stamina to tame the horse.
  • You must register it at the Highland Stable after taming it.

Here are the Summary table stats for the Great White Stallion in Tears of the Kingdom:

Stamina and PullThe Giant White Stallion cannot have a harness attached.

Horses are the easiest means of transport to explore the map. It is believed that this horse is related to being passed down from the lineage of White horses in the Hyrule Royal family. Each horse has its unique abilities and attributes. 


The Great White Stallion Attributes
Horse Attributes

This magnificent beast is regarded as one of the unique horses due to his attributes. On top of everything, it has Unlimited Stamina which makes it a perfect choice for traveling to far places and easier exploring. Furthermore, this also makes it a great companion for side quests.

Next on the list is the strength of the horse, which is remarkably high: 5 stars. This makes it strong and resilient in mounted combat. Combined with his agility, you can easily take down enemies in fights. You can also train your horse for more combat-effective moves such as charging attacks or step attacks.

However, this horse still has some drawbacks. This is not one of the fastest horses out there, which means that you will have to compromise on the pace. In addition, it has a bad temper, making it difficult to tame.     

Highland Stable Side Quest

In order to start the rumor about finding the Giant White Stallion, players must start the quest called A Picture For Highland Stable. You can find this quest in the Hyrule Stable at the coordinates x=0518, y=-3442, z=0047. This is located in the Southeast part of the Central Hyrule.

Route towards the Great White Stallion
Route to the horse marked by arrows

You must enter the stable and find the blank wooden wall inside. Interact with the wall to talk to Padok, who will explain to you that He needs the picture of the Great White Stallion. This will initiate your quest to find the horse.

Finding The Great White Stallion

Location of the Great White Stallion
The location of the Horse from the Stable is marked by the arrow

You will find the horse located in the Ibara Butte, after crossing the Lake of Horse God, the coordinates are x=0729, y=-3743, z=0081. To reach this place:

  • Take the South road towards Faron.
  • Make your way to the Highland Stable.
  • Keep moving on the same road crossing Haran Lake.
  • You will find the stallion at the end of this road.

Capturing The Horse

To make it easier to capture the horse, we recommend taking down your noisy gear to increase your stealth since you must sneak up on the Great White Stallion.

You should also have Stamina replenishing consumables because the horse will exhaust your stamina while being tamed. Moreover, you must have a supply of Energizing Elixir and use it when your bar of stamina expires.

How To Approach The Horse

first method of mounting the horse
Stealth walking toward the horse

There are 2 ways to approach the Great White Stallion.

The first way includes in which you need to enter stealth mode. If you make more noise, the horse will notice you, so you must sneak up on him slowly. When you reach close enough to the stallion, you must mount it.

The second way is to paraglide directly onto the horseback from the top of the canyon. This requires more precision since you have to land on his back. Moreover, the glider will also consume some of your stamina, so we don’t recommend this method.  

mounted on the horse
Taming the horse

Once mounted, you must repeatedly keep pressing the button to Soothe him. This process will exhaust your stamina so make sure to refill it otherwise, the horse will throw you off his back. Eventually, the horse will be tamed and now you can ride it back to the stable.

Registering The Horse

registering the horse
Registering the horse at the stable

Go back to the stable and register your horse to Padok, which will cost you 20 rupees. You can now build a stronger bond with the horse, which will further increase his fighting skills and loyalty to you.


Unfortunately, the Great White Stallion cannot be upgraded further, even by the Horse God. However, the good news is that you can still customize this according to your desire, but with limited options.   

This is all you need to know about the Great White Stallion in Tears of the Kingdom. Remember to have enough stamina and patience to tame the horse. You can acquire this early in the game making it a great companion for your adventures.

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