Tears of the Kingdom Third Shrine [Location & Quests]

An in depth coverage of the Third shrine in Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

As you traverse the captivating landscapes of ‘Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,’ getting to the third shrine represents a crucial milestone in your adventure. My guide will help you successfully navigate the landscapes and overcome the obstacles that stand between you and the Gutanbac Shrine.

Key Takeaways

The journey to the third shrine, the Gutanbac Shrine, begins from the Pondside Cave.

  1. Start at Pondside Cave and craft a boat using the ‘Ultrahand’ rune.

  2. Collect Energy Cells for Zonai devices.

  3. Cross a pond with the boat and enter Abandoned Mine Caves.

  4. Reach a checkpoint with the Mining and Forge Constructor.

  5. Ascend using a minecart and obtain a floating block.

  6. Use the block to bridge a chasm.

  7. Prepare for cold temperatures.

  8. Navigate the Bottomless Cave.

  9. Reach the Gutanbac Shrine to obtain the Ascend Rune for swimming through surfaces and vertical travel.

How to Get Started?

Your journey commences from the Pondside Cave. This serene location is accessible only by the construction of a makeshift boat using the ‘Ultrahand’ rune. This powerful rune, rewarded after completing the first shrine, will be your first companion in this adventure.

Pondside Cave
Pondside Cave
  1. Constructing a boat might seem like a daunting task at first, but with the Ultrahand rune, it is surprisingly simple.
  2. Attach a sail to a plank, carefully place it on the gentle waters of the pond, and leap onto your makeshift vessel.
  3. This will lead you to the second shrine, which after completing it, leads you to get the Energy Cells which prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.
Energy Cell
Energy Cell
  1. Before embarking on this journey, I highly suggest bringing enough Energy Cells, as they will be instrumental in overcoming the hurdles that lie ahead.
  2. As you make your way through the island, you will come across various Zonai devices.
  3. Interact with these ancient mechanisms using your Energy Cells. Their activation will reveal hidden paths and secret doorways, guiding you closer to your destination.
Zonai Device : Fan
Zonai Device: Fan
  1. Emerging from the tranquility of the Pondside Cave, your next challenge will require a touch of ingenuity.
  2. You’ll have to recreate your boat, but this time, there’s a twist.
  3. The wind, a natural force you relied on earlier, is absent.
  4. Don’t worry, as you’ll replace it with a fan.
  5. Using a fan as your sail, you’ll navigate to the other side of the pond, advancing closer to your goal.
Wood Fan Boat
Wood Fan Boat
  1. Once you reach the other side, your path forward will become clear.
  2. Continue your journey until you encounter a cave entrance, signified by the presence of minecarts.
  3. Here, you’ll once again use your fan, this time as an engine for your minecart.
  4. Attach the fan next to the minecart, and journey into the depths of the Abandoned Mine Caves.
Fan Minecart
Fan Minecart
  1. Inside the Abandoned Mine Caves, you’ll encounter the Mining and Forge Constructor.
  2. Interacting with this construct serves as a checkpoint of sorts, marking significant progress in your journey.
  3. From here, you must ascend to the top of the mine. Yet again, the fan proves its versatility as you construct a propelled minecart.
Fan Minecart in action
Fan Minecart in action
  1. Remember, as you ascend, you’ll spot a floating block on the left side.
  2. This block is not merely a decorative element, but a vital tool for your journey.
  3. Collect it and carry it with you as you proceed upwards, navigating the minecarts and fans.
Block on the left side
Block on the left side.
  1. The second leg of your ascent will present a unique challenge.
  2. Due to broken rails, the minecart path morphs into a makeshift zipline.
  3. Navigate this with dexterity, and you’ll find yourself at the top of the mine, facing a chasm.
  4. Here, the block you collected earlier fills the gap, bridging the divide between the shrine-like structure and the mountaintop.
Zipline Minecart with Fan
Zipline Minecart with Fan
  1. Upon reaching the mountaintop, a new challenge presents itself: the cold.
  2. The high altitude comes with a drastic drop in temperature, making cold resistance vital.
  3. Prepare yourself by cooking and consuming recipes that grant this resistance, protecting you from the icy climate.
  4. Finally, make your way through the Bottomless Cave to reach the final ascent toward the shrine.
  5. Here, you’ll encounter a vertical surface. I built a plank and attached it to create a climbable surface, then scaled it to reach the top.
Bottomless Cave
Bottomless Cave
  1. As you stand atop the mountain, you’ll see your destination: the Gutanbac Shrine.
  2. Reaching this point is no small feat and signifies your successful completion of the third shrine journey.
  3. Here, you’re granted the Ascend Rune, a powerful tool that allows you to swim through surfaces, reaching any vertical point above you.
Third Shrine Entrance
Third Shrine Entrance

My Experience With Third Shrine

Reaching the third shrine is a feat to be proud of, marking your progress in the game. It’s a testament to your strategic skills, resource management, and determination. So, strap on your adventure boots, ready your Energy Cells, and set forth on the path that leads to the third shrine. In my opinion, it is worth the trouble and demands creativity to solve numerous problems. 

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