Tears of the Kingdom Tukarok Shrine [How To Solve]

Learn how you can solve the Tukarok Shrine Puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom.

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tukarok Shrine.
The Tears of the Kingdom Tukarok Shrine is one of the easier Shrines but it requires a lot of craftsmanship. Here's how to find the Tukarok Shrine and its solution.

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has countless Shrines to solve to unlock special rewards. One such Shrine that many players struggle with is the Tears of the Kingdom Tukarok Shrine. Here’s how to complete the Tukarok Shrine and get the final reward.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tukarok Shrine can be found just East of Lookout Landing, close to the Wetland Stable.
  • The Shrine requires you to complete three puzzle rooms, with the last room being the way out.
  • In the first room, you must push a steel ball through a lava pit by placing it on a cart and pushing it.
  • The second room requires you to use the Rewind ability to push the ball to the top of an incline and take it to the next room.
  • The third room has a pool of water with four lanes. You must form a raft using the materials available and swim across the room.
  • Then, you must place the ball on a switch to enter the next room, where you must place the sphere into a receptable. Interact with the statue to get the Light of Blessing.

Tukarok Shrine Location

Tears of the Kingdom Tukarok Shrine location.
Tukarok Shrine is East of Lookout Landing. (Image captured by us)

The Tukarok Shrine is one of the easiest to find as it’s close to Lookout Landing. Start by traveling to Lookout Landing and then going East from here. Cross the Great River, and you will eventually find the Shrine.

If you still can’t find it, look for the Wetland Stable. Check out our Tears of the Kingdom stables guide to learn how to get to the Wetland Stable.

The coordinates for the Tukarok Shrine are 0915, -0250, and 0035.

Lava Room

Tukarok Shrine lava room.
The first room has you push a steel ball over a pit of lava. (Image captured by us)

The puzzles in this Shrine are relatively simple but require you to have a few abilities, such as the Ultrahand and Recall abilities. The puzzles here are divided into three sections. The first three sections of the puzzle require you to move a giant ball through three rooms, each with its obstacles.

The final part of the puzzle has you placing the ball onto a switch to get through the exit.

You’ll need to navigate the steel ball through a lava-filled room for the first room. Here’s how to clear this room:

  1. Enter the Shrine and travel further until you find a place to jump from. Jump and look for the giant steel ball.
  2. Next, look for a cart. It should be close by.
  3. Pick up the steel ball with the Ultrahand ability and place it onto the cart.
  4. Then, find the lava pit and, with the Ultrahand ability, put the cart (with the steel ball attached to it) in front of the pit.
  5. Orient the cart so that it’s pointing toward the lava pit. The arrow tread pattern on the tires should point toward the pit. You can re-orient the cart using the Ultrahand ability.
  6. Hop onto the coach and move forward by striking its tires with your sword. If you do this right, you’ll cross over the lava pit and enter the ramp on the other side.

Incline Room

In this room, you must force the ball up a steep incline. This room has a Zonai Device, but you don’t need to use it. You will need to use the Recall ability, however.

  1. Go to the right side of the room and find the giant cube attached to a railing.
  2. Using the Ultrahand ability, place the ball you just pushed into this room on top of the block.
  3. Move the cube (with the steel ball attached) to the very end of the railing. Let go and let it fall back down.
  4. Now, travel to the very end of the room, where you will find a ladder that enables you to enter the next room. But you can only go further with the steel ball.
  5. This is where you use the Recall ability. Use Recall to bring the block back up to the top. Once it stops at the top, remove the ball from the cube and use the Ultrahand ability to grab it and take it to the next room.

Water Room

Tears of the Kingdom Tukarok Shrine Strong Zonaite Sword.
You can find a Strong Zonaite Sword in this room. (Image captured by us)

This last puzzle requires you to navigate through a room filled with water. There is some treasure to be found here as well. Here’s how to get the treasure and solve the puzzle:

  1. First, find the boat where the treasure chest is. This is the boat that’s floating second from the left. You will be able to see the treasure chest from the shore.
  2. With the Ultrahand ability, grab the treasure chest and bring it out of the water. You’ll find a Strong Zonaite Sword inside the chest.
  3. Now, look for the cart in this room. Attach the steel ball to this cart.
  4. Also, look for two narrow wooden boards. Attach these to the side of the wheels of the cart. They should be pointing downward and forward. This is your makeshift raft.
  5. Place the large steel ball you’ve been carrying for two rooms onto the center of the raft.
  6. If you need to, position the raft with the Ultrahand ability to face the large pool of water. You will see four lanes in this pool. Position the raft to face any route that will get you to the other side.
  7. Hit the raft wheel with your sword and watch it go forward. And you’ve just completed the third puzzle.

Exiting The Shrine

Final room in the Shrine.
Place the ball in the receptacle to exit the room. (Image captured by us)

Now that the Shrine’s puzzle rooms are over, you’ll face the exit. However, some work still needs to be done here to open the doorway.

  1. First, grab the boat you made with the Ultrahand ability and place it onto the switch before you. You can also just put the ball here.
  2. This will open up a corridor. Enter it to find a small indent in the ground. This is where you should place the steel ball you’ve been carrying. This will open up the exit.
  3. Interact with the statue in the next room to get the Light of Blessing. And just like that, you’ve completed the Tukarok Shrine.

Reward: Light Of Blessing

So you’ve got your Light of Blessing. But what can you do with it? Light of Blessing is an important item that’s essential for slightly buffing Link. You get these from completing several Shrine puzzles, including the Tukarok Shrine.

Link can use Light of Blessing to boost his Stamina Wheel or get a Heart Container. You must make an offering at Goddess Statues and must offer four Lights of Blessing for every Heart Container or Stamina Wheel boost.

Final Thoughts

The Tukarok Shrine is undoubtedly one of the easier Shrine puzzles to solve in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. However, the fact that it requires the Ultrahand and Recall abilities, along with some craftsmanship, makes it a bit of a challenge initially.

Luckily, you can now complete the Tears of the Kingdom Tukarok Shrine. If you like our guide, check out our Tears of the Kingdom Great Sky Island Shrines. 

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