Tears of the Kingdom Warm Clothes [Cold Resistance]

Worried about getting cold on snowy mountains? Here is a guide on warm clothes in Tears of the Kingdom along with other ways to keep warm.

Warm Clothes in Tears of the Kingdom
A detailed guide on warm clothes in Tears of the Kingdom.

There are two ways players can keep their body temperature warm while exploring a snowy or cold area. You can wear a cold resistance outfit or eat certain food to keep the body temperature in check. Here is how to collect wearable items in Tears of the Kingdom:

Key Takeaways

  • There are two ways of resisting cold, one by wearing warm clothes and the other by eating certain dishes.
  • You can obtain your first set of warm clothes on Great Sky Island, on a raised platform right of Gutanbac Shrine.
  • The second warm clothes set is available in Brazen Beak in Rito Village.
  • Players can obtain a Vah Medoh Divine Helm and a Ruby Circlet later in their playthrough for extra protection against the cold.
  • Players can also consume spicy labeled dishes. These will provide temporary cold resistance from harsh environments.

Obtain From A Treasure Chest

Archaic Warm Greaves Tears of the Kingdom warm clothes
Archaic Warm Greaves – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The first location of warm clothes is near Gutanbac Shrine on Great Sky Island, which players visit before the Hyrule Kingdom. Here, you will complete some challenges associated with Shrines.

The last shrine players face is the Gutanbac Shrine. This time, the shrine gifts Link a new ability called Ascend.

Below, I will list all the steps to obtain your cozy attire:

  1. After getting your newfound ability, head out of the Gutanbac Shrine and turn right.
  2. You will notice a huge tree trunk with an opening above a raised platform.
  3. Choose Ascend and pass through the ceiling above, landing right outside the tree trunk.
  4. Enter the tree trunk, and the chest hides in a corner on the right.
  5. Open the chest and obtain “Archaic Warm Greaves,” marked with “cold resistance.”

Now, wear the newly achieved outfit and save yourself from the cold terrain you’re currently in.

Archaic Warm Greeves on the map – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Note: Completing the Gutanbac Shrine is necessary to unlock the Ascend’s ability to reach a Warm Clothes chest.

Purchase From Brazen Beak

The second approach is to purchase clothes from a store in exchange for Rupees – the in-game currency. The store is Brazen Beak, and it resides in Rito Village. The village itself is located in Lake Totori of Tabantha Frontier.

One of the merchant stores here is Brazen Beak. The store has an entire set of winter outfits named “Snowquill.” Make sure you obtain all three pieces of the Snowquill set. They are:

Snowquill Tunic

  • Price: 500 Rupees

A Snowquill Headdress

  • Price: 650 Rupees

Snowquill Trousers

  • Price: 1000 Rupees

My Alternatives For Cold Resistant Attires

If you seek more warm clothes in Tears of the Kingdom, here are two more options. These are my recommended attires, but unfortunately, these two options are not early-game friendly; you’ll require a lot of progress beforehand.

Vah Medoh Divine Helm

  • Location: Van Medoh Divine Helm is inside a chest.
  • The chest is located in North Biron Snowshelf Cave, far Northeast of the map. Simply head north of Rito Village to find the cave.
  • The entrance has a huge ball of ice blocking it. Melt it with the help of fire and enter the place.

Ruby Circlet

  • Location: You can purchase Ruby Circlet from the Starlight Memories merchant store in Gerudo Town.
  • You can find this town in the Gerudo Desert, far southeast.
  • Make sure you are carrying 1300 Rupees to make the purchase.

My Alternatives For Cold Resistance

Covering yourself with thick layers of cloth may not be enough in certain situations. However, if you carry some spicy consumables, you’ll buy yourself extra cold resistance on your hands, along with a health increase. These consumables will help you keep your health intact in extreme cold.

Below are my recommendations for Spices that are the best alternatives for Cold Resistance:

The Spicy Sauteed Peppers

  • In-game Description: Grants low-level low resistance. The heat has broken the spiciness of these sauteed peppers for a sweeter taste.
  • Recipe: 1-5x Spicy Peppers. Throw them in a cooking pot, and the dish will be ready. You can find these Spicy Pepper bushes in abundance in and around the Pit Cave before Gutanbac Shrine.
  • Cold Resistance Duration: Depends on the number of Spicy Peppers you use.
  • One spicy pepper provides 2 minutes and 30 seconds of resistance.
  • If you add up to 5 spicy peppers at a time, the cold resistance effect goes up to 12 minutes and 30 seconds.

Spicy Elixir

Tears of the Kingdom Warm Clothes
Spicy Elixir – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-game Description: Grants a low-level warming effect, increasing your resistance to cold environments. It is very useful when exploring snow-covered mountains.
  • Recipe: 1x Summerwing Butterfly OR Warm Darner + Any Monster Part. You can also obtain it from chests.
  • Cold Resistance Duration: The effect duration depends on the combination. You can obtain up to 30 minutes of low-level cold resistance effect.

A Spicy Pepper Steak

  • In-game Description: Grants low-level cold resistance. The meat has been cooked in crushed peppers to accent its natural taste.
  • Recipe: Spicy Peppers + Raw Meat. The more Spicy Pepper you add, the higher the cold resistance you’ll receive.

Spicy Veggie Rice Balls

Spicy Veggie Rice Balls – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-game Description: Grants low-level cold resistance. This home-style dish of Kakariko Village is stuffed with the bounty of the mountains.
  • Recipe: Hylian Rice + Hyrule Herb or Vegetable.

A Spicy Omelet

  • In-game Description: Grants low-level cold resistance. This simple dish is common all over Hyrule. Simply fry the egg until it’s nice and plum.
  • Recipe: Spicy Peppers + Egg

The Spicy Simmered Food

  • In-game Description: Grants low-level cold resistance. This sweet dish is made by heaping tasty fruits into a pan and simmering until tender.
  • Recipe: Any fruit + Spicy Peppers

Spicy Mushroom Rice Balls

Tears of the Kingdom Warm Clothes
Spicy Mushroom Rice Balls – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-game Description: Grabts low-level cold resistance. The aroma of the mushrooms tickles your nose as you peel back the leafy wrapping.
  • Recipe: Sunshroom + Hylian Rice.

The weather and temperature play a major role in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It can negatively affect Link’s health; players might face inevitable death without precautions. Worry not; as I have mentioned, all available options to save you just from that.

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