Tears of the Kingdom Wing Device [Ultimate Guide]

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of the Wing.

Tears of the Kingdom Wing Zonai Device
Tears of the Kingdom Wing Zonai Device

The Wing is a type of Zonai Device shaped like a flat bird, designed for soaring through the skies. It assists Link in traversing large gaps, both between sky islands and on land. Additionally, the Wing Glider effortlessly crosses distances that would otherwise pose challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • The Wing is a type of Zonai Device shaped like a flat bird, designed for soaring through the skies.
  • Zonai Gacha Gumball Dispensers scattered across the Sky Islands can be used to acquire the Wing Zonai Device.
  • Launch Points can be used to make takeoff with the Wing Device easier.
  • Controlling the Wing Device is tricking, but practice can help.
  • The Wing Device is subject to multiple fusions ranging from Fans to increased movement speed to weapon fusions.

Wing Device Location

Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Device Dispensers
Tears of the Kingdom Zonai Device Dispensers [Image Captured By Me]
To acquire the Wing Zonai Device from the Zonai Gacha Gumball Dispensers on Sky Islands, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a Zonai Gacha Gumball Dispenser on a Sky Island.
  2. Insert either a Zonai Charge or Construct Horns into the dispenser.
  3. Operate the dispenser.

Here are a few things that I strongly recommend:

  • The specific Zonai Device you receive depends on the Dispenser you choose.
  • It’s advisable to select a dispenser that offers the Zonai Wing.
  • To view the assortment of available devices, hover over the corresponding icon on the map after using the dispenser at least once in the past.

Using The Wing Device

Wing Device
Wing Device [Image Captured By Me]
To understand how to utilize a Wing Device, the initial step involves grasping the method of launching it into the sky.

  1. First and foremost, when encountering a Wing Device at Great Sky Island, you will likely find it near an inclined runway.
  2. You must employ the Ultrahand by placing it within one of the runway canals to achieve liftoff for the Wing Device.
  3. The Wing Device commences its descent, indicating a successful attempt.
  4. Later in the game, you will come across Wing Devices or retrieve them from your inventory, and in such cases, there might not be a conveniently situated runway nearby.
  5. I solved this problem by fixing a Fan Device during the launch. 
  6. Once prepared, activate the fan to receive the necessary propulsion for getting your Wing Device airborne. 

Wing Device Functions

The following functions are available to you while standing on the Wing:

  1. Normal Gliding: Simply stand on the Wing for a smooth glide.
  2. Turning: Gently walk in your desired direction to initiate a turn.
  3. Descending: To descend, walk forward gently for a controlled descent.
  4. Ascending: Walk backward slowly to gradually rise higher.
  5. Increasing Speed: Use the Ultrahand to add Zonai Devices to the Wing. Keep an eye on the battery to reach your destination.
  6. Landing: Departing the Wing can be tricky. Use the Ultrahand to retrieve Wing and devices, then glide to your chosen spot. Once stable, leap to the edge and summon the Wing back.

Some Tips From My Playthrough

1.Weapons On The Wing Via Fusing

Wing With Fusions
Wing With Fusions [Image Captured By Me]
The Zonai Wing can combine with a weapon, arrow, or shield. However, it cannot be combined with all three types.

Players must conduct extensive experimentation to determine the compatible combinations and the specific effects they bestow.

2. Avoid Falling Off By Crouching

Crouching on the Wing
Crouching on the Wing [Image Captured By Me]
To prevent accidental falls from the Wing Zonai Device, it is advisable to exercise caution and adopt a crouched position during gliding.

This approach helps maintain a slow and controlled pace, reducing the risk of falling off as Link becomes more difficult to control due to increased speed.

3. Use Wing Launch Points To Start Gliding

Wing Launch Point
Wing Launch Point [Image Captured By Me]
To effectively launch a Wing Zonai Device, utilizing designated locations with a Launch Point is essential. You can position the Wing on an inclined platform equipped with guide rails in these locations.

This setup imparts the necessary momentum to initiate the Wing’s launch. Once the Wing begins its motion, boarding it promptly before it departs from the platform is crucial.

4. Gain Momentum Using A Fan Or Cart

Wing With Fans
Wing With Fans [Image Captured By Me]
To enhance the momentum of the Wing, you should consider incorporating either an Ultra-equipped fan at its rear or a cart beneath it. These additions effectively augment momentum and facilitate the Wing’s propulsion on nearly any surface.

This feature becomes particularly valuable when you use the Wing in areas devoid of Launch Points. Additionally, you can extend the fan’s operating time by utilizing an additional battery.

That is about it, and if you have more queries, share them with us in the comments section below, and I will try to answer them in my guide.

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