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Teasers discovered Hint at a New Setting for Battlefield 6

   Multiple rumors claim that one of Battlefield 6’s settings will take place in modern-day Kazakhstan. There were two teases that hint Kazakhstan will be the next setting for Battlefield 6. The first teaser is an announcement trailer that was shown at EA play last year. In the trailer there are hidden numbers on a character’s forehead. If the coordinates were put into a GPS, it would direct you to Kazakhstan. DannyonPC made a video recently showing both teases hint at the setting of next game. The second teaser is the Battlefield 5 skin called Eidolon. The Eidolon features a medallion that has roman numerals. If you put the coordinates into a GPS, it would take to you to Kazakhstan. The chances of both teases being coincidences are unlikely. If the teases are true, it remains unclear whether Kazakhstan is the primary location or one of many in the game. 

Credit by DannyonPC

Battlefield 6 Rumors

     It has not yet been confirmed whether Battlefield 6 will have a cross-gen release. EA CEO Andrew Wilson during the earnings call  has said that Battlefield 6 will release in 2021. EA also said that they reveal more about Battlefield 6 in the upcoming spring. Previous leak  showed that DICE is working on expanding the player count to 128. With new-gen consoles out Dice will surely push to have more destructive environments in their maps.  

        We will know soon enough if the proposed teases above are true. EA plans to reveal more information regarding Battlefield 6 in the spring and at EA Play. With the latest news that E3 is canceled it is safe to say EA Play will be a digital event again. Battlefield 6 should be the focus of EA Play and hopefully DICE utilizes the power of next-gen consoles.  

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