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Dying Light 2

Techland Teases Update for Dying Light 2

Techland have provided a development update to fans on the Dying Light Twitter account. They said to look out for news regarding Dying Light 2 this Wednesday. They encourage everyone to join the Dying Light Discord server regarding the upcoming announcement. Techland said, however, that they will not be releasing a new trailer and that this is strictly a development update.   

From Dying Light Official Twitter Account

Last year, Techland had indefinitely delayed Dying Light 2, saying that they needed more time to develop the game.  Dying Light 2 is set to take place 15 years after the first game and there will be a new protagonist named Aiden Caldwell.  Techland have also promised 100 hours of content with a 16-hour story campaign. Hopefully, the update regarding Dying Light 2 is positive. There is no doubt that the pandemic has affected the development process like most other games. It should be noted that Dying Light 2 writer Paul Selinger recently left  Techland after working there for 22 years. 

Dying Light 2’s Troubled Development

According to a recent report, one of the reasons for the delay is mismanagement and a lack of communication. Former and current staff have criticised CEO Pawel Marchewka’s leadership, claiming it is the reason for the delay. The report details an overbearing CEO who micromanages nearly every part of the development process. One source said that Marchewka has one rule and that he won’t implant ideas that do not have a reference from a previous game. Another source has said that Marchewka does not trust his staff and relies more on outsider expertise.   

The trailer that they showed off at E3 2018 was promising. It was after watching the trailer and checking the reviews that I, personally, became interested in the series. Unfortunately, it was then that Techland’s CEO Marchewka announced that they are delaying the game indefinitely. Hopefully the Dying Light 2 comes out soon but if the reports are accurate it might be a while.        

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