Tekken 8 VS Street Fighter 6- Which Is Better?

When it comes to fighting, these games give a tough competition to one another.

Tekken 8 vs Street fighter 6
Tekken 8 vs Street fighter 6

Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6 are both extremely popular fighting games. Both of these titles are considered the benchmark of fighting games as they managed to successfully redefine the genre.

My first introduction to fighting games was Street Fighter, back when arcades were all the hype. Slowly, I started experimenting with other titles of this genre, which ultimately introduced me to Tekken. Now that both Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6 have been released, I couldn’t help but compare them both in every aspect. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Tekken 8 features 3D graphics that give it a more realistic look. On the other hand, Street Fighter 6 is a 2D fighting game.
  • Street Fighter 6 has easier fighting mechanics, while Tekken 8 has a tough combat system.
  • Tekken 8 features more fancy cutscenes during gameplay compared to Street Fighter 6.

Modes & Combat

As compared to Street Fighter 6, I like the Tekken 8 better in graphics, combats, and gameplay mechanisms.

Graphics and Combat in Tekken 8Source: Devilster, YouTube

Many gaming enthusiasts believe Tekken 8 has a more complex combat compared to Street Fighter 6, which makes it all the more fun as compared to the latter. Don’t get me wrong; they both have fun combat mechanics, items, and characters, and they have fighting methods and unique styles that set them apart from other titles.

Street Fighter 6 has a new way of experiencing the world tour that also came with the arcade fighting mode. On the other hand, Tekken 8 has a more immersive story mode and an addictive arcade fighting mode.

Tekken 8 vs Street Fighter 6 modes
Modes in Street Fighter 6 in Source: FA GAMEZ, YouTube

You get a detailed and beautiful environment with great lore, definitely a treat for those who enjoy a bit of background with all the fighting. Tekken 8 has incredible cutscenes in the game, which looks way better as compared to Street Fighter 6.

Gameplay Mechanics

Tekken 8 stands out with its powerful 3D graphic fighting mechanics and inclusive choices of characters. Players can discover several martial arts styles while playing each character. They can also learn many techniques as they level up in the game.

Street Fighter 6 combines the basics of standard fighting gameplay with new ideas that create exciting combat. The introduction of Drive System is what sets it apart from previous installments but that is honestly the only great thing about it.

They both have a significant impact on the fighting genre with unique gameplay, but for me, Tekken 8 is the winner in this case.


Both games have different and unique styles, but as I compare, Tekken 8 has a more realistic graphic than Street Fighting 6.

Gameplay in Tekken 8 Source: Devilster, YouTube

Tekken 8 is the next-generation game that is running on an engine known as UE5. Because of the engine, it has the best visuals and graphics as compared to Street Fighter 6. It has more realistic fighting scenes and combats than other fighting games.

Tekken 8 vs Street Fighter 6
Gameplay in Street Fighter 6 Source: FA GAMEZ, YouTube

Undoubtedly, Street Fighter 6 has the best art direction with fun color schemes and the game actually looks really good and vibrant. Tekken 8 looks way better visually and is realistic in fighting as compared to Street Fighter 6. They always try more realistic perspectives for most of their titles.

Characters & Stories

The Storyline of Street Fighter 6 is slightly slower and demands more time for players to understand and judge.

Tekken 8 vs Street Fighter 6
Characters in Tekken 8 Source: MKIceAndFire, YouTube

They both have their unique storyline. As for my perspective, the storyline of Tekken 8 is far better and more interesting than the storyline of Street Fighter 6. They have different storylines, and Tekken 8 has a more well-managed storyline.

Tekken 8 vs Street Fighter 6 characters
Characters in Street Fighter 6 Source: FA GAMEZ, YouTube

Tekken 8 has more character choices than Street Fighter 6, with excellent fighting skills and combos. On the other side, the total number of characters in Tekken 8 is 32, while SF6 has 17 characters.

Plus, character combos in Tekken 8 are longer and have more details and technicalities as compared to Street Fighter 6 characters. 

When comparing Tekken 8 vs Street Fighter 6, the best fighting game is ultimately determined by your personal preferences and playstyle. 

Personally, I favor Tekken 8 for its 3D fighting mechanics, character range, and movement. This game is ideal for those who appreciate learning and experiencing difficult combos.

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