Temtem BEST Team: Ultimate Composition

In this guide, we'll address the situation to choose the best starter companion and the best Temtem team to secure solid wins in the game.

Temtem Best Team

The Temtem we’re talking about is the final version of the sequel, which was released on September 6th, 2022. As soon as the game was released, our job at Veryaligaming was to provide our valued readers with a fully customized Temtem Best Team composition.

But before we start, let’s jump right into the details of the game!

It is a single-player and multiplayer RPG Genre game available on PlayStation 5, PC Windows, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox Series. The game features Co-op Adventure, advanced character customization, and more.

We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing similar games such as Pokemon before, and believe me, Temtem is a lookalike nonetheless. 

Key Takeaways

  • To choose the best starter companion and Temtem team to secure solid wins in Temtem, you can select any of the three starter companionsSmazee, Crystle, and Houchic.
  • Crystle is a Crystal-type Temtem, strong against Mental and Electric types, and has the highest HP(27) out of the three starter companions. Crystle is a solid choice for a starter companion and for building a top Temtem team.
  • Houchic is strong against Melee and Neutral types, but its attack pattern is frustrating, and it only has three moves, out of which it can only use two after every second turn.
  • Smazee is not a recommended starter companion in Temtem due to its weaknesses and evolution to Baboong.
  • Mouflank is a well-rounded Temtem that gives the offense powerful attributes/skills and has the Hurry-wart trait.
  • Ganki has excellent Special Defense and can provide good support with the Inductor trait.
  • Vulffy is a balanced support type Temtem with great stats in defense, speed, stamina, and Special Attack, and can be helpful with healing abilities.
  • Saipat has immense HP, Attack, Speed, and Special Attack, making it a powerful water-type Temtem. It can be easily captured with a catch rate of 140% and is versatile in both PvP and PvE fights.
  • Skail is only useful for early battles in Temtem, as its overall stats are mediocre. Skail can support other beneficial Temtems in your team using its Stone Wall and Scavenger trait.
  • Raican is a ferocious Fire-type Temtem with balanced stats and a rare find at the Altar of the Inner Flame. Raican can be used as both offense and defense Temtem.

Here is a summary table showcasing all the Team Compositions in Tem Tem:

1#072CrystleCrystal48kg / 105.84lbs60cm / 23.62"60413361694642
2#032HouchicMental24kg / 52.92lbs110cm / 43.31"38446640417252
3#092SmazeeMelee24.5kg / 54.02lbs96cm / 37.8"---2---
4#030MouflankNeutral115kg / 253.58lbs170cm / 66.93"1---1--
14.5kg / 31.97lbs105cm / 41.34"---1---
73kg / 160.97lbs84cm / 33.07"------3
50kg / 110.25lbs100cm / 39.37"3------
8#027SkailNeutral26kg / 57.33lbs80cm / 31.5"--1----
125kg / 275.63lbs195cm / 76.77"----22-

Much to our concern, the game is almost very similar to the Pokemon world.

However, in this case, you have Temtems instead of Pokemons, AKA battle-friendly creatures fighting by your side to help you in your epic adventure across six islands.

The term used for characters is called Temtem, and before setting foot in the fully online world of Temtem, you are bestowed with the ability to tame these beautiful creatures and challenge other Temtem tamers.

Much to your surprise, you’ll be given Temcards instead of Pokeballs to capture Temtems!

Your goal is to find and tame these creatures and become the ultimate/best Temtem Tamer in the world.

Explaining TemTem Teams

Similar to the beginning of Pokemon World, you have the choice to enter the world of Temtem with a starter companion.

These companions are offered to you at the start of your adventure, and one of them will help you explore and battle other creatures in the world.

Now, most players will presumably skip any worthy reason to choose a creature. They will, without a doubt, select a starter companion at random.

Conversely, players seeking the thrill and fun of any game will face difficulties choosing the optimum Temtem companion.

If you’ve watched Pokemon before, you’ll know that Ash Ketchum chose Pikachu as his trusty Pokemon companion to accompany him in his journey to become the best Pokemon trainer.

Pikachu and Ash became the best duo throughout the Pokemon series, becoming stronger together in each region.

The same notion works here in Temtem, where you have to select any of the three starter companions.

You’ll have to choose from the three starters: Smazee, Crystle, and Houchic. This guide will help you select the best starter companion for your journey and an in-depth guide on Temtem Best Team.

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Best Starter Companion

Temtem Starter Companions
You will be given the option to choose from three Temtems!

As mentioned in the above paragraph, you get to choose from three starter Temtems to accompany you in your journey.

The three creatures are pretty mediocre as it is the start of the game, and undoubtedly no developer in their right mind will provide you with a legendary character right off the bat!

You’ll be given an average character, at the least. Let’s analyze the characteristics of the three starter companions; Crystle, Houchic, and Smazee.


It is a Crystal type Temtem.
TypeCrystal Type
Evolves toSherald
Gender Ratio35% male, 65% female
Catch Rate160
TraitsAmphibian, Rested
FreeTem! RewardLevel 22
Base Stats
Weight48kg / 105.84lbs
Height60cm / 23.62"
Mines of Mictlan

Each Temtem has eight or more attributes that make them unique from the rest. These attributes can significantly impact your team against other wild and tamed Temtems.

Moreover, there are also different types that identify each of these creatures. The types can be Earth, Crystal, Fire, and more.

As the name suggests, Crystle is a Crystal type Temtem, and it is strong against the Mental and Electric.

Furthermore, you can benefit the most if you choose to add Crystle to your Temtem Best Team due to its fantastic ability to counter two powerful types of Temtems early game.

With the highest HP(27) out of the three starter companions, Crystle can help you survive more and increase your chances of securing a win and taming other unique Temtems at the beginning of the game.

Surely you’ll get plenty of other Crystal-type Temtems much better than Crystle. However, having Crystle as your starter companion will definitely give you an edge.

Keeping in mind that our friendly companion Crystle is weak against Earth and Fire types, make sure you don’t get into a fight with these types while you have Crystle around!


Above are the base stats of Houchic!
TypeMental Type
Evolves toTental
Gender Ratio50% male, 50% female
Catch Rate80
TraitsMental Alliance
Soft Touch
FreeTem! RewardLevel 24
Base Stats
Weight24kg / 52.92lbs
Height110cm / 43.31"
CryHouchic Audio

The following companion we have on the list as our starter is Houchic. It has a Stamina of 22, similar to Crystle, and is weak against the Crystal type. Well, isn’t that a coincidence?

Houchic is strong against Melee and Neutral types, which means you have a strong chance of shredding these Types of Temtems if you ever come across them!

However, there is one thing that you should bear in mind. Houchic’s attack pattern is frustrating because it only has three moves, out of which it can only use two after every second turn.

Houchic is an excellent choice to fend off Neutral and Melee types in the short run. Although when talking about its evolution to Tentai, you’ll see how it becomes weak against some mental type Temtems.

But you do not have to worry about that during the early encounters in the game. You’ll have slim chances of engaging with these types. On another note, Houchic is second to Crystle in achieving your goal of building the Best Temtem Team.


Don’t be amazed by appearances; they can be disappointing!
TypeMelee Type
Evolves toBaboong
Gender Ratio65% male, 35% female
Catch Rate60
TraitsFever Rush
Base Stats
Weight24.5kg / 54.02lbs
Height96cm / 37.8"
Greenglen Forest
CrySmazee Audio

The worst mistake you would make as a beginner is to take Smazee as your starter companion in Temtem.

Adding Smazee to your Team will not benefit you due to many factors, mainly in the long run. Although Smazee is cut out for Earth and Crystal Temtems, it is weak against Mental types.

Furthermore, its evolution to Baboong is clearly not the best. On the contrary, having Melee-type Temtems can be the best choice, but we would not recommend Smazee to be that choice.

After going through the details and whatnot of having the best starter companion, which one should you choose?

We think you would highly benefit from choosing Crystle as your best bud. It is a solid choice to build the top Temtem Team considering that you only have five slots to fill.

Temtem Best Team

Now that we have selected our best starter companion, we shall move on to filling our remaining five slots with the Best Temtems found in the game.

If you want to create the best team, you need to make sure the attributes of the selected Temtem serve a purpose in the team.

For instance, you would not want a Temtem that solely depends on the support of your team. Keeping that in mind, the special attacks and support bestowed upon certain Temtems are the ones you should aim for in your team.

Similarly, it is best to have various types of Temtems to have an all-rounded Temtem Team that is recognized in the meta.

With that said, let’s reveal the five Temtems for your team!


Mouflank can act as the best stronghold for your allies!
TypeNeutral Type
Evolves From Goty
Gender Ratio50% male, 50% female
Catch Rate90
Base Stats
Weight115kg / 253.58lbs
Height170cm / 66.93"
CryMouflank Audio

This magnificent creature cannot be found in the wild, meaning the only option you have to obtain it is through evolving Goty.

It is a perfectly rounded Temtem that requires 13 levels to evolve into a Mouflank. Once achieved, this Temtem can provide the offense with two powerful attributes/skills.

It lacks a handful of special defense but covers it up with its exceptional Stamina, HP, and hefty power. One of the best traits of Mouflank is the Hurry-wart. It allows the user to decrease the Hold of opponents by one turn.

With attacks like Double Kick and Held Anger, Mouflank has an excellent physical bulk that allows it to deal hefty damage.

With this Temtem in your team, you’ll have slim chances of walking into a wall!


Ganki can provide good support to its allies!
TypeElectric Type
Wind Type
Evolves toGazuma
Gender Ratio50% male, 50% female
Catch Rate120
FreeTem! RewardLevel 1 ( 23 )
Base Stats
Weight14.5kg / 31.97lbs
Height105cm / 41.34"
LocationsThalassian Cliffs
Windward For
CryGanki Audio

It is a cold-natured Temtem that looks adorable, much like Jiggly Puff from Pokemon. Aside from the cuteness, Ganki can provide impenetrable Special Defense hovering over 73 stat!

You can get your hands on a Ganki either in the Winward Fort or the Thalassian Cliffs with a 120% catch rate.

You can level it up 27 times to evolve it into Gazuma, which significantly benefits the overall defense of your team.

While we’re still talking about Ganki, this yellow fluffball has one of the most brilliant traits. The Inductor trait can greatly benefit you in your battles if the opponent uses an electric attack.

The first Trait, “Resistance,” also comes in handy!

On a side note, it would be a wrong decision if you’re thinking of swapping out DC Beam with Chain Lightning!

Ganki acts as a concrete wall when it comes to tanking enemy attacks, providing attack-type Temtems such as Mouflank to deal hefty damage with its Base Jump or Goring.


Vulffy has great stats that make it a balanced support type Temtem!
TypeEarth Type
Nature Type
Gender Ratio50% male, 50% female
Catch Rate110
Team Elusive
FreeTem! RewardLevel 1 ( 23 )
Base Stats
Weight73kg / 160.97lbs
Height84cm / 33.07"
LocationsJino Gap
Tasa Desert
CryVluffy Audio

Another well-rounded defensive Temtem is Vulffy. It is an Earth Type creature that does not require evolution. You can acquire Vulffy from the Jino Gap or the Tasa Desert with a 110% catch rate.

Vulffy has incredible speed and can serve as a decent player for your Temtem Team.

Moreover, it has an amazing set of stats revolving around defense, speed, stamina, and Special Attack.

A most common feature of this Temtem is its Special Defense, much like Ganki. A versatile partner, Vulffy can leave opponents vulnerable to mistakes and turn out to be immune to spread moves with its Team Elusive trait.

More importantly, you will find it extra helpful to have healing abilities honed by this creature. Special moves that will benefit you are Plague and Handcuffs.


The elemental advantage of Saipat can be overwhelming at times!
TypeMelee Type
Water Type
Gender Ratio50% male, 50% female
Catch Rate140
Toxic Affinity
FreeTem! RewardLevel 1 ( 22 )
Base Stats
Weight50kg / 110.25lbs
Height100cm / 39.37"
Thalassian Cliffs
Arissola Dojo
Gifted Bridges
Windward Fort
Sillaro River
Aguamarina Caves
Xolot Reservoir
Rice Fields
CrySaipat Audio

This Temtem has immense HP, Attack, Speed, and Special Attack, allowing it to deal incredible damage using Nicho Sai.

Saipat is a water-type creature, perfect for creating a variety of moves when battling other users. The number of locations you can run into Saipat is countless. 

From Saipark to Windward Fort, this Temtem can be easily captured with a catch rate of 140%. Similar to Vulffy, it does not evolve into any other forms.

Aside from its attacks, Saipat offers an advantage on the battlefield due to its elemental moves and can perform various combinations of Toxic, Fire, Water, and Melee attacks.

Due to its versatility, the elemental advantage can significantly help players in both PvP and PvE fights.


Skail is only helpful for early battles in Temtem!
TypeNeutral Type
Evolves toSkunch
Gender Ratio50% male, 50% female
Catch Rate120
FreeTem! RewardLevel 1 ( 23 )
Base Stats
Weight26kg / 57.33lbs
Height80cm / 31.5"
LocationsPrasine Coast
Thalassian Cliffs
Gifted Bridges
Windward Fort
Aguamarina Caves
CrySkail Audio

Its overall stats are pretty mediocre, and you should only opt for Skail when you’ve just started playing Temtem. 

It has moderate Defense, Stamina, and HP, while other stats are not worth having Skail around in your team for much longer.

Additionally, you can level up Skail 17 times to evolve it into Skunch, which is also a valuable Temtem for your team.

So why did we mention Skail in our Temtem Team? Skail can assist the other beneficial Temtems in your team and provide support.

Do you think what type of support Skail offer? Well, it mainly buffs the allies using Stone Wall and remains in battle even after losing its HP due to its Scavenger trait.

These special skills and other aspects of Skail make him a perfect candidate for your team early on in the game.

Bonus Temtem

Raican can be used as both offense and defense Tems!
TypeFire Type
Evolves FromRaize
Gender Ratio85% male, 15% female
Catch Rate0
FreeTem! RewardLevel 1 ( 22 )
Base Stats
Weight125kg / 275.63lbs
Height195cm / 76.77"
LocationsAltar of the Inner Flame
CryRaican Audio

While we’re almost done with our guide, here is a bonus Temtem that you players can switch between any of the five adorable yet feisty creatures mentioned above.

Being a ferocious Fire-type Temtem, Raican has a balanced set of stats encompassing HP, Attack, and Defense.

This Tem right here is pretty hard to catch because it is quite rare. If you have better luck, you’ll find and possibly tame Raican at the Altar of the Inner Flame.

One of the best things about this beast is its Prideful Trait. Suppose you’re in a fight against your opponent and knock out one of their Temtems.

Raican’s Prideful Trait will exponentially boost your Speed, Attack, and Special Attacks. While we’re still talking about its unique prowess, bear in mind that Raican is the final form of Raiber and undergoes three stages of evolution to reach its final stage.

You can train and level your Raiber to evolve into Raize and Raican. Furthermore, you can use Raican as an offense-based Temtem as well as a support type.

What playstyle you choose when having Raican on your team does not matter. After securing that first kill, Raican will pose a great threat to your opponents and help your allies stay longer to fight.

For more Temtem and other recently released game guides, you can visit Veryaligaming! We hope that this guide helped you out in creating the Best Temtem Team and even understand the elemental advantage most of these Tems have that can turn the tides in your favor!

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