Temtem: Best Way To Level Up [Full Guide]

Leveling up in Temtem can be tedious, especially if you have to repeat the same process. This guide covers all the methods you can use to level your Temtem!

Temtem Best Way to Level Up

With the release of Temtem not so long ago, players have gone crazy! Some have already found the best ways to level up in Temtem. However, there are still other methods that have proven to be efficient. Our “Temtem Best Way to Level Up” guide will help low-level players rank up fast without spending much time in the game!

Key Takeaways

  • The leveling system in Temtem enhances a creature’s strength and stats by increasing its experience gained through battles with wild Tems.
  • Players embark on an adventure in the Airborne Archipelago, where they can collect and interact with unique Temtem creatures through taming, trading, and breeding.
  • The level cap is set at 100 and some Temtems can evolve, while others can only increase their stats and techniques without changing form.
  • The most efficient way to gain XP is through battles with Level 100 Broccolems, but players need to have high-level creatures in their team to avoid defeat.
  • The quickest way to boost XP is by engaging in battles with Tems close to or higher than one’s own Tem level, along with using materials such as the Coward’s Cloak and Coward’s Blanket.

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How The System Works

The leveling system in Temtem is not to be easily confused with, even though the developers have made it pretty clear that the level cap is 100 for now. Players that have embarked on their adventure are hungry for early access to the incredible skills and techniques for their Tems.

As a Tamer, players will have many opportunities to level up. There is much more to leveling up a Temtem. Essentially, levels are increased through experience. Each time a player levels up, the strength of the Temtem and their stats increase.

As you are already familiar with the term “Leveling up,” there may not be the need to elaborate on it!

However, I’ll debrief its concept for Temtem. When you fight and defeat wild Tems, your allies gain experience and level up. Once they reach a specific limit, they undergo the stage of evolution! 

For instance, leveling your Goty 13 times will evolve into a Mouflank, an exceptional Tem in your arsenal.

However, some Temtems, such as Vulffy, cannot undergo evolution and retain their base form. That does not mean they don’t grow in terms of stats and techniques!

As aforementioned, levels increase when enough experience, or XP, has been gained. This unique feature allows the Temtem to be different from each other. However, players cannot exploit the system. They cannot go around defeating low-level monsters and expect to gain massive amounts of XP.

For instance, a level 50 Ganki already has a more extended XP bar and needs more than the usual amount to level up. This Ganki will gain less XP if it defeats other wild Tems level 30 or below.

Easiest Method to Farm XP

Level 100 Broccolems
You will manage to come across two Level 100 Broccolems, at the least!

Did you know that fighting level 100 Broccolems could give you massive XP? That way, you could level up fast in Temtem.

However, you will need higher-level allies to ensure they don’t get knocked out during combat.

Here’s a tip that will help you fight level 100 Broccolems. It would be best if you had a Tem resistant to Melee or Nature-type foes.

For instance, if you have a Tem of the above type, it’ll already be resistant to that type. Therefore, you will have no trouble going up against level 100 monsters and securing a win that benefits each squad member.

If you don’t have two level 100 Koish, you can always swap one with a level 100 Dittem!

You should check out our Top Best Nature Type Tems to help you choose a better Tem for farming XP in Arbury. I’d suggest you use Vulffy as your go-to Tem in this case. However, the choice is still yours!

Temtem Best Way to Level Up

Arbury Story Unlock
You need to complete the story of Arbury to unlock the Melee Tem Shrine! It is also where you’ll find the Coward’s Blanket I mentioned later in the article.

The quickest way to gain more XP and make your Tems powerful is by fighting other Tems that are close to your Tem level or higher. A massive difference in levels will not benefit you.

Other than that, your best bet is to use the materials found within the game, such as the Coward’s Cloak and Coward’s Blanket. Both of these materials make gaining XP an easier task.

Surely, you’ll be able to use the traditional methods without exploiting any known hacks or glitches in the game to make it more fun and exciting!

Another method to level up fast is by having a level 100 Tem in your arsenal. The best place to farm XP is the Arbury. You can access the Arbury from different routes, either the Greenglen Forest or the Meadowdale.

However, the area is unlocked later on in the game. Once you’ve accessed Arbury, you can train your Tems and gain XP.

Countless wild Tems become harder to defeat as you progress through the area, which will indirectly allow you to unlock the full potential of your Tems. The short chemistry here is to fight higher-level Tems.

Below we will talk about in-game materials that will help your Tems double the experience they gain or contribute to their fellow juniors. 

How to Use Learning Aid

First up, we have Learning Aid. They can be used for thirty minutes once activated and can be obtained as rewards by Koish fishing, Lair, and Postal service rewards. 

Learning Aids are designed to help your Tems train and learn faster. Moreover, once consumed, they multiply the number of XP your Tems get by the number two.

Let’s say you were in the Arbury fighting wild Tems and were supposed to get 50 XP. If you have the item, the XP you get will be double the original amount!

In short, these items are a great way to gain double the XP for your Tems. However, the only downside to this method is the timestamp. You only have 30 minutes to farm XP before the clock runs out!

The best way to level up in Temtem is by having two level 100 Tems, at the least, if you’re using Learning Aids.

Using double-fire Koish is not your best bet to level up fast when you’re at the Melee Tem Shrine. Instead, you could save yourselves a lot of time by using Drakash. You wouldn’t even need a Learning Aid to boost your XP gain.

An Ignoramus Cloak is an item used by most players to prevent certain Tems from taking all the XP from a fight. It saves them time and effort instead of repeating the same pattern over and over again.

In addition to your Drakash, you can equip it with the Ignoramus Cloak and use Virulent Gust.

Coward’s Cloak Location

Coward's Cloak
The above item also helps you level up your Tems without having to make them fight!

Second, we have an item that can help evolve and level your Tems faster. Obtaining the Coward’s Cloak takes steps, and the first step you need is to progress halfway to the game.

You’ll be able to tell when you get your hands on a sweet ol’ surfboard. You must be wondering why you need a surfboard, right?

That’s step one in getting your hands on the Coward’s Cloak! Let me explain. Certain areas and places are hard to access without the right tools. For instance, you’ll need a surfboard to travel to Central Island.

If you don’t have a surfboard, you can get it by defeating Sophia in her Dojo. Once you do that, head west towards Windward Fort, which is situated right below the Gifted Bridge.

Here you can use the surfboard to exit Windward Fort and follow the path of the river bed. The river you’re on right now is the Sillaro River. On your way across the Sillaro River, you’ll face wild Tems ranging from levels 11-16 and a few Belsoto members.

Defeating these members will be no hard task for you. Notice the small item behind those members? You guessed it. It’s the Coward’s Cloak waiting for someone to pick it up!

How to Use Coward’s Cloak

Hopefully, you guys are still hooked to our “Temtem Best way to level up” guide. Once you’ve obtained the item, you can equip it by toggling through the menu and attaching it to the Tem you want to level up.

This is undoubtedly one of the best methods to level up your Tems without having to battle for hours.

Here’s how the cloak works. Let’s say you have a low-level Nidrasil that you recently acquired and need to level it up.

You can form a team of 3 or 6 Tems, include Nidrasil in the squad, and equip it with the Coward’s Cloak. Use your high-level Tems to defeat tough foes and avoid exposing Nidrasil to the fight.

Once the opponents are defeated, Nidrasil will also gain XP despite keeping idle and not even participating! That way, you won’t be going over the risk of having a knocked-out Nidrasil every time.

The Coward’s Cloak rewards the holder with immense XP if you have them in your squad.

Coward’s Blanket

Coward's Blanket
Use this item to level up fast in Temtem!

Our final item for leveling your Tems is none other than Coward’s Blanket! Most of you may already be familiar with this item as it has been around the old versions of Temtem.

However, for the new faces out here, the Coward’s Blanket shares the XP gained by certain Tems in a fight amongst other squad members. It is helpful for those low-level Tems that cannot stand their ground against tough opponents.

What I mean by that is a level 15 Tem can’t possibly defeat or hold its own against a level 50 Tem, right? This is why it is best to have Coward’s Blanket enabled to share the XP amongst all the other squad members who do not partake in the fights.

To obtain the item, you need to finish a side quest given by Tarlae. I forgot to mention one crucial piece of information. You can stack Coward’s Cloak onto Coward’s Blanket and significantly increase the XP you gain from defeating high-level Tems!

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with this information, users can gain experience quickly. I know leveling can be challenging for players since it takes away hours of gameplay. Exploring and trying different methods on your own can be tiring.

However, if you focus on the little details, you’ll find it easier to grasp the best method of leveling your Temtems without wasting endless hours of scouting, exploring, and fighting low-level Tems.

Koish and Dittem
If you don’t have two level 100 Koish, you can swap for Dittem and still manage to pull off the one-shot trick!

Earlier I mentioned some level 100 Broccolems and how you can fight them, and you need equal leveled Tems to one-shot them. Another method to achieve this feat is having your level 100 Koish equipped with 500 ATK and TVs and using Lava Wave.

It synergizes well with a water Tem and can significantly boost the speed of your current Tem as opposed to the level 100 spawned Broccolems. The 500 ATK and TVs will give you absolutely zero problems performing a one-shot knockout!

Other than that, having Dittem and Volgon may increase your chances of any buffs to support your level 100 Koish!

Temtem is an enjoyable and easy game to play, with its epic graphics, art style, and ability to make gameplay fun for players. All in all, the developers are continuously looking to improve it for users’ satisfaction. While it is certainly not free to play, it is a game that’s worth buying!

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