Temtem: Best Way To Make Money

Temtem offers the players numerous fun and interactive ways to enjoy the thrill of the game. Today we'll talk about the best way to earn money, from Capturing and Releasing to selling items!

Temtem Best Way To Make Money

Temtem is an MMORPG game that has flipped the gaming world upside down and driven gamers crazy. Players from all over have been attempting to gain more money in Temtem, and our “Temtem Best Way To Make Money” guide will surely help you!

The concept of money doesn’t need to be explained, but in Temtem, the currency is known as Pansuns.

Key Takeaways

  • Pansuns are required to buy in-game items like TemCards, Breeding Cards, revives, and medicines.
  • Players can obtain Pansuns through various methods, such as battling the eight Dojo Masters, selling in-game items, and defeating non-playable character (NPC) Tamers.
  • Defeating Dojo Masters can earn players Pansuns, but it’s not a reliable source of income as players can only fight them once a week, and the payout decreases with each loss.
  • Selling items can result in Pansuns, but this method is uncertain, and players may end up wishing they hadn’t sold items they later need.
  • Beating NPC Tamers can earn players up to 150 Pansuns, but if defeated too efficiently, players may quickly run out of opportunities for profit.

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Pansuns From Battling Dojo Masters

Battling Dojo Masters
Earn money by defeating the eight Dojo Masters in the game!

There are eight Dojo masters in Temtem, and beating them all grants the player Pansuns.

Players can have as many rematches as they would like to win, but the number of losses dramatically decreases the amount of money they receive.

For example, defeating Sophia gives 700 Pansuns, but the payout decreases by ten percent with each loss.

However, considering Dojo masters can only be fought once a week, this way of earning Pansuns isn’t very effective, especially when players require a steady flow of money in order to buy Temcards to capture wild Tems and breeding items to breed them.

Do you think the only method of getting Pansuns is by defeating Dojo masters? That is highly unlikely, as we are about to hop onto our next step of gaining Pansuns.

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Temtem Best Way To Make Money

Another method of earning Pansuns is selling the items you gain while playing. You can get your hands on most items by wandering the islands and defeating other Tems.

However, certain items such as Gears cannot be sold, but there are other kinds of items that would fetch a reasonable price if sold. 

Currently, the maximum limit of holding items is 99, so selling certain things has advantages!

Items like Scent can be sold for thirty Pansuns, or players can sell Crystals for twenty Pansuns. The cost of buying these items is higher than selling them.

Experience cards, which are used to increase the amount of XP a Temtem earns with each battle for thirty minutes, are sold for approximately one thousand Pansuns.

But, as you’ve already guessed, selling these items just to earn money is a risk and not the good kind.

Repurchasing them would cost extra, and a player might need an item only to find out it had been sold off.

If you want to utilize this method, please ensure you’re only selling what you don’t need, rather than selling what you need just for Pansuns and then regretting it later!

Another method to earn Pansuns, and yet being entirely too unreliable for a proper payout.

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Exploiting NPC Tamers

The title may send some wrong message, but guys, listen! You can earn Pansuns by defeating nearby NPCs until they run out!

Fighting other NPCs gives you money, and the amount you receive can be of good value. Although these fights are not part of the campaign, nor are they mandatory, you have the choice of challenging them.

To give you a rough estimate, you can earn around fifty to one hundred and fifty Pansuns by defeating one NPC tamer, which is a lot, considering the amount of money you receive by selling certain items.

There is one downside to this method of making money. The more efficiently you defeat these NPCs, the more quickly you’ll run out of options to fight them.

To put it in simple words, the above method is limited. I’d recommend you fight all the NPCs to gather as much money as possible from them, and then move on to the following method!

Challenging Other Battle Tamers

This is a short and simple method of earning Pansusns. If a player defeats a tamer they meet along the way, and the Tamer’s Tem is stronger than the player’s Temtem, then the player will receive a higher amount of Pansun.

However, just like XP, if the opponent’s Temtem is a level lower than the player’s Temtem, then the amount of money earned takes a hit to the ground.

With this, the payout is at least two-hundred Pansuns to four hundred. To use this, be sure to battle as many Tamers as possible.

Is it effective? Yes, but in the long run, once again, it’s not reliable in the slightest. Time to move on to what we believe is the most effective way of making money, which will not let the players down!

Capture and Release

Capture and Release
Capture other Tems and release them to earn money!

As you’ve probably gathered from the title, the best and most effective way to earn Pansuns is by capturing Temtem and promptly releasing them.

This method offers the best payout and also uses the least resources. While Temcards are used, and so is the money, the Pansuns players will earn will cross out the money spent.

While it sounds simple, there’s a method to release Temtem to earn money. Firstly, you should not use Temcards of higher value.

Using the normal Temcard proves to be more beneficial because while the others are more expensive, the difference in their catch rates isn’t too high.

Furthermore, the amount of Pansuns spent to buy those catching cards will significantly exceed the amount of money earned by freeing the Temtem.

Secondly, you should ensure the Temtem you capture will provide them with the highest amount of Pansuns.

For example, Magmis, found near the Anak Volcano, offers many more Pansuns when freed than other Temtem!

Taking this into account, capturing and freeing Temtem of higher value and stats will earn many more Pansuns.

So, ensure you capture rare and high-ranking Tems to get a good money cut! Another thing that impacts how much money you earn is whether the Tem is harder to catch.

Common, easy-to-capture Temtem will give way less money than harder-to-catch Temtem. To utilize this method, the FreeTem Organization is the place to go.

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The FreeTem Organization

FreeTem Organization
You can release the captured Tems here at the FreeTem Organization!

You may release your Temtem whenever, but head off to Omninesia near the Breeding Centre, and you’ll find the FreeTem Organization.

There, players will be given Pansuns depending on what Temtem they freed. For example, a level 16 Spriole released will give 47 Pansuns, and a level 17 Loali would give out 57.

However, since a Loali is more challenging to catch than a Spriole, or other certain Tems, capturing those would be much more beneficial.

Furthermore, there are rewards you will earn if you release a certain level of Tem, which is even better because then it beats two birds with one stone. There are several ways of getting Pansuns, from battling Tamers to selling items, capturing Tems, and freeing them.

Each method is effective, but the Temtem Best Way to Make money is through capturing and freeing Tems to the FreeTem Organization. The amount of payment you receive depends on the rarity of the Temtem.

Hopefully, today’s guide helped you out in earning the in-game currency known as Pansuns in Temtem. Be sure to check out VeryAliGaming for more exciting guides!

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