The 20+ Games Hitting Xbox Games Pass

Xbox held its big ID@Xbox event earlier this week over on Twitch Gaming offering a look at a host of different indie games that are slated to release on Xbox Games Pass.

During the event, Xbox Game Pass was referenced very frequently with a bunch of the games showcased, due to arrive straight onto Xbox Game Pass as soon as they’re made available. Over 20 different games have been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass releases across the consoles, PC, and Cloud.

As you will notice by the giant collection of games on this list, the event was a long one. However, there’s a very good chance those watching weren’t able to keep up with every single game featured for Xbox Game Pass, let alone all the other announcements made during the Twitch Gaming presentation.

To help with that, Xbox kindly went over the presentation by providing a list of the ID@Xbox titles featured during the event that’ll be releasing day one as part of Xbox Game Pass.

You can find that full list below with the name of the game and developer, as well as the platforms it will be available on. I hope you are sitting comfy, there are a fair few games on this list.

Announced Games For Xbox Games Pass

Although the release dates have not been revealed, players can expect these titles to be on Xbox Games Pass as soon as they are able. Check out the stream highlights here.

That’s It From Me

It is clear the Xbox is showing no signs of slowing down after the acquisition of Bethesda recently. What do you think about the ever-growing streaming goliath that is Xbox Games Pass? Let us know in the comments below.

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