9 BEST Skins In Counter Strike 2

I have played Counter-Strike 2 for more than 70+ hours. The Best Skins are rare and costly. Skins like Dragon Lore and Wild Lotus are included in this, which are mainly used by steamers and pros.

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CS2: Best Skins [Top 9]
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Reeshail Qureshi has invested more than 70+ hours in Counter-Strike 2, hence he’ll be bringing you hands-on experience and information related to the game!

Skins in Counter-Strike 2 present a way to make your weapons look stylish and customized. Therefore, every player wants to know about the Best Skins that they must invest their money in. In this guide, I recommend the top 9 Counter-Strike 2 Skins for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Skins are paintwork for your weapons to make them look stylish and unique. They appear in various rarities in Counter-Strike 2.
  • They do not provide any in-game stat buffs. Skins are introduced for customizing weapons only. They can be bought from the Steam Community Market.
  • If you do not own any skins, your weapons will have the same skill level but no sense of customization.

Refer to this table, which mentions the 9 Best Skins in CS2.

Weapon Name Skin Type Collection Price ($)
AK-47 Wild Lotus St. Marc 7000
AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge Falchion 400
AWP Dragon Lore Cobblestone 5000
AWP Lightning Strike Arms Deal 500
M4A1-S Golden Coil Shadow 500
M4A1-S Hyper Beast Chroma 2 800
Desert Eagle Blaze Dust 1000
Butterfly Knife Fade 3000
Karambit Crimson Web 5500


AK-47 is a frequently used weapon in casual and ranked matches that can one-shot enemies when aimed at the head. Moreover, the weapon stays accurate during spray, which is a big advantage for Counter Strike players.

Wild Lotus

Wild Lotus is one of the most expensive CS2 skins
Wild Lotus | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

This is one of the most costly weapon skins in Counter Strike 2. It belongs to the Covert Class and has a lot of details with bright colors. Furthermore, you can witness flowers printed on your AK-47 that are present in multiple colors. Ensure these details don’t distract you mid-round to avoid missing your shots.

As many streamers and professional Counter Strike players use this AK skin in tournaments, its price is insanely high and peaked at $7000. Wild Lotus is one of the Best Skin in Counter Strike 2, and nothing comes close.

Aquamarine Revenge

Aquamarine Revenge CS2
Aquamarine Revenge | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

This is another Covert skin that must be part of the Best Skins category in Counter Strike 2. The AK-47 with this skin has a black handle and magazine. However, the middle part of the gun has an artistic pattern that includes a dragon-like creature painted in bronze.

Players can expect to get this skin from the Falchion Case, as Aquamarine Revenge skin is part of the Falchion Collection. Getting this skin is easy, as its price ranges under $400.


AWP is the strongest sniper in Counter Strike 2. Regardless of the position, if you aim it correctly at your opponent, the AWP will one-shot them. Players always prefer AWP over SSG-08, as it deals more damage.

Note that the shots hit through objects may not kill the enemy in a single bullet, as the damage is reduced. Nevertheless, AWP is one of the most used weapons and has potential skin options.

Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore is one of the most popular and best skins in CS2
Dragon Lore | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

This is the most popular skin in the CS Community. It comes with a Dragon-like print on the AWP, which is light in color. Moreover, it belongs to the Cobblestone Collection and can be obtained through purchasing or trading.

Its legacy resumes from the CS: GO timeline, and many streamers and pro players are still using this Skin. Any Counter Strike player is lucky to get this skin from trading.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike is an AWP Skin CS2
Lightning Strike | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

This is a purple-colored skin for the AWP sniper rifle. As hinted by the name, it has lightning marks throughout the sniper, that amaze us when inspecting the weapon. Moreover, we can see a printed mark on the front end of the sniper scope.

The price of Lightning Strike skin starts from $500. We rarely get a decent art style for a weapon at this price. 


M4A1-S is from the Counter-Terrorist weapon collection. It has a silencer attached that introduces the element of stealth. Note that you must avoid spraying with M4A1-S, as ammo is less, and you have to preserve it.

Unlike the AK-47, the M4A1-S does not kill the enemy with one bullet when aimed at the head. However, the opponent gets extremely weak with one shot to the head, and you can kill him by hitting another bullet.

M4A1-S is another highly used weapon on a full buy round. It competes with AK-47, as the stats are very similar.

Golden Coil

Golden Coil is one of the Best Skin in CS2
Golden Coil | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

The Golden Coil is a great skin in Counter Strike 2. The nomination is mainly due to the black and golden design combined with the snake. The Golden Coil skin belongs to the Shadow Collection. Moreover, players can get it from the Shadow Case in Counter Strike 2.

The silencer is painted yellow, which looks beautiful when you are inspecting the weapon. The handle and the magazine are covered in black and light gray color, which come to our attention when reloading M4A1-S. It is a rare skin due to its golden shades. Furthermore, players can buy it for $500 or less, which is a fair deal.

Hyper Beast

Hyper Beast is a skin for M4A1-S
Hyper Beast | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

The Hyper Beast skin introduces sparkling colors that mix blue, green, and pink. Starting at the back handle, I notice a dark blue shade that melts into turquoise. Moving forward, the pink shade goes to the handle and magazine that foreshadow the teeth of a creature. Finally, the muzzle shows blue colors that end with a black silencer.

I involve this in the Best Skins list for Counter Strike 2, as the color combination catches the eye of every player holding this weapon. Furthermore, players can expect to find it in the Chroma 2 Case, as it belongs to the Chroma 2 Collection.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle also goes by the name Deagle. It is a well-known pistol due to its capability to one-hit opponents when aimed at the head and three hits for the body. It is the most expensive in-game pistol, but it is worth the money.

There are numerous options for a pistol like Deagle. However, I will present the best option, as the effects of my selected option will amaze you.


Blaze is another unique best skin in Cs2
Blaze | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Introducing Blaze, a skin from the Dust Collection that can cost more than $1000. It is the first option in my Best Skins list that has a fire-based pattern. Starting from the muzzle, the Deagle has a flame print that goes to the middle. The backside and the handle are covered in matte black.

Blaze is another Covert rarity skin that is a catch for skin collectors and streamers. It has a high price and a good style that can boost your confidence during a competitive match.


CS players invest a lot of money on Knife skins, as they give the best look. In Counter Strike 2, I can find more than one knife style, such as Butterfly, M9 Bayonet, Karambit, and some others.

I present to you a couple of famous Knife skins that are valuable in terms of money. Moreover, they look astonishing when you inspect them mid-round. Let’s have a look at them.


Fade is one of the best skins in CS2
Fade | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

This particular skin is another pricey item that is for the Butterfly Knife. The Fade category skins are one of the best-looking ones in CS2. They introduce a sense of reflection when a ray of sunshine hits them.

This skin for Butterfly Knife has a very high demand, and it is still increasing. Note that the starting price is around $3000, and this number can increase drastically. It is part of the Operation Breakout Case and can not be found in other rare cases.

Crimson Web

Crimson Web is one of the best skins in CS2
Crimson Web | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

The Crimson Web skin applies to the Karambit. The Karambit is the most used knife due to its decent inspection animation. Karambit has a unique style that differs from other knives. It has a curved shape, and players hold it in the opposite direction.

The Crimson Web skin can be found in multiple cases. However, its price starts from a whopping $5500. This is a big amount. Hence, most streamers and professional players keep it.

My Conclusion

According to my knowledge and experience with CS Games, I have seen the mentioned Best Skins getting used by streamers multiple times. The Dragon Lore skin for the AWP and Wild Lotus for the AK-47 have a high usage. I think that investing in at least two or three skins should be mandatory, as it increases the value of your account and improves the gameplay experience. That is all about the Best Skins in the CS2 guide. Ensure to visit the Steam Community Market to look at cases and their prices.

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