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The Big House Receives Cease and Desist From Nintendo

The very popular annual Super Smash Bros competition organised by The Big House has been forced to cancel this year. This is due to Nintendo issuing a cease and desist on this well-known Super Smash Bros tournament.

This news has left many fans heartbroken and left them wondering why has it happened now? Nintendo had this to say: Unfortunately, the upcoming Big House tournament announced plans to host an online tournament for Super Smash Bros. Melee that requires use of illegally copied versions of the game in conjunction with a mod called “Slippi” during their online event.”

What is The Slippy Mod in Super Smash Bros?

The ‘Slippi’ mod offers users to get more out of the game. This adds a higher quality for streaming as well as replays for players to watch after any match is played. Nintendo had asked the Big House to stop but they didn’t listen leaving Nintendo “no choice but to step in to protect its intellectual property and brands”.

Why Did it Get the Event Canceled?

Nintendo also had this to say about the situation: “Nintendo appreciates the love and dedication the fighting game community has for the Super Smash Bros. series. We have partnered with numerous Super Smash Bros. tournaments in the past and have hosted our own online and offline tournaments for the game, and we plan to continue that support in the future.

With the cease and desist being issued this has caused all competitions to be affected. The Big House has released a statement since the cease and desist:

Only time will tell if we will see The Big House host another Super Smash Bros. tournament. Get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch here.

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