The Finals Dagger Build: Weapons, Gadgets & More

Dagger is a strong close-range weapon that is capable of killing enemies in a single hit. Read this guide to learn about the Dagger Build in The Finals!

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The Finals: Dagger Build

Dagger is one of the strongest melee weapons in The Finals. It comes with two kinds of attacks that can be used interchangeably to dominate your opponents. I have been playing with my Dagger Build for some time now, and it never disappoints. Let me guide you through the complete dagger build process.

Key Takeaways

  • I recommend you use Light Class for the Dagger build, as you need speed to move fast and reposition yourself.
  • The Light attack of the Dagger gives roughly 50 to 60 damage. Moreover, the Heavy Attack charges your Dagger and will hit enemies if you backstab them.
  • Note that with this build, you will have a smaller health bar and less damage output than the other two classes.

Optimal Class Choice

As a Dagger is a melee weapon, you need to focus more on increasing speed and mobility. Therefore, the Light Class is the ideal choice if you want to keep the dagger as your main weapon.

Here is why you must prefer the Light class:

  • Better Speed and Mobility: With the dagger, you need to constantly reposition yourself to save yourself from enemy bullets. Hence, I figured out that your movement improves with the Light Class.
  • Hitbox: An area on your character is assigned for critical hits. With the Light Class equipped, you have a smaller hitbox. This means that enemies will have a hard time landing a critical hit on you.
  • Unique Abilities: Although the Light Class has a smaller health pool as compared to other class options, it offers unique abilities such as Evasive Dash. In my opinion, they are helpful to get you out of a situation where surviving becomes hard.


dagger build weapon choices
My preferred weapons for the Dagger Build (captured by us)

As Dagger is your primary weapon, you need an effective and fast secondary weapon. This is necessary to help you fight enemies at medium ranges or higher when killing with the dagger is not an option.

Here are my preferred weapon choices for the potential Dagger build.

Type Name Details
Primary Weapon Dagger The Dagger is a close-range weapon that comes with a Light and a Heavy attack. The Light attack does 50 to 60 damage and is quicker. The Heavy attack requires you to charge your dagger, but it will one shot enemies if you backstab them.
Secondary Weapon M11 M11 is an SMG that offers high fire-rate and significant damage output stats. I recommend you use it to fight enemies at medium ranges.


At a time, you can keep three gadgets. I have experimented with all gadgets and in my opinion, only some of them are helpful when you are using the dagger.

Here are my top 3 gadgets for the Dagger Build:

Frag Grenade: You need to land a couple of hits with the Light Attack to eliminate the enemy. However, if you throw a Frag Grenade at their location first, they will get weak and you can whip out your dagger to end them.

Breach Charge: This is a remote detonation gadget that you must use to blow out walls or other obstacles to clear enemies on the other side. This is an unpredictable move for the enemies if you are aware of their location.

Stun Gun: When approaching enemies from afar, use Stun Gun to freeze them. Like this, you can get close and finish them off with a single charged backstab hit.


The Light Class offers Evasive Dash and Cloak specializations to help surround your enemy. Here is how to use them effectively.

Cloak: Using this will make you transparent and you will disappear. Your enemy will be unaware of your presence if you don’t make too much sound. After casting this ability, slowly get behind the foe to backstab and kill them in a single hit. Note that you will be visible if the opponent hits you.

Evasive Dash: I recommend you use this when aggressively pushing towards the enemy team. Evasive Dash is a sliding maneuver that helps you cover distance quickly. Moreover, your enemies will have a hard time killing you, as aiming at a sliding character is not for everyone.

My Experience With The Dagger Build

I have experienced my Dagger Build for a while now, and I can confidentially say that it is one of the strongest Light Build options in The Finals. With proper movement skills, you can get a lot of kills in a single match. I recommend you keep the gadgets I mentioned, as they play a vital role in getting kills from the Dagger.

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