The Finals Didn’t Live Up To Its Hype

The Finals offered a dynamic gameplay, but still lacked many aspects that lead to its demise.

The Finals Didn’t Live Up to Its Hype Cover
The Finals Didn’t Live Up to Its Hype

The Finals had a perfect start in its BETA program. The game got a lot of hype, and people expected it to be the next big thing. However, it started dying due to a few issues that weren’t resolved over time.

Most of these included the game performance optimizations, lack of new game modes, high expectations of the players, and imbalanced gameplay experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Finals offered fresh, versatile, and exciting gameplay.
  • Its popularity started to decrease majorly due to performance optimization problems.
  • The gameplay experience and lack of attention to subtle features decayed its hype.
  • It lost its charm due to the lack of content creators as well.  

The Finals entered the game industry with a new, promising gameplay style, with destructive environments, diverse movements, classic weapons, and unique game modes. These were very much welcomed by the players who were looking forward to something distinctive.

Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the players’ hype and expectations, which led to its unforeseeable demise. 

Performance Optimization

The Finals Player Stats
The Finals Player Stats – SteamDB

One of the major issues that I noticed as I shifted from BETA to the first release was the performance optimizations. The BETA version was very smooth, attracting much attention from low-end users.

Nonetheless, such users suffered massive frame drops and excessive CPU usage after the release. It didn’t improve over time, and eventually, the low-end users left it disheartly.

Even in its current versions, this issue is yet to be resolved. Many maps with foggy or rainfall conditions cause stuttering and excessive lags.

However, it works decent on the same maps with clear weather. Similarly, results remain the same in a scenario where excessive destruction occurs. Consequently, this causes a considerable loss of player base with PCs having low specs.

Gameplay Balance

The Finals Game Modes
The Finals – Game Modes

The Finals was expected to be a fun game, yet it turned out to be somewhat competitive. The balance of competition and fun was lost gradually, and it became full of people grinding for ranks. This was opposite to its initial goal, which caused players to lose interest.

Although it offers a wide range of weapons and gadgets to allow build customizability, most of them are pretty useless in many cases. Many builds usually revolve around using the same 2 or 3 weapons from each build class, losing its diversity.

For example, the Heavy class Lewis Gun is the most used weapon, and people don’t prefer going for other options like MGL32 or SA1216.

The matchmaking is very poor, and the lack of attention to it is very concerning. Low-ranked people get matched with high-ranked ones, causing an imbalanced environment. Furthermore, solo players are the most affected as the game modes rely on teamplay and coordination.

High Expectations Vs. Reality

The Finals Destroyed House
The Finals – Destruction Mechanics

Overall, The Finals had high expectations from the beginning for many players. The reason was its distinct game mechanics, fresh game modes, and fun-to-play experience.

Additionally, it offered a chance for lower-end system users to enjoy a good game without paying anything. Regrettably, yet understandably, The Finals didn’t live up to peoples’ unreal expectations for apparent grounds.

The post-release reality turned out to be fatal for its popularity as people got to know about it in-depth. The sloppy performance optimizations compelled it to suffer a fate similar to Cyberpunk 2077. Even with high-end rigs, people are not satisfied with the quality of performance they obtained as in the BETA program.

Lack Of Content

Even though The Finals got much attention from content creators in its early days, they also turned away from this due to certain factors. Initially, it started as a trend but lost its popularity because of a lack of influential names backing it up.

This had the potential to be revolutionary due to its unique game mechanics and modes. However, it didn’t quite happen due to the specific reasons I mentioned above.

In my experience, it can still thrive, compensate for its failures, and make a massive comeback in the gaming industry. The Finals need refinement in many aspects, such as gameplay, performance, matchmaking, and marketing.

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