The Finals Starter Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Learn how to be the winner in the fast-paced and destructible environment game with one objective to steal and secure the maximum vaults.

The Finals Starter Guide Cover
The Finals Starter Guide: Everything To Know

Key Takeaways

  • This Finals starter guide explains two game modes: one is the casual “Quick Play” while the other is the competitive “Tournament.”
  • The main objective is to steal the Vault and place it in one of the sites marked on the map. One team will defend their stolen vault at sites, while others will try to steal it before time is up.
  • There are three or four teams, depending on the game mode, each having three players.
  • Players can select their class from three given “Contestants,” all with distinct skills, weapons, and gear.
  • Almost everything in the environment is destructible and fast-paced, and the maps have distinct aspects like zip lines, jump pads, floating platforms, and much more.

The Finals offers a unique FPS gameplay experience, with the objective of players stealing and securing the maximum cash in the form of the vaults. Players can form teams of three with their friends or randoms and engage in the swift game dynamics, like jumping, shooting, sliding, and running. This starter guide covers the main aspects of The Finals for beginners to prepare them for their first missions.

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Modes And Objectives

The Finals Game Modes
The Finals Game Modes | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
Mode Attributes
Quick Cash Single Match
Three Teams
Collect Two Vaults
Unlimited Respawns
Bank It Four Teams
Collect $40,000 Cash
Unlimited Respawns
Tournament 3 Rounds
Three Teams
Collect Vaults to get Max. Cash
Limited Respawns
Ranked Tournament 4 Rounds
Four Teams
Collect Vaults to get Max. Cash
Limited Respawns
Competitive, Ranked System
The Finals Game Modes

Quick Play

The Finals Quick Play Modes
Quick Play Modes | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Quick Play is the casual mode of The Finals that doesn’t mark any sort of progress in the rank system. There are further two sub-categories in this mode:

  • Quick Cash

Quick Cash is a single match-based mode, and there are unlimited respawns for each team member. The task is to carry the Vault to the marked location on the map and defend it for a specific time.

Three teams compete for this, and only 1 vault spawns at a time. The team to collect two vaults first wins. Moreover, players can change their loadout from the reserved slots while waiting for respawn.

  • Bank It

It is a more intense single-match game mode, having four teams. The aim is to collect the maximum amount of cash in the form of coins from the vaults and deposit it in the designated sites. I suggest killing other cash-carrying players to drop their coins and then pick them, and defend yourself while moving towards the sites.

It doesn’t require you to defend the site itself, as depositing doesn’t take much time. The first team to gather $40,000, or the one with the most coins once the timer ends, wins. Additionally, there is only 1 vault available at a time, with two sites active at a time that change their location after a specific duration.

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The Finals Tournament Modes
Tournament Modes | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Tournament Mode is also divided into two sub-categories:

  • Tournament

This mode consists of three matches, and there are four teams at the beginning, and in the last round, only two are left that compete against each other. The task is to collect and secure vaults to gather the maximum cash. The top two teams at the end of each round qualify for the next one.

Respawns are limited here; only two are given per team member. However, reviving a player or team wipe allows teams to return without wasting the tokens. Similar to other ones, it also has 1 vault active with two sites.

  • Ranked Tournament

The Ranked Tournament is the competitive mode that determines players’ ranks in the league or leaderboard. It consists of four rounds, having four teams in the starting ones. The main objective is similar to “Tournament,” collect and secure vaults to gather the most cash.

The two teams remaining at the top qualify for the next round, while the others are knocked out. Furthermore, there are two vaults active at a time with two sites. That makes it even more sweaty as the stakes are high in this one.

Contestants [Classes]

Contestant Characteristics My Build Choice
Light Low Health
High Mobility
Weapon: Sword
Ability: Dash
Gear: Goo Grenade, Breach Charge, Pyro Grenade
Medium Moderate Health
Moderate Mobility
Weapon: AKM
Ability: Guardian Turret
Gear: Defibrillator, Frag Grenade, Gas Mine
Heavy High Health
Low Mobility
Weapon: M60
Ability: Charge ‘N’ Slam
Gear: RPG – 7, Explosive Mine, Dome Shield
The Finals – Contestants Starter Builds

Light Class

The Finals Starter Light Class Guide
Light Class | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Light Class excels in quick movements and stealth-based gameplay. Its health is really low, but the high mobility compensates for this. I recommend players who want to get an upper hand in close-range fights and transport stolen vaults to the site quickly to use this class.

Best Starting Weapons

  • M11 (Sub Machine Gun)
  • Sword (Melee)


  • Grappling Hook
  • Cloak
  • Dash

Best Starting Gear

  • Goo Grenade
  • Breach Charge
  • Pyro Grenade / Frag Grenade

Medium Class

The Finals Starter Medium Class Guide
Medium Class | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Medium Class balances durability and mobility while focusing primarily on support. Its weapons allow it to take close and medium-range fights without effort; it’s easy to learn and control. My suggestion in this guide for the best starter build is Medium Contestant due to its easy learning curve and move to others once they get the gist of the mechanics of The Finals. 

Best Starting Weapons

  • AKM (Automatic Rifle)
  • R .357 (High Caliber Revolver)


  • Healing Beam
  • Guardian Turret
  • Recon Senses

Best Starting Gear

  • Defibrillator
  • Frag Grenade / Pyro Grenade
  • Explosive Mine / Gas Mine

Heavy Class

The Finals Starter Heavy Class Guide
Heavy Class | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Heavy Class is tank-like, having immense health and slow speed. This allows it to carry heavy weaponry like grenade launchers, flamethrowers, etc, and offer support to teams to launch an attack on-site or defend it. I advise players who prefer slow-paced gameplay or love destruction to opt for this, as it packs a lot of equipment to annihilate stuff.

Best Starting Weapons

  • M60 (LMG)
  • MGL32 (Grenade Launcher)


  • Charge ‘N’ Slam
  • Goo Gun
  • Mesh Shield

Best Starting Gear

  • RPG – 7
  • Explosive Mine
  • Barricade / Dome Shield


The Finals Destroyed House
The Finals – Destroyed House | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Environment is completely destructible. You can destroy every building, platform, and object on the map using proper equipment. The ideal way to do this is to use explosive weapons like RPG, C4, or the Breach Charges, or you can also use the Heavy Contestant’s ability Charge ‘N’ Slam.

The Finals Starter Guide Zip Line
The Finals – Zip Line | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Moreover, the surroundings offer various movement mechanics like zip lines, vertical jump pads, directional jump pads, floating platforms, and elevators. I suggest using these to maximize your advantage over others and reach locations quickly. They can be beneficial in changing the overall condition of a combat.

My Thoughts On The Finals

Thus, we conclude the starter guide on The Finals, mentioning the various game modes, character classes, and other environmental aspects. In my opinion, it offers a very dynamic gameplay experience that requires players to utilize their skills, teamwork, and surroundings to make sure they earn the victory. For the new players, my recommendation is to avoid using Light and Heavy builds and go for the Medium build, as it is easy to master while learning other aspects of the game.

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