The Finals Sword Build: Weapons, Gadgets & More

Sword Build uses the Light class with Sword and V9S weapons. We will use Cloak and Dash abilities to close-in on enemies and kill them.

The Finals: Sword Build

Key Takeaways

  • Sword Build is a Light Class preferred build, as you need speed and mobility to get kills with Sword as your primary weapon.
  • The Sword attacks are completed in two stages; The Slash Attack is quick but deals less damage. The Lunge Attack is the one that kills the enemies.
  • Some Drawbacks of this class include having a smaller health pool and getting less damage output.

For a Sword Build, your movements matter a lot, as you need to keep dodging bullets to survive. However, the damage given with multiple Sword hits can kill the opponent with minimal effort. To help you make an efficient Sword Build, I will share all the things you need.

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Optimal Class Choice

The preferred Class Type is Light Build when your main weapon is Sword. It forces you to approach the enemies at close ranges and kill them. I will advise you to trust your movement and keep confusing your enemies while you are approaching them. Although surviving with the Light Build is difficult, it complements your speed so you can follow the hit-and-run strategy.

Here are some pros of Light Build which neglect the use of Medium or Heavy Classes when building a Sword Build.

  • If you keep the light build, you will have a smaller Hitbox. This means that there is less chance of opponents landing a critical hit on you.
  • The light class offers special abilities, such as Evasive Dash and Cloaking Device. I recommend you to use them for flanking your opponent without letting them know.
  • Speed is the biggest advantage of the Light Build. With higher speed, you can go on the enemies, land a hit with your Sword, and then reposition to stay safe from their attacks.

However, you must be aware of the drawbacks that come with your choice.

  • The light class has minimum health points. This makes you die more frequently than the Medium and Heavy classes. Therefore, I suggest you stay cautious and keep a regular check on your health pool.
  • Although the Light class has a short range, I believe we use this point to our advantage, as using Sword forces us to be at close range.


At a time, you are allowed to keep two Weapons. Here are my recommendations for the weapons you must keep in your Sword Build.

Weapon Type Weapon Name Description
Primary Sword A melee weapon that deals high damage and can wipe the enemies in a few blows. The first swing is a Slash attack that mildly hurts the enemies. It is followed by a Lunge attack that causes high damage.
Secondary V9S A SMG that offers extraordinary recoil control, so we achieve high accuracy. It is the preferred secondary weapon for close to medium ranges.

If V9S is not working out for you, I suggest you try XP-54 or AKM. They are also effective weapons at medium ranges that can clear enemies for you when killing them with the Sword is difficult. However, I prefer V9S due to its recoil control, which allows me to have more accuracy.

Sword is necessary for the sword build
You can unlock Sword for 600 Credits (captured by us)


We need Gadgets that can help us make paths to close in on enemies with minimal effort. Hence, I strongly recommend you utilize the following Gadgets for the Sword Build.

Breaching Charge: It works like a C4 and you can use it to break walls and kill enemies with your Sword. If you use it with appropriate timing, your opponents will never see this coming and it will be an easy hit-and-run kill for you.

Smoke Grenade: As simple as it looks, a Smoke Grenade with you is a must. I always used it to gang up on my enemies, as they would not see me coming through the smoke. Ensure you always use the smoke grenade when you are aware of your opponent’s location. Like this, you would know where they will be on the other side of the smoke, so you can kill them with your Sword.

Pyro Grenade: Pyro is a must-have item for the Sword Build. It causes fire in the thrown area, so the enemies take damage from the burn. I recommend you throw a Pyro Grenade directly at the enemies, so they are forced to move away. This causes chaos and makes room for you to take out the Sword and start swinging on your enemies.


The Light class specializes in the Cloak and Dash unique abilities. They have their own advantages to help you approach the enemy without losing much health.

Cloak: When you see your enemy, activate your Cloak to become invisible. Like this, you can flank your enemies without them seeing you. I recommend you to use this immediately after its cooldown period ends, as it is an effective ability when you want to destroy your enemies with the Sword.

Dash: Just like the sliding Dash in Call of Duty games, you can slide in The Finals when you get close to your opponent. This is useful, as it becomes difficult for your enemy to land shots on you during the Dash. In my opinion, this is an essential ability for the Sword Build, as killing during the Dash is satisfying and easy.

My Experience With The Sword Build

I have been using my Sword Build for a while now and it has been getting me a lot of kills. In my opinion, it works better when you are in the mood to play aggressively and close in on enemies rather than camping. Hence, I recommend you keep the Sword Build items I mentioned, as they fuel the aggressive gameplay.

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