The Finals Tips & Tricks – Beginners Guide

Learn 10 best Tips & Tricks and dominate the matches in the Finals!

The Finals Tips and Tricks
A guide on top 10 tips and tricks in The Finals.

Key Takeaways

  • The Finals is a fast-moving fps that requires tips to avoid getting destroyed.
  • Make sure to use windows for climbing to surprise attack enemies and avoid taking longer routes.
  • You can break zip lines and ladders with weapons.
  • Always stay near your teammates to put more pressure on enemies.
  • The map gives explosives and Goo cans that players can use by pressing F. You can also destroy walls and buildings with grenades or explosives.
  • Do not forget about the clicking timer while fighting with opponents.
  • Scan around the area and help your teammates while you’re getting revived.
  • Complete given tasks to level up much faster.
  • Make sure your team is based on all three classes available if possible.
  • Lastly, while carrying the vault, avoid getting tracked easily by throwing the vault around occasionally.

A fast-paced shooter that will keep you on your toes, The Finals can make you rage-quit if you don’t learn a few tricks up your sleeve since the start. There is too much to interact with and use for your advantage in each available map, but do you know how to utilize it? Worry not; continue reading to discover the ten best Tips and Tricks in The Finals.

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Use Windows for Climbing

In such a fast-paced fps game, it’s always better to know some shortcuts. Though you’ll find the map filled with ziplines and ladders to climb up the buildings, another – much faster – option is to climb up through windows. Players can do this by standing on the window stool below and jumping above for the second window.

The character will then climb and break the glass to enter inside. Players can use this technique of climbing up in various strategies to surprise attack enemies or simply reach their target faster than usual.

Break Ziplines/Ladders

Break Ziplines and Ladders with weapons – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

To limit the opponent’s traveling options to a specific area, break any zipline or ladder with a weapon. A lot of beginners are not aware that destroying these routes is possible. This can result in huge drawbacks for the opposite team, as they’ll be forced to take a much more dangerous or longer route.

If you’re cashing out or stealing money from a vault, break all ziplines and ladders attached to that area. Force enemies to take limited routes and set defense in those areas for a better chance of winning.

Stay Near Teammates

The Finals Tips and Tricks
Stay near teammates – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Even if you’re playing without friends, stay close to your teammates. I highly emphasize this specific tip. You can not offer much to the other two if you’re playing selfishly. Also, the reviving process will become much quicker if all three teammates are nearby, if not together. You can also carry the teammate’s statue and move to a safer location while the revive time ends.

A good build combination also works well if you’re playing with friends. You can successfully put pressure on enemies and take them down one at a time with good communication and team strategy.

Interact With the Environment

Explosives The Finals Tips and Tricks
Explosives players can use – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

What sets the Finals apart from other first-person shooters is its unique feature of allowing players to utilize items within the environment to gain an advantage strategically. I wasn’t even aware that almost any item on the map is interactable till I played the first few matches.

There are explosives lying around which players can pick and throw on a specific area to obliterate it absolutely. There are also Goo containers players can use to freeze enemies or block passageways. Almost anything you can lay an eye on is destructible, which can be used to turn the tables around. Once I learned this, I started playing much more mindfully, which increased the winning chances by a huge margin.

Destroy Areas with Explosives

Use explosives, grenades, or your melee weapon to destroy walls or buildings. If you prefer staying at a distance, use explosive containers or grenades to destroy the building or an area where enemies are. This will disrupt enemies’ location and force them to relocate. You can also destroy the area where they’re cashing out to surprise attack them. A common rule of the Finals is the more destruction, the more fun.

If you’re going the heavy builds route, then grab your melee weapon and destroy walls or ceilings to surprise attack opponents. Use jumping pads located around the map to fly high and land on top of buildings to do this.

Keep the Timer in Mind

You may get distracted from all the running, jumping, and shooting and stop noticing the timer. You need to wait around 2 minutes to perform a successful cashout. In these 2 minutes, ensure the area is secure, and any possible routes are blocked except one in case of retreat. Keep your weapon ready in case the place blows up from explosives. Also, if you’re the healer, make sure you have your healing gun ready.

If you’re planning to steal the cashout, the timer is even more important to keep in mind. Even a few seconds behind can lead to your opponent getting rich and winning the round.

Scan Around the Surroundings

Scan Around the Surroundings – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

While you’re waiting for a revival, don’t just sit back but instead keep an eye on enemy moves. The Finals need a proper strategy to win, which is only possible if you know the enemy’s location or their next moves. You can also communicate with your teammates and help them in the meantime.

Complete Tasks

The Finals Tips and Tricks
Complete daily tasks – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Level up faster by completing the quests you have. Players obtain multiple rewards, including VRs for leveling up. Therefore, if you’re looking to stock up on in-game currency, VR quickly, start completing tasks. Build your character and their weapon loadout much faster by leveling up this way.

Balance Your Team

Contestants – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

This tip is for the players playing with friends to decide in advance which roles each teammate will focus on. If you plan on going frontline, get Heavy Build class and let your teammates choose Light and Medium. Here are all the classes and their main role in the Finals:

  • Heavy Build: less mobility but more damage-taking ability.
  • Medium Build: Healer, medium mobility, focuses on mid-long range.
  • Light Build: close-range, high mobility, high damage.

An ideal team would be based on having all three roles in the team. If you’re, by chance, playing alone, I’d recommend sticking with Medium Build, as it’s a mixture of both other classes.

Throw the Vault Occasionally

The moment you get your hands on the vault and start carrying it to the cashout location, you’ll expose yourself to every opponent in the match. In such a vulnerable state, the least you can do to protect yourself is trick enemies. Throw around the vault once in a while during your journey to trick or confuse enemies about your exact location and avoid getting shot down.

My Verdict

Keeping these tips in mind during such a high-intensity match might seem overwhelming. However, with practice, players can remember them like no big deal. If you’re new and struggling with it, I’d suggest you focus on staying near teammates and shooting enemies from a distance for now. The game may be fast-paced, but it has one main goal. I hope these the Finals tips and tricks help you achieve it. Good Luck, gamers!

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