The Key to Success Tarkov: Ragman Tasks Quest

The Key to Success Tarkov
The Key to Success Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov, as the name implies a challenging entry in the multiplayer first-person shooter that took the world by storm last year. Despite the initial release in 2017, the game landed community attention in 2020.

Like every other multiplayer first-person shooter, Escape from Tarkov was also mutating into numerous genres until finally recognized as a survival game. Players get to choose one of the two sides: prey or the hunter. However, what makes Escape from Tarkov unique from other FPS is the unique questline. One of the most engaging quests from the game is the Key to Success Tarkov that puts players on tasks from the Ragman.

Key Takeaways

  • To complete the task, players need to search and obtain two Clothes design handbooks and hand them over to Ragman.
  • The first handbook is in the abandoned bookstore in Interchange, and the second one is in a Russian store in the same location.
  • Only players on level 26 and above can play Ragman’s quest.
  • Completing the quest rewards players with +0.03 Rep from Ragman, 60,000 Roubles, 15,600 EXP2 Ghost balaclava face covers, and insight into Ragman’s interest in the books after confirming both books through inventory

The Key to Success Tarkov is the fifteenth task that comes after the Blood of War. This task requires players to do simple tasks and retrieve the Clothes design handbook from Interchange. Players will have to retrieve and hand a total of two Clothes handbooks. However, getting hands-on with these items can be a little tricky. But do not worry as we bring you the complete guide for the Key to Success in the Tarkov task. Let’s get right into it.

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The Key to Success Tarkov: Step by Step Guide

Apart from all the shooting and looting, the Key to Success in Tarkov is rather a simple quest that will involve searching the Interchange and getting Ragman his handbooks. But there are a few things that are important to note before diving into the quest. Since it is one of the tasks from Ragman’s quest, it can not be started earlier in the game.

Only players on level 26 and above can play the Ragaman’s quest. With that said now let’s discuss what are the actual objectives that you will be expecting in the task.

the key to success objectives
The Key to Success Objectives

In order to complete the task, players will have to finish the following objectives.

  1. Search and Obtain the first Clothes Design Handbook
  2. Hand over the Clothes Design Handbook to Ragman.
  3. Search and Obtain the second Clothes Design Handbook.
  4. Hand over the second handbook to Ragman.

These are the objectives of the Key to Success Tarkov task, which seems pretty straightforward. However, searching and obtaining the Clothes design handbooks can become tricky. Now let’s discuss from where and how can you finish these objectives.

Retrieving the First Clothes Design Handbook

Ragman was the ex-director of a clothing store in the Interchange. Now, after the twisting events in Tarkov, he wants to get hands-on the unique Clothes design handbooks that lie somewhere in the Interchange.

You can start the task by raiding the Interchange. But it is important to follow a safe approach to retrieve these books. Follow each step to find these books and you will be all good to complete the task for the quest.

Location of the First Handbook
Location of the First Handbook
Location of the Second Handbook
Location of the Second Handbook

First things first, you will have to visit the Interchange and enter the Hallway. After entering the hallway, you will have to find two stores Mantis and Kostin. You are going to have to walk all the way from these stores to the blue fountain structure that is surrounded by benches.

The Key to Success Tarkov Location of the Book Store
Location of the Book Store

While going through the Kostin and facing the blue fountain structure, on the right side, you will be able to see a store with a black and orange banner. The name of the store is in the Russian language, so it will be hard to pronounce and write at the moment. However, it will be looking like this.

Abandoned Books Store
Abandoned Books Store

Upon entering, you will realize it is the library which is our first hint for the Clothes design handbook. The next thing you will need to do is to enter the store and walk up to the third bookshelf in the middle. A flashlight might come in handy because the store is abandoned and finding the shelf will be difficult.

First Clothes Design Handbook
First Clothes Design Handbook

After finding the third bookshelf, look at the bottom and you will get the option to pick the first Clothes design handbook.

Now that you have one of the two handbooks, you can hand over the first one by going back to Ragman and return back to the Interchange to search for the second handbook. the choice is completely yours. Otherwise, you can continue to scour the Interchange for the second handbook and obtain them collectively.

Retrieving the Second Clothes Design Handbook

In order to get the second Clothes design handbook, players will have to go onto the second floor from where they obtained the first book. After going to the second floor, search for the Techlight store. Just in front of the Techlight, you will be able to see the Urban Clothes store’s banner.

You will have to walk pass through the Urban Clothes store and you will see another store but that is again with a Russian name. However, that particular store will have a banner displayed in Red and Black.

Urban Clothes Store
Urban Clothes Store

Now there are several entrances to the store that contains the second Clothes design handbook. Considering you will be coming from the Urban Clothes store hallway, you will have to go inside through the left entrance of the Russian store. Upon entering, you will have to take the right and find the first bookshelf.

Second Russian Store
Second Russian Store
Second Clothes Design Handbook
Second Clothes Design Handbook

Here you will find a huge pile of books on the floor along with the second Clothes design handbook. Grab this book and the third objective is finally completed. Now the last thing you will need to do is to return to the Ragman safely and hand over these both books to the Ragman.

Tarkov Key to Success Task Rewards

Confirming Both Books through Inventory
Confirming Both Books through Inventory

After completing the key to success quest, players will receive numerous rewards. These include +0.03 Rep from Ragman, 60,000 Roubles, 15,600 EXP, and 2 face covers known as Ghost balaclava. Moreover, Ragman will also share his reason for interest in these books.

Final Words

Well, that is about it for the Ragman’s tasks for the Key to Success in Escape from Tarkov. What do you think of this guide and strategy? What is your approach to completing the four objectives of Ragman’s tasks? We would love to hear them in the comments section down below.

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