The Next Call of Duty Reportedly Returns to World War 2

According to reports the next Call of Duty will return to World War 2. Sledgehammer will be developing as heir previous game was COD: WW2 back in 2017. The game was well received and players wanted the series to return to the same roots with boots on ground gameplay.  There are conflicting reports regarding the setting of the game. Some say the game will have a fictitious timeline, others, like Eurogamer, said that the game will have a traditional WW2 setting.  

Codenamed Vanguard, Activison has confirmed that there will be a new Call of Duty in the fourth quarter of 2021. COD normally tends to leak before an official announcement is made. Activision has not commented on the leaks, but the reports were verified by Eurogamer. Plus, Sledgehammer’s last game took place in WW2. It would not be surprising if they decided to return there for a follow up.  

Call of Duty’s Alternative Timeline Speculation

The next Call of Duty will be integrated into Warzone and Activison had promised to support the platform for at least the next 5 years. The maps, weapons, and assets will all be ported. If the next COD were to take place on an alternative timeline the report claimed that WW2 would not end in 1945and drag on into the 1950s. If that were the case, does that mean the allies are losing the war? It would be interesting to see if the next COD will have similarities with Wolfenstein. Activison will likely release more information about the next COD soon. Either way it is a safe bet that the next game will be a cross-gen title. With a likely cost of $70.    

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