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Xbox Series X/S

The Next-Gen Xbox experience – Everything you need to know

The Xbox official YouTube channel this morning showed off a complete walkthrough of the new UI in full 4K. There are several new features in the demo, most are available on the Xbox One as well, and some are exclusive to the next gen consoles Xbox Series X/S.

New and Upgraded Features

The first new addition is dynamic animated backgrounds. While there seems to be only one available at the moment, Xbox promised more to come. The new dynamic backgrounds are exclusive to next-gen consoles only, Xbox Series X/S.

The next feature they showed off is the guide which is basically an “over-game menu”. It comes up on top of any game you’re currently playing, giving you access to many features without even leaving the game. These features include recently played games, friends list, messages, notifications, and achievements.

Next they chose to show off the infamous next-gen feature “Quick Resume”. This feature has been advertised as a game changing upgrade. You’ll be able to boot up recently played games within 6 to 8 seconds and resume directly from where you left off. The wild part is, you’ll have up to 5-6 games ready to go at any time, even after the console has been completely turned off.

Backwards Compatibility

Moving forward, they showed off their backwards compatible gaming library that’ll consist of thousands of games on day one. The backwards compatible titles will also have faster load times, better resolution, higher frame rates, and auto HDR. All of that without any extra cost.

New Xbox Controller and More Xbox mobile app Integration

They next showed off the new Xbox Wireless controller. While it is still familiar, new updates to it include a new share button, hybrid D-pad, textured triggers and bumper, as well as Bluetooth capabilities. It’s worth mentioning that it’s also a little smaller than the Xbox One’s controller.

The new share button makes it easier than ever to share your gameplay experience. You can tap it once for a screenshot, or twice to capture a game clip. 

Moving on, they showed off the brand new Xbox app for android and iOS. Through it you will be able to set up your new next-gen console. You’ll be able to share your screenshots and clips onto social media directly from the new Xbox app. Finally you’ll also be able to even play remotely any game you have on your console through your app, as well as joining parties and chatting with friends.

The new Xbox UI also really highlights gamepass, so much so that it is now integrated into the home screen. So you could jump into the app and explore the hundreds of games you have access to as a gamepass member, including EA Play games on day one.

The Xbox Next-Gen UI seems to be an overall upgraded experience for all Xbox gamers out there. You can expect faster load times, better graphics with higher frame rates, more focus on services, and the integration of the Xbox mobile app. There’s no question, the future is here.

For next-gen experience, you can purchase an Xbox Series X/S on November 10th. 

When do you plan to get your first Next-Gen console? Let us know in the comments. Plus, if you want more content like this then why not check out the rumors of a new Hideo Kojima Game. Also our Supermarket Shriek Review.

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