The Planet Crafter Deserves The Love It Has Received From Its Community

The game has brought the concept of terraformation that is unseen in any other game of the same genre.

The Planet Crafter
The game appears to have impressed a massive audience

There has been a constant rise in Indie game development because of the freedom it provides in innovative design and structure. Many studios have exploited this freedom and developed games that have surpassed the expected player base, and The Planet Crafter can relate to this scenario.

Key Takeaways

  • The Planet Crafter offers planet exploration in a much more innovative and responsive approach.
  • The concept of terraformation is undeniably the most impressive feature, unlike any other space-exploration and survival craft games.
  • Base building in the game is highly interactive and impacts the environment.

Within two months, The Planet Crafter has received an astonishingly remarkable number of one million players. The game has no story to present, no voice lines, or thrilling combat, but it surely has one of the most responsive and engaging simulation experiences to offer.

A Highly Responsive Terraformation Simulation

Interactive environment
A view from Launchpad about to be triggered

What I was most impressed with about the game was its environment, which responded to the player’s progression. The game offers a high degree of control over the progress rate. This is due to the limitless construction of buildings that speed up the process of terraformation.

However, during my gameplay experience, I preferred keeping things at a slow pace to ease off the unlocking of new structures, which gave me enough time to focus on exploring the extreme biomes of the planet.

The idea of witnessing a lifeless, desolated planet being terraformed into a bustling, habitable landscape with players’ actions is mildly engaging. The rewarding mechanics will force you to explore the planet and face the harsh environment. 

Even though the Creative mode is available to build limitless structures without any resource requirement, I highly prefer playing the game in Standard mode. The survival, rewarding, and exploring dynamics feel more responsive and interactive when playing the game as intended. 

Every game mechanic seems to respond to the other seemingly neatly. You must explore to unlock the new structures and blueprints. If you want to survive for long without retreating to your base, you need to unlock new structures that you can build to produce resources.

The Planet Crafter has done exceedingly well in presenting an engaging planet exploration experience. Its interactive base building is also a feature that highly captivates the motive of a player to strive for progression.

Factors That Lead The Planet Crafter To Success

Creating a base
Structures that are interactive and essential to build

In my opinion, the primary factor that led to the game’s high player count is the time when it was released. Starfield was the only hype in space exploration by that time, but players had their concerns regarding the voided exploration. There were numerous planets to explore but all desolated, and unironically, Bethesda backed up this fact by saying it was done on purpose.

The disappointed player base was still craving for a fun space-exploration game. Although The Planet Crafter did not include a space expedition, the planet exploration and terraformation features were enough to satisfy the audience. 

The planet exploration is undoubtedly the trait of both games here, but The Planet Crafter is much more appealing regarding highly interactive surroundings and base building. Unlocking new structures is made pretty fun in The Planet Crafter, as they unlock many new helpful features. Explicitly, some buildings help grow crops, generate food and water, launch satellites to have the whole planet’s map, and, my favorite one, even create life out of DNA samples. 

The Planet Crafter offers ample control over shaping the entire planet. Despite its defined boundaries of exploration, the numerous unlockables that make the gameplay progressively entertaining are commendable. I believe the game is a must-play if you are an enthusiast for survival-crafting games and love to be around responsive surroundings. 

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