The Portrayal Of Senua’s Psychosis In Hellblade 2 Has My Praise

Hellblade 2 makes you fight not only the Vikings but also the voices in your head.

Hellblade 2

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade has been one of the best games of the decade, and there is no other title that can ever come close to it. The sequel to Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga carries the legacy extremely well. Both these titles revolve around Senua’s journey as she battles her mental illness while dealing with the monsters in the real world.

The setting and narrative of Hellblade 2 have incorporated a lot of elements from Celtic and Norse mythology. But while it successfully delivers a beautiful gameplay experience perhaps one of the best features about it is how it handles the topic of psychosis and mental health.

Key Takeaway

  • Hellblade 2: Senua’s saga accurately represents the effects of psychosis that make the gameplay experience deep and immersive.
  • Ninja theory does a great job of making Senua’s journey all the more real and personal for the players, making Hellblade 2 the masterpiece that it is.
  • Additionally, the game is worth trying out for its dark and captivating narrative, splendid voice acting, and engaging combat.

A Great Way to Raise Awareness

Senua’s journey is definitely an emotional one and allows the players to experience firsthand what effects psychosis has.

Source: TheRadBrad, YouTube

The portrayal of psychosis was pretty accurate, and the Ninja Theory did a great job of not only increasing awareness but also allowing players to recognize the challenges that come with mental health problems.

The mental distress that the game puts you through and the ever-growing voices all around you without a definitive source have an undeniable effect on the players. This is truly what makes the whole experience so unique and unlike any other.

How Hellblade 2 Compares to Senua’s Sacrifice

Played by both titles, it is hard to categorize Hellblade as the sequel to Hellblade, Senua’s Sacrifice. It more or less seems like a reboot with a bit more focus on the puzzle-solving sections and combat as compared to its successor.

hellblade 2 sacrifice
Source: TheRadBrad, YouTube

In the sequel, as you progressed and interacted with the strange world around you, the idea was that everything weird that Senua faces is not actually there but is all in her mind.

However, in Hellblade 2, Senua has to battle monsters that are very real while she still struggles with her psychosis. I do love the shift between the themes of both these titles where it seemed like in Hellblade, Senua felt burdened by her mental health, but in the sequel, she has truly accepted it as a part of herself that she must live with.

How does Senua’s Psychosis affect the Gameplay?

Senua’s psychosis is not just a part of the gameplay, but it actually affects it in many ways. The first game seemed more of an individual experience, while Hellblade 2 focuses on Senua and her interactions with people around her.

Source: TheRadBrad, YouTube

Senua has to experience what she calls Furies, internal voices that plague her mind constantly. These voices are especially prominent when interacting with other people. If you use headphones while playing, you will get to experience the phenomenal binaural audio design implemented in Hellblade 2.

You will be able to truly immerse yourself in your environment, and the voices will absolutely terrify you as they will come from everywhere, confusing you as you progress. These voices will sometimes encourage you to interact with people and sometimes make it hard for you to trust them.

Beyond Senua’s Mind

The portrayal of psychosis in Hellblade 2: Senua’s saga is undoubtedly perfect. However, there are other things that Hellblade does great justice to, including visuals, combat, and atmosphere.

hellblade 2 atmosphere
Source: TheRadBrad, YouTube

Set in Iceland, you get to explore the cinematic environment as you battle the zombie-like Vikings and other terrifying entities. There is a decent amount of puzzle-solving as well that indulges you right in. Furthermore, ninja theory captures realism greatly, and this is evident from the characters and how well they show emotions.  

The camera work is also admirable, especially during intense battles. The runtime is pretty brief but still manages to deliver a memorable experience that is pretty anxiety-inducing and exciting at the same time.

Should you Play Hellblade 2?

In my opinion, you should absolutely try out the masterpiece that Hellblade 2 is because there is nothing quite like it. However, I will also recommend playing Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice first to truly enjoy her difficult journey.

hellblade 2
Source: TheRadBrad, YouTube

The first game is pretty narrative-heavy, while on the contrary, you will get to experience more combat and puzzle-solving in Hellblade 2. There are so many things that make Hellblade a worth playing title, including its stunning and surreal visuals, splendid cinematography, stellar voice acting, and intense battles.

At the same time, the first few hours will feel more or less like a movie, soon, you will find yourself engaging in challenging puzzles and intense combat. For more reasons alone, Hellblade 2 is worth trying, a gem that will have you wanting more.

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