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PS5 Phishing Scam

The PS5 Phishing Scam That’s Fooling Gamers

With PS5 stock still in woefully short supply, many gamers are desperately trying to get their hands on the golden console. As we all know, scalpers have been taking advantage of this, with many of them charging double the retail price. Unfortunately, however, scalpers aren’t the only ones that people need to look out for. Internet security company Kaspersky has revealed that a PS5 phishing scam has been making the rounds.

Currently only targeting UK gamers, it could easily be used to try and fool people internationally. People have been receiving emails claiming to offer a competition to win a free PS5. It claims to be from the pharmaceutical company India Pharma, but close inspection of the email address shows that it’s not from the official address. Kaspersky has warned that, unlike obvious scams, this email contains no spelling or grammatical errors. This could trick people into assuming it’s legitimate.

Recipients that click the link will be taken to a website with a competition page. The setup of the website looks like Amazon, but the link itself is clearly not associated with them. People are then being told that they’re one of 10 lucky winners. They can claim a free PS5 if they complete a quick survey. There’s a time limit on completing this, which may stop people from taking a moment to stop and think.

Stealing Payment Details

This PS5 phishing scam is particularly dangerous because people are being told that to claim their prize, they have to first put down a deposit of £1. In comparison to a PS5, this seems like nothing, and so some gamers are falling for this in their eagerness. However, by doing this, the scammers then have that person’s payment details.

This scam is yet another example of the lengths that some people will go to in order to take advantage of the PS5’s scarcity. For any of you who are still waiting on the new console, be careful not to fall for anything like this. Take your time to fully investigate the origin of the email by looking for inconsistencies in the email address. Never click on a link from an email address you don’t recognise.

With PS5 restocks happening semi-regularly now, let’s all hold out hope that everyone can get their hands on a console soon!

That’s all from me

Have you come across this PS5 phishing scam? Let us know in the comments.

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