Crisis Core Reunion: The Reporter Outcomes

You'll have to decide whether to report the reporter or not. Players often get confused by this decision. Read below to know what to do.

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Are you wondering whether to report the reporter or to let him go? What could your decision change in the story? Keep reading to find out!

The developers at Square Enix have given the former open world; a new experience. Speaking of open worlds, the game has a lot of characters that help Zack with his info about Shinra. Let’s see what the reporter has to offer!

The Rundown

  • Crisis Core Reunion provides the players with many decision-making moments.
  • The reporter is hiding from the Shinra Army.
  • The reporter will just leave if we let him go.
  • We will get periodic mail if we choose not to report.
  • Protagonist Zack is more likely to let the reporter go.

Location Of The Reporter In Crisis Core

Location of the Reporter in Sector 8
Location of the Reporter in Sector 8

You’ll find the reporter in an alleyway in Sector 8: The Fountain. He is standing right next to a street light. He will be scared, as he is suspicious of you being one of the Shinra Army.

What To Do With The Reporter

The game often puts you through situations where you have to make a decision out of two options. These might look simple but can sometimes affect the story in some way or form.

Zack will have to make a number of choices as you continue throughout the game. Although they ultimately rest in your hands, we recommend taking Zack’s viewpoint into account.

the Reporter tells Zack that he's trying to hide
The reporter tells Zack that he’s trying to hide

In one instance, you will catch a scared reporter in an alleyway. You’ll have to decide whether to report the reporter or let him go. Players often get confused by this decision as they don’t know the outcomes.

Ultimately, it is your choice whether you want to snitch or not, but let us tell you what happens!

Should You Report

Crisis Core Reunion provides a lot of decision-making moments where there is a reward for the right decision. Sadly! This one is not one of them.

The game asking you to decide to report or not report the reporter.
The game asks you to make a decision

You are not going to get a reward for reporting the reporter. If you report him you’ll just never see him again!

What Happens If You Don’t Report

However, If you don’t report him, he will express his thanks by promising to provide you with free mail. Mostly, this is private information that Shinra wouldn’t want the general public to know.

Basically, you’ll get periodic mail and the mail can provide more information on certain events in the game.

What happens if you let him go
What happens if you let the Reporter go

We suggest letting the reporter leave rather than reporting him. This decision has little to no impact on the storyline of Crisis Core Reunion. Also, since we talked about taking decisions from Zack’s POV. Letting him go is something that our main protagonist would want.


Finally, we can conclude that reporting the reporter does not deprive you of any reward or something important in the game. We advise leaving him alone if you want to understand more about Shinra and its tactics.

Congrats! Now you have a clear idea of what decision to make regarding the reporter in the game. If you enjoyed reading this article, give us a follow. We would appreciate your feedback on our work. That always helps us bring out better articles for gamers like you. Enjoy Gaming!

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