The Shattered Throne Dungeon – Destiny 2 Guide

The Shattered Throne Dungeon
The Shattered Throne Dungeon - Destiny 2 Guide

Bungie has recently made several changes to The Dreaming City. One of them being that if you turn in your oracle offering, you get a chance to meet the Queen. No biggie! The other big thing that has been introduced in Destiny 2 is its very own dungeon. Yes, a dungeon! It is named the Shattered Throne dungeon, and it is in the form of a great sequence of missions and levels and boss fights that you go through one by one as you play through it.

Key Takeaways

  • To enter the Shattered Throne Dungeon, you need to go to a specific location in The Dreaming City to activate the dungeon, & you need to band together an excellent team to play the dungeon with.
  • The recommended level for the dungeon is 570, but the enemies are at 590, so the power level will surely play a role in your success in this dungeon.
  • The Temple of the Shattered Throne is composed of seven interconnected temples. You have to kill all enemies, including the yellow bar Labyrinth architect, & find the symbols that mark your following location. & you have to kill all enemies, including the yellow bar Labyrinth architect.
  • The temple area is confusing for some people, so some players have designed maps that might be handy for navigation.
  • Some tips for the temple include using a tether with something like an Orpheus rig for the smaller enemies & an escalation shotgun or any shotgun for the powerful Labyrinth architects.
  • As soon as you kill the final Labyrinth, you get a legendary drop, & after collecting this legendary drop, you are going to see a hole in the ground near you.
  • After completing the first part of the dungeon, you can keep following the path paved out for you and mow through any ads that come your way or take the alternative/shortcut that takes you to your next destined location.
  • Once you reach the mini-boss called “Asterion Set Apart,” you need to be patient and focus on defeating him and the accompanying enemies.
  • The boss fight is quite tricky, and you need to be prepared to fight against it. The reward for completing the dungeon is Petitioner’s Mark, which can be used to acquire the Wish Ender exotic bow.
  • Going up the tower is optional, & it is a good way to obtain more rewards.
  • To complete the Shattered Throne dungeon in Destiny 2, players must first scale a tall tower by using elevators and avoiding Taken explosions.
  • The dungeon’s final boss is Dul Incaru, accompanied by three smaller Hive knights. Players must defeat all three knights to get a damage buff, which can be stacked up to three times.
  • If players do not have a high enough power level to defeat Dul Incaru in one damage phase, they must break a crystal that spawns behind the boss or face a wipe.
  • Completing the Shattered Throne dungeon is challenging & time-consuming, but following a guide & using tips can make it easier.

The dungeon is loaded with intricate details and many skill-based boss fights. This guide tells you exactly where to go, what to do, and how to beat any enemy you have to face throughout this dungeon.

Entering The Shattered Throne Dungeon

To start, you need to go to a specific location in The Dreaming City to activate the dungeon. There are a lot of videos on the internet that walk you through the exact path that you need to take to reach the said location. Roughly though, you are going to the Ahamkara skulls. From here, you take a portal which teleports you to a place called the Confluence. Next, you take the path that goes to your left, and you reach a giant room. This giant room has a massive portal at its back, which will be your entry point for the dungeon.   

Before jumping into the dungeon, it is worthy to note that you should band together a good team to play the dungeon with. This dungeon is not just any other story mission, as some players might be mistaken. Some of the sequences get real hectic, so it is best not to solo. However, some high-skill players have soloed the Shattered Throne, and if you want to have a go at it, what’s stopping you, right? Solo or with a team, you should go in as Titan and try our much suggested Titan build for a better shot.

Now even though the recommended level is 570, the enemies in the dungeon are at 590. So, the power level is surely going to play a role in your success in this dungeon. This is where your grind for those Upgrade Modules might come in handy. This dungeon is definitely not the easiest challenge in the game, but we have a lot of small helpful tips, along with the steps, to make it a wee bit easier for you. So, let’s dive right in:

The Temple Of The Shattered Throne

As you jump into the dungeon by interacting with the portal, you have to move to wherever the game takes you. Jumping from rock to rock, keep moving forwards. As you get closer to your destined location, a message saying “Respawning restricted” will show up on your screen. With this, a bunch of enemies is also going to spawn in front of you. This area consists of seven interconnected temples. You have to kill all of the enemies, your main target is the yellow bar Labyrinth architect. You must have already packed the best Dreaming City weapons for such encounters!

killing Labyrinth architect
Fighting the Labyrinth Architect.

Once you kill the Labyrinth architect, a symbol is going to pop up right where you killed it. The whole mechanic of this stage of the dungeon revolves around these symbols. The symbol marks your next location that is the next temple that you need to head towards. Let’s say you got the dragon-like us; you need to go and explore all the area around you. After finding the same symbol in an area(temple), you again have to fight the enemies there, including the Labyrinth architect. This has to be done 7 times in 7 different temples. It is said that this stage of the dungeon always starts and ends in the temple marked by the diving bird.  

Dragon symbol
The dragon symbol after killing the architect.

The whole temple area is a little confusing for some people. It certainly does test your navigation skills. Although there isn’t a given map, some players have designed their own and posted them on the internet. These maps might be handy for you, especially if you are having a hard time navigating on your own. We have attached one such roughly drawn map for you from the internet. 

A map of the temples in the Shattered Throne Dungeon
A map for the temples.

A few tips for the temple 

The smaller enemies spawn in kind of clusters. They are packed together a lot. So, if you use a tether with something like an Orpheus rig, it will be very effective against them.  

For the powerful Labyrinth architects, an escalation shotgun or any shotgun, in fact, is very good. Shotguns are definitely going to help you to take them down faster.  

On Completion 

As soon as you kill the final Labyrinth, you get a legendary drop. Even though this is Dreaming city, the legendary item drops just like it drops in a raid encounter. After collecting this legendary drop, you are going to see a hole in the ground near you. As you drop down this massive hole, you get to the same place where you killed that final Labyrinth.    

A Mini Boss Fight 

After completing that first part, you can keep following the path paved out for you and mow through any ads (additional enemies) that come your way. This is only if you want to have fun slaying some easy AI enemies. But if you want to just skip to the next actually important place, there are a lot of videos on the internet to help you out. In these videos, players have found alternatives/shortcuts that take you to your next destined location without wasting time on any minor enemy fights.  In this case, you take the first two lefts, and then you are exposed to an open area. Again, to your left is a drop right onto a bridge. Running up this bridge you will find yourself right up the throat of a mini-boss named “Asterion Set Apart”. Now you have to take your time here and kill this crazy guy and those that spawn with him. Some nasty snipers are among his ads, so you might want to take special care of them. Fusion Rifles have proven to be the best for this encounter, along with a scout/sniper.

Fighting Asterion set apart, a mini boss in the dungeon.
Fighting Asterion Set Apart.

As you complete this takedown, a massive door opens in that very area, and you move through it to enter into the next one.  

The Sniper Area

Before you enter through the gate, there are quite a few glass cannons, waiting to welcome you with a bullet to your face, on the other side. You must take down these snipers using a sniper of your own or a scout rifle, whatever you like to use. This area is as much a test of your movement mechanics as it is of your aim. After this, you move to your left and keep making your way forward.  

This part consists of quite a large area. In the second part of this area, again you have to slow down a little, take your time and kill the snipers and ads here. Nothing too complex, right? You don’t want to get killed in such relatively easier parts of the dungeon at least.    

The Taken Ogres

Once done, you take yet another left and move forward wherever the game takes you. Just a few steps ahead, you will come upon a place that has interconnecting beams. The beams connect different small circular platforms. As you walk along these beams, you will have to face the incredibly annoying Taken Ogres. It’s entirely up to you if you want to fight them or just ignore them and move past this area. If one of them is being especially disturbing to your leisurely walk, do not hesitate in blasting its face-off.   

An area of the dungeon.

The Shadow Thralls

At the end of that area, you will find a passage that has a weird gooey wall that you can pass through. As you pass through it, you are now slowed and you cannot double jump either. This area is booming with Shadow Thralls. Since you have lost most of your efficient movement and are also slowed to a terrible speed, it becomes quite a task to take them down. Having AoE (Area of Effect) grenades can prove to be quite effective in this case, with Vortex grenades being the best choice. The Shadow Thralls following you will walk right into the area of effect of these grenades and take a lot of damage or die.

Another entry into a part of the Shattered Throne.
Entering through the gooey wall.

Another catch of this area is that you lose the ability to regenerate your health on your own. For this, you can use alternatives such as Crimson, Wormhusk Crown, One-eyed mask, or a Healing rift. Anything really that essentially helps you regenerate your health.

As you come towards the end of this area, you will again come up against a wall similar to the one through which you entered. Moving through it you will go back to your normal state of movement.  

As you enter the next area, you have to move towards your left. Now you will notice that the floor here is of lava. If you keep running on this lava, you will take damage for it. So, you must stick to any object, for example, a rock that protects you from the lava floor. Towards the end of this area, there is a doorway up high. Ads spawn here too and you must kill them all this time as only that will open the said doorway.  

Boss Fight

Entering the large door, you take another left, take a drop-down and enter an area where a new objective pops up on your screen. The objective reads “Overcome the Keeper of Petitions.” This is the first real boss fight that you have to face in this dungeon. The boss fight consists of an Ogre in the center that has an immunity shield surrounding it and a ton of yellow bar wizards that spawn around in the arena. Sounds a little tough, right? Well, it is about to get much trickier.  

Petitioner’s Mark

In this arena, four different wizards spawn that you have to fight and kill. But that is not it. Let’s say you killed the first one; it is going to drop a kind of an orb. As you walk over and collect this orb, you are going to get a “Petitioner’s Mark,” a de-buff, with a timer on the side of your screen. What it means is that as soon as the timer runs out, you are going to die. Yes, just like that! Unless, of course, you kill the next wizard. So, every time you kill a wizard, you get Petitioner’s mark and you have to kill the next one within the intended time.   

Petitioner's mark
Petitioner’s Mark buff.

Also, when you kill the last wizard, you get “Petitioner’s Burden.” Now you have to go around the arena, find and slam and destroy an objective. This will remove the immunity shield from the Ogre, and you can shoot at him. It would be best if you tried to dodge the Ogre’s attacks as they are super powerful. There also spawns another wizard as you are trying to take down the Ogre, so you better avoid it or just kill him if you get the chance to.  

Petitioner's Burden
Petitioner’s Burden buff and killing a wizard.

The important thing here is that if you die during the encounter, you have to start from the first wizard and do all of the same stuff all over again. Now it is good to have a team here, so try to keep one of your mates alive who can shoot at the Ogre. If not, then you have to keep doing this again and again until you finally beat this stupid boss.   

Fighting Vordeth boss in the Shattered Throne dunegon.
Killing the boss Vordeth.


After finally beating that boss, you get some powerful gear as a reward and even if you don’t feel like you do, you deserve it! Now you head down a hallway that is pretty much presented to you by the game. As you walk down, you will promptly reach a statue on your way. You can and you have to interact with this statue. As you approach the statue, you are actually presenting your awoken talisman, the exotic object you got to unlock the Dreaming City.   

Approaching the statue.

Going Up The Tower

Now, you can see a tall as hell tower that you have to scale in front of you. Yes, you! A tall order, isn’t it? But first, you have to head down to the very bottom, jumping from rock to rock. As you reach the bottom, you can see an elevator surrounded by a bunch of ads. You have to kill these ads to go through, you guessed it! Then, you climb up the elevator, find more of the same ads and another elevator. Rinse and repeat. This is done until you reach the pinnacle.  

At the top, after getting your hands dirty with another few ads, you will find a very narrow path along a wall. As you move along this path, there are also going to be Taken explosions along the vertical wall. These explosions are there to push you over the edge and kill you, but do not take the bait. This here is a test of your patience. Read the patterns, wait out the explosions, and then move when you get the chance to.  

Past this path, you will find yet another elevator. Going up this elevator, you will finally reach your last encounter in the Shattered Throne dungeon.  

Dul Incaru – The Final Boss

The Shattered Throne presents an exciting and grand boss fight towards the end, that is a test of your power level as much as it is of your skills. The main boss is named Dul Incaru, with three smaller but difficult-to-kill Hive knights. The encounter goes somewhat like this:  

You first have to go through the three hive knights to get to actually putting some damage on the main boss. Once you kill even a single one of the hive knights, the boss becomes available to fight. You don’t want to be dealing with the boss and two of the knights simultaneously, so it is better to kill them all at once. Also, when you kill a knight, it drops an orb that gives you a great damage boost. This is called the “Finite thought’ buff. With all three of the knights down, you can pick up three orbs and have three times the buff. This is going to help you DPS and take down the boss quicker. To be fair, the boss isn’t that difficult to take down if you and your mates shoot it down together. 

For players that do not have a very good power level, you might not be able to take down the boss in a single damage phase. In this case, a crystal spawns behind the boss that you need to break. Otherwise, it will just simply wipe your team. After breaking the crystal, the knights spawn again and then you have another go at it.   

The final boss of Shattered Throne, Dul Incaru.
The final boss of Shattered Throne, Dul Incaru.
Fighting Dul Incaru.

Completing The Shattered Throne Dungeon

On completing this final boss encounter, you have also completed the dungeon. This dungeon is not an easy challenge and is harder done than said. There will definitely be a lot of difficulties that you will face while playing it as it tends to get very hectic in some of the fights. It also takes quite some time to complete. Following this guide and our tips will certainly make things a little easier for you. For more of such content on Destiny 2 Guides, click here. Your feedback in the comments down below is much appreciated.

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