Gotham Knights Timed Strikes [Explained]

Time your next attack upon making your first contact with the enemy. As hard as it may seem, it is quite simple and easy to master!

Timed strikes Gotham Knights

“Timed Strikes Gotham Knights” is a guide for players with difficulty completing a few game challenges. Particularly the Timed Strikes, which is a simulation that involves interacting with a training dummy.

You can climb the ladder, basically reaching milestones through various Challenges categorized briefly among a few Questlines—for instance, Momentum Ability, Knighthood, Contacts, Harley Quinn, and more. Rewards for completing the challenges come in the form of XP.

The problem with completing “Timed Strikes” is not found within the players but due to vague instructions or hard-to-understand tutorials that make it hard for some players to finish the training. However, there are a few keynotes or methods players can follow to avoid failing.

On the other hand, it is pretty tricky to perform Time Strikes as Red Hood because, being a mid-range character, it’s hard. 

Once the training is over, your character can unlock new abilities later in Gotham Knights.

Key Takeaways

  • Timed Strikes is a training challenge found in the Knighthood Questline.
  • Players are advised not to rush into attacks.
  • Timed Strikes focuses on the timing of your attacks.
  • Once in the training room, hover over to “Advanced Training” and select “Timed Strikes.
  • These strikes inflict more damage on the enemies than a normal melee attack.
  • The Melee strike or attack is Square for PS, Left-Click for PC, and X button for Xbox.
  • If you’re playing Red Hood, you must press the Y button on your Xbox controller.
  • After pressing the melee attack button, press it twice before your attack lands on the dummy.

Timed Strikes Gotham Knights

Advanced Training
You can start training for “Timed Strikes” from the Advanced training option!

As batman says, you need to build momentum and not rush your opponents during a fight. In order to build momentum and practice your melee attacks, head to the training room and select “Timed Strikes.”

The game will take you to a secluded room with a dummy player at the center. For Playstation players, Approach the dummy and press Square on your controller. As soon as your attack is about to hit the dummy, quickly press the Square button on your PS controller to perform a Timed Strike.

If successful, you’ll see the checklist on the top left side of your screen raised by one. For Xbox players, you have to press the X button on your controller and wait for the attack to hit the dummy.

Please note you do not have to wait until your attack lands, but moments before it reaches the body, it is the perfect time to press the X button again. The same notion is applied to PC players, but with different Keys on their Keyboard.

It can be quite hard to land a Timed Strike during training, not that it’s difficult, but because you need practice. However, for some players, luck can play a role. It would be best if you did not confuse that with your skills.

Training Timed Strikes as Red Hood

Timed Strikes
Under the Knighthood Quest, you can practice Timed Strikes! The training varies between the different characters you play. 

Red Hood is a character that uses ranged attacks instead of melee attacks. It would help if you were certain when your attack reached the dummy. Of course, it will be difficult to time strikes with a ranged attack. However, there is a simple method found in the game.

Instead of pressing the Square button on your PS controller, try pressing the Triangle/Y buttons on your Xbox PS controller. Wait for your attack to reach the dummy, and press the Triangle/Y button twice on your designated controller.

If you could time it correctly, you’d notice the checklist rise by a number. You’ll already have developed a pattern to execute the strikes effectively if not.

Another critical factor you should keep in mind is to press the melee attack button once, delay it for a tiny second, and then double-tap it again to perform a Timed Strike. You must perform the move about five times before you are taken back.

If you’re a fan of basketball games, particularly the new NBA 2k23 game, you can associate the timed strikes in Gotham Knights with a power bar for when you time a shot for the hoop. The same concept can be applied here in this game, except these are melee attacks.

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What The Knighthood Questline Offers

Knighthood Questline
The Knighthood Questline offers abilities for your playable characters. For instance, you can unlock the

For players wondering why the Knighthood Questline is unique, it is because of the traversing skills that are unlocked from progressing through the challenges. Players can perform aerial attacks and travel faster in the city.

We all have a knack for speeding things up, which is why finishing the Knighthood questline is crucial. For instance, each character in Gotham Knights has their way of traveling through the city.

For Red Hood, it’s his Mystic Leap. The same goes for Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl, having their methods to travel. All of these characters have different abilities and skills they use to either travel or fight.

On another note, Robin’s Slideways Portal, which he uses to travel, can also be unlocked by finishing the training for Timed Strikes. I mean, it is one of the necessary steps to unlock his gear. The other two involve stopping crimes and defeating mini-bosses.

That ends our guide for Timed Strikes in Gotham Knights. I hope I was clear with the methods and instructions you need to complete the training. You do not need to panic if you can’t do it on your first try. Of course, it requires practice, and for the record, not many players can perform these Timed Strikes on their first try!

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