Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations [Top 15]

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

Each class In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands comes with its own skill tree, class feat, and action skills. At the start, you will be allowed to pick only one primary class. After investing a short time into the campaign, you will again get a chance to choose a secondary class, allowing you to combine it with the primary class and create a hybrid character. This feature offers huge possibilities of playstyles that will enhance the experience of players. Not just that but it welcomes beginner players to create a hybrid class and pursue a character with unique abilities. This calls for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands best class combinations to explore unique characters and explore different playstyles. 

Key Takeaways

  • Gravezerker combines Graveborn and Brr-Zerker, providing a powerful variety of melee and frost damage.
  • Stabzerker combines Stabbomancer and Berzerker to give players the power of melee and frost weapons to obliterate enemies in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
  • Brrbringer combines Brrzerker and Clawbringer to wield the power of melee weapons and progress through Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
  • Gravebringer is a melee-mage-focused character with death magic spells, fire and lightning damage, and a Demi-Lich companion.
  • Sporezerker combines with Brrzerker to provide a unique experience of magical-fantasy action.
  • Spellshot and Brrzerker are two unique and best class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, with Spellshot granting a unique skill tree and Polymorph granting an extra spell-weaving slot.
  • Gravewarden combines Graveborn and Sporewarden for intense action-adventure gameplay.
  • Combining Sporewarden with Clawbringer allows players to gain a unique experience and maximize elemental damage.
  • Stabshot is a unique class combination in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands that excels in critical hits and adds magical and spell-casting characteristics.
  • Gravemancer combines Graveborn and Stabomancer to create a dark assassin character that will stop at nothing and launch deadly strikes.
  • Clawshot is a combination of Clawbringer and Spellshot that allows players to set their own gameplay tone and achieve the ideal experience.
  • Stabwarden and Stabbomancer provide bonus damage and attack styles, making them ideal for action-adventure gameplay.
  • Spellshot and Graveborn are powerful combinations that combine witchcraft with Dark Magic to summon the dead and deal massive damage.
  • Stabbomancer and Clawbringer combine melee-focused classes to create a silent assassin God of War with intense weapon power.
  • Sporwarden and Spellwarden are the most overpowered combination in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, combining magical casting and natural aspects to kill enemies and progress.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

With roughly 16-20 hours of storyline gameplay, players will be able to get their hands on the secondary class option without any trouble. From here on, things get a little bit tricky. As said earlier, it is completely up to players to pick up a class for the ideal character they want to pursue in the game.

But that is not the only aspect they need to look at in the primary and secondary classes. In fact, with the plethora of skill sets and weapons to mix, players receive dozens of deadliest and best class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. 

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Best Class Combinations
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class Combinations

To start things off, players will receive a total of 44 skills points that they need to invest for both primary and secondary classes. It is worth noting that most of these skills points will be taken by the primary class that you will choose earlier in the campaign.

Meanwhile, the rest of the skills points will highly depend on the remaining skills points and the type of secondary class you are stitching with the primary one. For that instance, players will only be able to get a total of 15 class combinations for now. 


The first one on the list of best class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is Gravezerker. This build is a combination of Graveborn and the Brr-Zerker. For players that like to spice things up than just daily killing and looting, Gravezerker is the perfect choice to go for.

As an initial class of Graveborn, your character will be able to utilize the magic side and bring the dead alive with dark magic. Considering the fantasy-action aspects of the game, playing as a magic class is fun. 

Gravezerker Frost Slam
Gravezerker Frost Slam

Meanwhile, the Brrzerker as a second class will aid in melee and frost damage, making Gravezerker a perfect all-rounder for players. Brrzerker is a well-known entry-level class that not only inflicts heavy damage but also mitigates the damage to your character. This class comes with a pair of frost and melee weapons that will stagger heavy enemies while instantly killing frost enemies with over 300% damage boost. 

With both classes combined, you will get a brutal character that utilizes both melee weapons and magic casting to launch out the magic damage to the enemies. One of the best things about this combination is that the Graveborn class will be giving a damage boost by reducing some of the HP.

Meanwhile, death also heals the Brrzerker, making a tricky cycle of immortal character in the battlegrounds. If that does not sound enough, you can definitely consider the Demi-Lich companion with the Graveborn class that will be fighting alongside your unique character. 


The next class combination is Stabzerker, which combines Stabbomancer and Brrzerker for a unique character build. Unlike Gravezerker, this combination puts the prime focus on the Brrzerker. This means players will be putting Stabbomancer as a subclass.

This way, players will be able to yield the massive power of melee and frost weapons to obliterate enemies in the fantasy world of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. 

The main aspect that makes Stabzerker among the best class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the perfect hits on the enemies. For those that are starting new, you will encounter enemies of all kinds.

Some of these foes are slower, thus easy to put down. Meanwhile, in the case of fast action-paced gameplay, you will need more than just damage-inflicting weapons to succeed in the battle. 


This is why exactly we are pairing Brrzerker with Stabbomancer, as the subclass allows players to achieve better critical hits to drain the HP of enemies. The Stabbomancer is a stealth-based class that enables the critical hits for the players. Speaking of stealth action, the class will also focus on melee weapons and uncovering the weaknesses of the enemies. This feature of the class grants players a 30% chance to gain the critical hits during the battle. 

Players that intend to play stealth-focused gameplay can greatly benefit from the Stabzerker. Meanwhile, the primary class of Brrzerker will aid in heavy damage attacks of melee and frost weapons.

This will greatly come in handy when players are exposed to the threat and need to infiltrate before the cavalry arrives. 

With Brrzerker as the main class, you can enjoy Rage of the Ancients in the Action Skill slot to become an energetic killing machine. This is because this skill will grant a unique ability to go full insanity mode and gain a Frost damage boost in the attacks. Although, this unique ability lasts for a certain time. But the amount of damage your character will be dealing with is straight off the charts. 

On the other side, Stabbomancer also brings melee with a prime Action Skill of Ghost Blade. This skill merges perfectly with the Brrzerker to enable players to spin the Ghost Blade inflicting massive damage in its vicinity. Plus, adding this class as secondary for Fatemaker will also promote more survivability and stealth movement buffs. 


Brrbringer is another famous and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands best class combination. This merges the famous Brrzerker and Clawbringer to wield the massive power of melee weapons and progress through the game. As you might already be aware that Brrzerker comes with melee and Cyro Frost attacks, players will not have to worry about killing multiple enemies in the area. 


Although Brrzerker is only focused on the Cyro damage. Players can spice things up with the massive melee arsenal of Clawbringer. These weapons will yield fire and lightning damage. Clawbringer will be the second class for your character.

With that, you will be able to use a mighty hammer that can register both slamming and lightning damage. According to the lore, Clawbringer is able to wield the power of Hephaestus, which grants him the attack power of fire. Meanwhile, the ability to cast the lighting comes from the God of War. Thor. 

Combining these with your favorite Action Skill, you will get a powerful character that can deal huge damage with both melee, fire, and lightning damage. The cherry on top is that you will be able to achieve good AoE damage while playing as Brrbringer. Moreover, you will also be able to use a Wyvern companion that will attack enemies with claws and fire. 


Gravebringer is as badass as it sounds. This combination is melee-mage focused character that will not stop at anything to put an end to the enemies. Graveborn, as you might already know, comes with the ability to cast death magic spells along with fire and lightning damage. This will make your character an overpowered killer with a Demi-Lich companion in the battleground. 

Meanwhile, Clawbringer comes with a massive hammer smashing damage making your character more tanky for the enemies. Clawbringer will also allow players to cast lightning to strike the enemies and decimate them across a wide range. 


You might want to put the Graveborn as the main class for this build. This is because using the magic spells as the main is essential and more powerful than starting with the melee-focused class. After completing the campaign, you can add Clawbringer as your secondary class to gain maximum advantage from the Action Skills and companion it offers.

It is worth noting that companions are always a prominent part of the classes. The big reason behind it is that these side warriors will greatly contribute to rendering the enemies and taking them out one by one. So make sure to go with the companion that suits best your ideal play style. 


When it comes to the immensely overpowered class combination in the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, then Sporezerker is never an exception. Sporewarden combined with Brrzerker’s unique melee abilities will allow players to gain a unique experience of magical-fantasy action. 

To start things off, you will be using Sporewarden as the main class to gain access to some of the best natural melee action gameplay. Sporewarden comes with the ability to spawn arrows and cast powerful tornadoes that will decimate all kinds of enemies.


In essence, these are the two Action Skills that players will be mostly using throughout the campaign. The Barrage will allow Sporezerker to 7 damage-heavy arrows. Meanwhile, the second skill of Blizzard will summon 3 Frost Cyclones that will freeze the enemies with cyro damage for a certain amount of time. 

Lastly, you will combine Brrzerker as the second class to gain access to the powerful melee weapons and Wyvern Companion. Since Brrzerker already yields frost damage, combining it with the Blizzard Action Skill of Sporezerker will push the Damage Output even further. 


Another unique and best class combination in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is Spellzerker. This brings an addition of a new class Spellshot, which will combine with Brrzerker. As you might have already guessed Spellshot is mage focused character that casts different spells to rip the guts of the enemies.

The character with Spellzerker class will not need any weapons to defeat the enemy. Spellshot grants a unique skill tree to players that will allow them to cast spells at the snap of the fingers and wreak havoc on the enemies. 

Turning Enemies into Skeep with Spellzerker
Turning Enemies into Skeep with Spellzerker

Speaking of the skill tree, Spellshot comes with two Action Skills available for players to enjoy. After putting the Spellshot as the main class of Fatemaker, players will be able to equip Ambi-Hextrous Action Skill to start off the action in battle.

Although, it might seem like a base spell trigger whenever a player presses the Action Skill. However, the spell casting and the amount of damage are definitely worth it in the end. 

Moreover, your players will also be eligible to use Polymorph. This is a must-have Action Skill for the Spellzerker class combination.

In essence, Polymorph will turn your foes into Skeep for a certain period. Skeep is a Polymorph Creature that will give you a significant edge to register some damaging strikes without worrying about counter-attacks from the enemy. 

Unfortunately, some enemies will be immune to this spell which will increase the trouble for you. But the game mechanics will immediately grant you an extra spellweaving slot whenever an enemy is immune to the Polymorph. If this still does not amuse players, then you should definitely consider it for the Brrzerker class. 

Brrzerker will provide ample resources of melee arsenal. This way you can easily make your way out of the tense situations in the battle. Although, this build might look unrelated to the completely combining mage and melee-focused class. But in the end, the Damage Output is always worth it. 


Gravewarden brings two of the best classes together. Graveborn and Sporewarden for an intense and potent action-adventure gameplay for players. Players that are having a hard time dealing with the intense battle must definitely consider Gravewarden for the ideal weapons and abilities. 

Players will have to start off as the Graveborn as the base class to quickly get their hands on the spells of dark magic and the Demi-Lich companion. To progress in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands fantasy world, you will be employing the strongest Action skills like Dire Sacrifice.

As said earlier in the combinations, this skill will enable players to drain some of their character’s HP and invest it to cast the dark magic. 

Gravewarden in Action
Gravewarden in Action

On the other side, Sporewarden will serve as the second class for your character build pushing the boundaries of resistance and inflicting more damage during battle.

As said earlier, Sporewarden is all about utilizing natural abilities and throwing away enemies with powerful tornadoes blow. Even better is the AoE for the tornadoes that will decimate or stagger a large pool of enemies. 

In the end, playing as a Gravewarden is definitely worth it. With the sacrifice of health to render the enemies useless and powerful and wide-range tornadoes, players have a list of damaging attacks to succeed and progress in the battle. 


You can also combine Sporewarden with Clawbringer to get one of the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands best class combinations to date. This is because most players pursue weapons or abilities to gain a unique experience in the playthrough. Sporebringer does exactly what players demand ensuring a balance between weapons and other deadly abilities from the characters. 

Thanks to mother nature, Sporewarden specializes in calling in tornadoes and shooting multiple arrows. With the cluster of arrows and a massive tornado with a remarkable Area of Effect, players will not need anything else to put down any kind of opponent. 

Sporebringer Companion
Sporebringer Companion

Meanwhile, Sporewarden will also offer players a Mushroom Companion to fight alongside your Fatemaker. This companion will inflict poison damage to your foes, allowing you to focus on the objectives. On the other side, you will be using Clawbringer as a secondary class and put the fire and lightning-smashing damage to your advantage. 

Another prominent reason for combining Sporewarden with Clawbringer is the number of elemental damage characters will inflict through the second class. Clawbringer will support your unique character with melee weapons that are tanky enough to dodge right through the enemies. Additionally, you have the choice to bring any of the companions from both classes. 


As we move forward, we get to see new classes and combinations that are arguably the best class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. One of them also includes Stabshot for their ideal playthrough in the game. Stabshot comes with a huge potential of weapons and the character’s abilities to become a prominent warrior of the battleground. 

For that instance, players must start with Stabomancer, a unique assessing character that excels in the critical hits to drain all the HP. Stabomancer does not lack any abilities to infiltrate the locations and discovers the enemy’s weakness before making the strike.

On top of that, this class brings a dirty Ghost Blade that is overpowered to spin and slice through enemies. You can also teleport this blade to the required location by pressing the Action Skill button.

Stabshot in Action
Stabshot in Action

Apart from Stabomancer, Spellshot adds magical and spell-casting characteristics to the combination. Magic is always known to spice things up in the gameplay and dominate your character the gameplay. Especially, if you plan to co-op with friends, Spellshot is known for its remarkable performance in survival and dealing heavy damage. 

Spellshot will also add buffs to your spell attacks. These buffs will not drain your HP during the spell casting, thus giving you the leverage to get a fast-action experience. At the same time, you will also be able to get critical hits with 30% more crits chance from Stabomancer. 


If the mage-melee builds still do not satisfy you, Gravemancer is another entry for the most powerful combination in the game. Gravemancer combines the potent Graveborn with Stabomancer. Some players might think of the most unusual combination as Graveborn is solely a necromancer of sacrifices a character’s life.

Meanwhile, the Stabbomance also relies on HP for gaining accurate critical strikes and assassin skills. However, once you combine these powerful classes, players receive Gravemancer to take out in the wild adventurous world. 

Gravemancer in Stealth Action
Gravemancer in Stealth Action

But first, you will need to start with Graveborn class to get your hands on the necromancer abilities to call the dead and sacrifice your own health to cast magic. The campaign will mostly focus on the dark magic until you reach the very end. However, one thing to note is that you must consider Demi-Lich as the companion among the top Action Skills of Reaper of Bones and Dire Sacrifice. 

Combining it with Stabomancer will yield promising results of becoming a murderer in the cartoonish face of the brutal world. Stabomancer is a subclass, that will only offer critical buffs from melee weapons. Both combined will result in a dark assassin character that will stop at nothing and launches deadly strikes. 


The main purpose of the combination is to ease the players to set their own gameplay tone and achieve the ideal experience. There is no limitation on weapons and other resources in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This brings us to another entry in best class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Clawshot is the combination of Clawbringer and Spellshot. Combining these classes will produce a massively tanky character that can defeat any kind of enemy.

For that instance, players must main as the Spellshot for unique magical spells. Progress through the gameplay with spells that can turn enemies into Skeep instantly.

After that, you can make a final strike of raining hell to kill the enemies. Playing as the Spellshot might require a little practice. This is because the class is designed for players that have little to no problem with survival in RPGs. In most games, players are always sacrificing something to gain an advantage in the battle. 

Clawshot in Action
Clawshot in Action

Spellshot follows a similar pattern of dishing out huge damage but also drains the ward that does not recharge. However, you can still recharge it after progressing the campaign and putting Spellweaving as the Class Feat. 

Next, you will be adding Clawbringer after the campaign. Clawbringer will assist players to benefit from the fire and lightning damage. Yielding the power of God is extremely worth it when you face trouble with some of the strenuous enemies in the game. In the end, Clawshot will put up a good balance experience of melee and magic. 


Stabwarden will push the boundaries of action-adventure gameplay with maximum crits and sifting weapons. Thanks to the Sporewarden and Stabbomancer, players will receive bonus damage and attack styles that are a must-try in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. 

All you need is to start things off with the Sporewarden. Calling in the natural abilities of tornadoes to tear apart enemies and then showering multiple arrows are always fatal during battle. For that instance, players will not have any problem making the enemies useless as corpses. 

Stabwarden Spinning Blade
Stabwarden Spinning Blade

Meanwhile, the subclass of Stabbomancer is going to contribute the critical hits of over 30%. Stabbomancer dives deeper into the enemies’ weakness and then makes the move to murder them. Both classes combined will be so much useful for an ideal playthrough. You can easily switch to stealth action from Stabbomancer to tornado-blowing murdering maniac that yields the power of mother nature. 


Next is the Spellshot and Graveborn to rank top on the list of powerful combinations in the game. Combine the power of witchcraft with Dark Magic to summon the dead and use them in a battle of your own. Spellshot being the spell focused and Graveborn for necromancer will produce a mage expert to keep the distance and deal massive damage on the enemies. 

Spellshot will not only use the spells as the arsenal. The class also gives players a weapon to make out of tense situations. Firstly character abilities can render the enemies useless. After that players have a choice to either spare some of the enemies or tear them down with the gun.



The subclass that you will be using is Graveborn which also focuses on necromancer abilities to cast spells and dark magic. With the Demi-Lich companions on the side, your character is unstoppable in the battleground. As a combination, you must make use of the Dire Sacrifice Action Skill from the Graveborn. Sacrificing some portion of your character’s health will pay off huge damages as well as some relief in an intense battle. 


Stabbomancer and Clawbringer are a hard miss in the list of best class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. In this case, you will be combining melee-focused classes to produce a silent assassin God of War with intense weapon power. Remember, you are combining two melee niches.

For that instance, you do not have to pursue playthrough in the same niche as you can switch the Class Feat and Action Skills easily. 


Putting Clawbringer as the main class will push the character stats to God’s level. Your character will walk out of the battle without a scratch. Thanks to the huge hammer with claws, players can burn the enemies to a crisp with both lightning and fire damage.

The cherry on top is that you do not have to stay close to the enemies. All you need to do is to keep your distance and cast all the lighting strikes from the skies onto the enemies on the ground. 

Stabbomancer is all about the critical hits chance of 30% and stealth melee action. You can infiltrate a large pool of enemies without breaking a battle. Stabbomancer will point out the enemies’ weaknesses. After that, you can use the Action Skills to do the dirty work of killing the foes. 


Last but not least, Sporwarden is the top overpowered combination players can get in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Spellshot and Sporewarden make use of the magical casting and natural aspects to use them against the bloodthirsty monsters in the game. This deadly build will gain power from both melee and mage skills to kill the enemies and progress further in the playthrough. 

Sporewarden has the honor to be the main class of the combination because of the critical hits gained from burst shots from weapons. As said above, the Sporewarden skill tree involves burst shots of arrows and powerful tornadoes that will decimate enemies and their plans. 


On the other side, Spellshot brings the magical spells and a gun to the arsenal collection. Spellshot is always a fun entry in the classes and combining it with Sporewarden will dish out a unique experience. Upon the combination, players can have fun turning enemies into Skeep and then pushing them into a tornado. 

Final Words

There is always room for creativity in the combinations. But as said earlier, your creativity depends on your playthrough choices and weapons that fit best for your class. You can continue to explore by mixing and matching these class combinations. 

That is about it for the list of class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Do you find this guide helpful in achieving your ideal class combination in the game? What is your go-to build in the list of top 15 class combinations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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