Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: 15 Best Weapons + Locations

Best Tiny Tina Weapons and where to find them. Including SMGs, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and others.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands best Weapons and where to find them. Including SMGs, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and others.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a spin-off of the Borderlands series, offers an abundance of loot, with legendary items standing out as top-tier choices. These weapons often come with unique abilities and enhanced damage, making them sought after by players.

It’s important to note that weapon preferences can vary among players due to different playstyles and builds.

These weapons are the opinion of the writer and may vary from player to player. Each weapon has abilities that alter their stats; hence it may not gel with all playstyles. However, here are a few of the absolute Best Weapons that are absolutely worthwhile regardless of your class and build.

Key Takeaways

15 Best Tiny Tina Weapons and what they offer:

  1. Masterwork Handbow excels at taking out groups with critical hits and headshots.
  2. Goblin Pickaxe boosts gold gain, movement speed, and cooldowns.
  3. Shadowfire SMG, obtained in the Chaos Chamber, offers high fire rate and accuracy.
  4. Reign of Arrows is a legendary shotgun with circular arrow firing.
  5. Lil K’s Bread Slicer (Assault Rifle) boasts high accuracy and fire rate, plus a critical hit chance buff.
  6. Liquid Cooling Skuldigger pistol deals sustained damage to frozen enemies.
  7. Wizard’s Pipe is versatile for mobbing and bossing, summoning elemental orbs.
  8. Crossblade shoots two elemental projectiles for dealing with enemy mobs.
  9. Blue Cake rocket launcher deals massive damage, especially against shields.
  10. Pincushion is a powerful melee weapon that synergizes with guns and Elemental Effects.
  11. AUTOMAGIC.EXE Stoker pistol has high fire rate and damage but poor accuracy.
  12. Manual Transmission increases fire rate with mode changes.
  13. Envy, a legendary Blackpowdered sniper rifle, favors critical shots.
  14. Delugeon works best with other Lightning Damage weapons.
  15. The top weapon is Live Wire, chaining lightning damage to all enemies.

Our Weapon Picks And Comparison

Here is a summary and comparison table for the best Weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland.

1Masterwork Handbow (Pistol)BlackpowderPistolLegendaryNone
2Goblin Pickaxe (Melee)KleaveMelee WeaponLegendaryFire, lightning, poison, frost, dark magic, or none
3Shadowfire(SMG)FerioreSubmachine gunLegendaryFire, Dark, Magic
4Reign of Arrows(Shotgun)BlackpowderShotgunLegendaryNone
5Lil K’s Bread Slicer (Assault Rifle)StokerAssault Rifle
LegendaryFire, lightning, poison, frost, dark magic, or none
6Liquid Cooling (Pistol)SkulduggerPistolLegendary
7Wizard’s Pipe(SMG)HyperiusSubmachine gun
LegendaryFire, Lightning, Poison, Frost or Dark Magic
8Crossblade (Shotgun)BlackpowderShotgun
Any two
9Bluecake(Rocket Launcher)SkulduggerRocket LauncherLegendaryLightning
Melee WeaponLegendaryFire, Lightning, Poison, Frost, Dark Magic, or None
11AUTOMAGIC.exe(Pistol)StokerPistolLegendaryFire, Lightning, Poison, Frost, or Dark Magic
12Manual Transmission(Assault Rifle)StokerAssault RifleLegendaryFire, Lightning, Poison, Frost , Dark Magic or None
13Envy(Sniper Rifle)Black powderSniper RifleLegendaryPoison
14Twisted Delugeon (Heavy Weapon)StokerRocket LauncherLegendaryNone
15Live Wire (SMG)DahliaSubmachine GunLegendaryLightning

Masterwork Handbow (Pistol)

NameMasterwork Handbow (Pistol)
GameTiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The Masterwork Handbow pistol is a standout weapon known for its remarkable features:

  1. Single-bolt Clip: Only one bolt in the clip at a time.
  2. High Base Damage: Impressive base damage output.
  3. Ammo Refund on Critical Hit: Landing a critical hit refunds the ammo, eliminating the need for reloading.
  4. Multi-Bolt Shot: Fires six additional bolts that home in on the enemy hit by the critical shot.
  5. Ideal for Critical Hit Builds: Perfect for players focusing on critical hits and accurate headshots.
  6. Effective Against Groups: Excellent for taking out groups of enemies.

To acquire the Masterwork Handbow, farming the Shrine Piece – Grindanna is your best option, although some players have reported random enemy drops for this exceptional pistol.

Goblin Pickaxe (Melee)

Goblin Pickaxe
NameGoblin Pickaxe (Melee)
TypeMelee Weapon
ElementFire, lightning, poison, frost, dark magic, or none

Tiny Tina`s Wonderland introduces melee Weapons to the Borderlands formula that, similar to the game`s guns, are available in a variety of rarities. In an obvious attempt to make a very good first impression, the dev’s made one of the game’s earliest melee weapons one of the best weapons in the game to have in your arsenal.

Each hit spawns gold, so not only does the player deal damage to their enemies, but they also get paid for it. As the player picks up gold that drops, their movement speed increases, Spell Cooldown lowers, and the Action Skill Cooldown rate also lowers.

A fantastic co-op weapon as well, the Goblin Pickaxe is farmed at Mount Craw’s “Ancient Obelisk” by fighting Pigwart.

Shadowfire (SMG)

ElementFire, Dark, Magic

Some weapons have unique and exciting reload animations, making the gameplay more engaging. One of the standout weapons in the game is the Shadowfire SMG, known for its unexpected reload benefit:

  • The Shadowfire SMG shoots explosive balls that explode into a hellfire pillar. When it hits or eliminates an enemy, the next shot becomes faster. Its reload animation transforms it into a dark magic grenade.

The Shadowfire SMG is considered one of the best weapons in the game due to its impressive stats:

  • High rate of fire (6.37) and decent accuracy.
  • While it has unusual spray patterns, with practice, it becomes a devastating weapon.

To acquire the Shadowfire SMG, the most reliable method is through the Chaos Chamber or as a world drop.

Reign of Arrows (Shotgun)

Reign of Arrows 
NameReign of Arrows(Shotgun)

When it comes to legendary shotguns, Reign of Arrows is an incredible item. When the player needs to get up close and in person, look no further.

What makes it stand out is that it fires all six shots in its magazine in one trigger pull, and each of the shots can do 460 damage. It’s amazing when it comes to clearing waves of enemies out.

It also has a special ability, to fire arrows in a circle. Every enemy within the circle gets damaged, making it yet another reason why this gun stands out.

It isn’t clear where this is farmed; some have said Chaos Chamber, while others say it’s a world drop.

Lil K’s Bread Slicer (Assault Rifle)

Lil K’s Bread Slicer 
NameLil K’s Bread Slicer (Assault Rifle)
TypeAssault Rifle
ElementFire, lightning, poison, frost, dark magic, or none

Assault Rifles are awesome in this game, and the Bread Slicer is no exception. Lil K’s Bread Slicer uses three ammo per shot but fires a trio of saw blades. They each hit for about 119 damage, and it has a fantastic magazine (66).

With high accuracy and an incredibly high rate of fire (6.37s), it’s going to absolutely melt foes. The saws can also hit multiple targets, since they keep going, bouncing off of the grounds and walls. The Bread Slicer will consistently come with a Gun Damage and Fire Rate bonus, and is guaranteed to have a 150% Critical Hit Chance buff.

Sadly, it’s a World Drop, so it cannot simply be farmed when it comes to boss encounters. Some have said it drops in Haunted Castle, however.

Liquid Cooling (Pistol)

Liquid Cooling 
NameLiquid Cooling (Pistol)

The Liquid Cooling Skuldigger pistol is a monster of a weapon. It’s a crit machine and can deal infinitely sustained damage if you’re good at maintaining those critical hits. It only comes in the Frost element, but it’s one of the better elements in the game because of its ability to slow and completely freeze opponents. Frozen enemies are susceptible to more damage, so sustained fire against frozen enemies with this already high-damaging pistol makes this an all-rounder.

To obtain this weapon, you can get it as a World Drop or by farming the Ancient Obelisk enemy— Lissia, Iron-Wrought— in the Crackmast Cove region.

Wizard’s Pipe (SMG)

Wizards Pipe
NameWizard’s Pipe(SMG)
TypeSubmachine gun
ElementFire, Lightning, Poison, Frost or Dark Magic

The Wizard’s Pipe is an SMG that can come in any element but has a special ability where it summons elemental orbs. These orbs shoot out of the gun and correspond to the weakness of the current enemy you’re shooting, making it a versatile mobbing and bossing weapon. Its only con is that the projectiles shot from the gun aren’t hitscan, making it harder to shoot at agile or flying enemies.

This gun can be acquired by farming the Parasite boss in the Tangledrift region. You’ll have to complete the “Walk the Stalk” quest before being able to fight it.

Crossblade (Shotgun)

NameCrossblade (Shotgun)

The Crossblade is another exceptional weapon, known for its unique properties:

  • The Crossblade is a Blackpowder (Jakobs) shotgun that fires energy waves.
  • Despite being labeled as dealing Dark Magic damage, it actually shoots two elemental projectiles: one Dark Magic and another of any other elemental type.
  • These projectiles follow an X trajectory and are highly effective, particularly against groups of enemies.

To obtain the Crossblade, it can be acquired as a World Drop, but it has a significantly higher drop chance when defeating Gloopathoth, a secret boss found exclusively in the Chaos Chambers. This distinctive shotgun offers a powerful and versatile option for players to tackle various challenges in the game.

Blue Cake (Rocket Launcher)

Blue Cake
NameBluecake(Rocket Launcher)
TypeRocket Launcher

For all the Borderlands 3 fans out there, the coveted Revenge of the Cartels Yellowcake is back! Now named the Blue Cake, this fires a lobbed, explosive projectile that splits into multiple projectiles in its flight path. How cool is that! It deals massive damage but is maximized if you shoot at a range where the projectile count reaches its maximum. As far as it is known right now, this only seems to come in the Shock element. Being particularly strong against shields.

You can get the weapon through Chaos chambers. To increase your chances, just invest all of your crystals into the rocket launcher. You can also get it as a weapon drop as well.

Pincushion (Melee)

TypeMelee Weapon
ElementFire, Lightning, Poison, Frost, Dark Magic, or None

A melee hammer, the Pincushion is a weapon best synergized with guns like the Sapsucker, where for each Crossbolt stuck into an enemy as your melee them, your attacks deal a percentage more damage. Particularly with an Elemental Effect imbued, like Frost or Dark Magic, that can immediately weaken/slow your enemies, and you’ll be unstoppable even at close quarters. And this melee weapon compliments the Brr-Zerker and their Action Skills excellently.

Unfortunately, the Pincushion doesn’t have a specific farming location, so the best thing to do is wait until the end of the game when you unlock the Chaos Chamber.

AUTOMAGIC.exe (Pistol)

ElementFire, Lightning, Poison, Frost, or Dark Magic

The AUTOMAGIC.exe is a unique and powerful Stoker pistol in Borderlands 3 that offers some distinctive features:

  • It belongs to the Stoker class, characterized by a high rate of fire.
  • After a recent buff, the damage output of this pistol is exceptionally high.

The key feature of the AUTOMAGIC.exe is its dual firing modes:

  1. Normal Shooting Mode: In the default mode, it functions as a typical pistol, firing shots at a high rate of fire.
  2. Tracker Dart Mode: The second firing mode allows you to fire a tracker dart at an enemy. Once the tracker dart sticks to the enemy, any shots you fire will home in on that specific target, even if they are behind cover.

However, this weapon has a drawback:

  • The accuracy of the AUTOMAGIC.exe is poor, with a random spray pattern, making it most effective at close range, unless you have used the tracker dart.

To acquire or farm the AUTOMAGIC.exe, head to Weepwild Dankness – The Corrupted Heard and face off against the boss Banshee. The fast travel station is conveniently located near the boss’s location, reducing travel time. Be prepared for multiple attempts to obtain this unique and potent pistol.

Manual Transmission (Assault Rifle)

Manual Transmission 
NameManual Transmission(Assault Rifle)
TypeAssault Rifle
ElementFire, Lightning, Poison, Frost , Dark Magic or None

Manual Transmission operates in a fashion typical for weapons manufactured by Skuldugger as it quickly overheats and breaks. In normal firing mode, only the upper rotating barrel is used. Changing firing mode right before the weapon breaks increases its fire rate and prevent it from breaking. Mode change, when executed correctly, increases the weapon’s fire rate. This can be repeated a number of times, increasing the fire rate drastically with each change in modes.

It is obtained as a rare drop from Vorcanar in Mount Craw.

Envy (Sniper Rifle)

NameEnvy(Sniper Rifle)
ManufacturerBlack powder
TypeSniper Rifle

Envy, a legendary Blackpowdered sniper rifle in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, is among the best weapons known for its synergy with critical shots. Here are its notable features:

  • Envy inflicts three pools of poison under the enemy with each critical hit, making it highly effective against foes.
  • Additionally, the weapon can ricochet dark magic bullets into enemies with critical hits, providing an excellent tool for dealing with groups of enemies.

However, there’s a downside to Envy:

  • It excels primarily with critical hits, and its performance with body shots or regular shots is comparatively weaker.

To obtain Envy, players can find it randomly from various loot sources, but there’s an increased chance to acquire it from King Q’urub Hullsunder, a boss located in the Drowned Abyss. This unique sniper rifle can significantly enhance your combat capabilities when used strategically.

Delugeon (Heavy Weapon)

Twisted Delugeon 
NameTwisted Delugeon (Heavy Weapon)
TypeRocket Launcher

The Coiled Captors DLC for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has brought plenty of fun new things to the game. The Delugeon Legendary weapon is one of them. This heavy weapon has an interesting concept. Firing it “soaks” an enemy, coating them in a layer of water. While this effect lasts, if you hit them with fire from the gun’s Lightning Twister Rocket mode, the lightning will interact with the “soaked” effect and dish out extra damage.

While this is cool, the soaked effect is honestly better combined with other Lightning Damage weapons such as the Live Wire.

This Legendary is not a world drop. To get it, farm the Chums boss fight in Dreamveil Overlook or use the Wheel of Fate. Players can also obtain it from the Chaos Chamber.

Live Wire (SMG)

Live Wire |
Courtesy: Borderlands Fandom
NameLive Wire (SMG)
TypeSubmachine Gun

This gun literally shoots out a stream of lightning which deals very decent damage on the enemies. It melts their armor quicker, but the most overpowered thing about this weapon is that the lightning actually chains to all the enemies around you.

So instead of shooting just one enemy, you are shooting the whole bunch at the same time. The art design is a great addon to the pleasing visuals of this gun, especially during a fire. Also, while holding the Live Wire, every 2nd Melee Strike zaps the target for 1s, dealing Lighting Melee Damage.

To acquire the Live Wire, players can obtain it as a world drop through vendors and bunnies after successful chaos chamber runs. While there is no dedicated loot source for farming the Live Wire, the best approach is to participate in chaos chamber runs like the cash chamber, collect crystals, and invest them in the SMG barfing bunny to increase your chances of obtaining this formidable weapon.

That’s it for this article; we hope this helped decide the Best Weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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