Top 10 New Games of October 2020

Hey gamers , in this Top 10 video about the new games coming this October 2020 you’ll be glad to hear that October looks set to have a great level of quality when it comes to fresh new titles , We have modern takes on old classics, we have a new season for a game that has taken the world by storm and we have a potential blockbuster that looks set to revolutionize gaming through the use of AI. September was a crazy month that offered a number of great new titles for us to sink our teeth into. There was nostalgia, new RPGS and nuanced walking puzzlers but October seems like it will top even that. It’s such a jam-packed list this October that we can’t even fit everything we want into a top ten list. So prepare for a few honorable mentions coming your way. But before we jump into the video be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any of this content, it really helps us out and we really appreciate it. Though enough stalling, let’s jump right into it. Here are our top ten new games of October 2020. #TopOctober2020Games #TopNewOctober2020Games #VeryAli

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