Top 6 Diablo Immortal BEST PVP Class


Diablo Immortal is one of the most thrilling action RPG games ever released. This title was produced by the renowned Blizzard Entertainment and is a massive online multiplayer-based game. As the name suggests, it takes place in a demonic universe where you have to defeat monsters to level up and gain strength. However, monsters aren’t the only beings you fight.

Being an online multiplayer game, you can challenge other players to duels and partake in the PVP actions. This game also has several classes you can choose from to match your playstyle, and every class has its advantages and disadvantages; some excel in pure raw damage while others are best at crowd control. But today, we will discuss the best class to PVP with in Diablo Immortal, so let’s get into it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Diablo Immortal offers classes with different advantages and disadvantages.
  • The Barbarian class is the best class for PVP due to its high damage, AOE damage, mobility, and agility.
  • The Crusader class is the second-best class for PVP, offering AOE damage, crowd control, and versatility in fights.
  • The Necromancer class is a community favorite in PVE, but not suitable for PVP due to its lack of damage and mobility.
  • The Wizard class is an underrated option, requiring effort to perform correctly, with a good amount of damage, mobility, and AOE skills.
  • The Monk class is good at hit-and-run strategy, mobility, and AOE attacks but weak in dealing damage to single targets.
  • The Demon Hunter class in Diablo Immortal is not recommended for PVP due to its lack of durability, AOE damage, and sustain during fights. 
  • The list of best PVP classes is based on the current meta and how the classes perform in PVP as of now.

Here is a summary table for the Best PvP Class in Diablo Immortal:

1Barbarian ClassHammer of the Ancients
Undying Rage
2Crusader ClassSpinning Shield
Draw and Quarter
3Necromancer ClassBone Wall
Bone Spikes
Dark Curse
4Wizard ClassTeleport
Black Hole
Ice Armor
5Monk ClassFlying Kick
Mystic Strike
Flying Dragon
6Demon Hunter ClassSentry
Daring Swing

Talking about both the PVP and PVE, they are very different in terms of team scenarios, and overall, PVP is more chaotic than PVE.

While some classes like the demon hunter might be the best for PVE against single-target demons, they are not as strong in PVP because of their low durability or lack of damage.

Barbarian Class

The Barbarian Class In Diablo Immortal
Barbarian Class

The best class to PVP with in Diablo immortal would be the Barbarian class. Barbarians are one of the strongest, quite possibly the most robust class in the game with their high amount of damage and significant AOE damage.

They are closed ranged, but that is made up for with this class’s mobility; it can quickly close the distance against fast enemies and do massive damage. The PVP aspect of the game relies heavily on mobility around the map, and this class exceeds every other class in that with its high mobility and agility. With all-around good skills and attributes, this class is perfect for PVP and easy to master.

We would recommend the following skills for the best barbarian builds


  1. Hammer of the Ancients
  2. Sprint
  3. Undying Rage

Crusader Class

The Crusader Class In Diablo Immortal
Crusader Class

Moving forward, the crusader class is the second best class to PVP. This class has a massive amount of AOE damage which can be very useful in team fights, not to mention it also comes with good crowd control abilities, which puts this class in a league of its own. While being excellent fighters, they also serve as suitable supports and can help their teams when necessary.

On top of all the damage and Crowd control abilities, this class also has a good defense and a great getaway with its horse ability, through which it can manage to leave fights to heal off the damage taken. With all these pros, it rounds off as one of the best classes to PVP with because of its versatility in fights.

We would recommend the following skills for the best Crusader builds


  1. Spinning Shield
  2. Draw and Quarter
  3. Condemn

Necromancer Class

The Necromancer Class In Diablo Immortal
Necromancer Class

The necromancer is a close third on this list. This class is a community favorite in the PVE, but it is an entirely different story in PVP. It is still good as a class overall, but it has no damage and is usually only best as a support role. With its extraordinary AOE abilities and crowd control, it can support like no other class in the game, and that’s why players like to be around this class; on top of that, it can also summons its minions for additional damage.

However, this class lacks in the mobility department, which, previously said, is very crucial for the game. Looking at the game’s meta right now, this class lacks in PVP entirely because of its one-on-one damage and lack of mobility.

We would recommend the following skills for the best Necromancer build


  1. Bone Wall
  2. Bone Spikes
  3. Dark Curse

Wizard Class

The Wizard Class In Diablo Immortal
Wizard Class

Coming in at number four, we have a very underrated class, The wizard. This class doesn’t get much attention but is a compelling option overall. Players usually don’t know how to play this class as it takes time to get the entire wizard build and requires a lot of effort to get this class to perform correctly. This class also has an insane amount of damage which decimates the opponents to the point where it rivals the barbarian’s damage.

While having good single target damage, it also doesn’t lack in the AOE damage with its skills. It also can move around the map with its teleport skill which makes it so good because the teleport has multiple charges. Overall this class is very underplayed and underrated; we recommend you to check it out because it is potent.

We would recommend the following skills for the best Wizard build


  1. Teleport
  2. Black Hole
  3. Ice Armor

Monk Class

The Monk Class In Diablo Immortal
Monk Class

Now let’s talk about the monk class, which comes at number five on this list. Players love the monk class, and it is one of the most played classes in PVE and PVP. It is a melee class and is good at many things, such as the hit-and-run strategy. It can quickly move in and out of fights and make good AOE attacks and dip out to heal the damage taken.

That’s why the monk class shines because of its mobility. Even though the monk has good AOE attacks and mobility, it is the worst in dealing damage to single targets. It can also be played as support but considering team play is not meta at the moment, it is pretty weak.

We would recommend the following skills for the best Monk build


  1. Flying Kick
  2. Mystic Strike
  3. Flying Dragon

Demon Hunter Class

The Demon Hunter Class In Diablo Immortal
Demon Hunter Class

Lastly, The worst class to PVP with is the Demon Hunter Class. Even though the Demon hunter can dish out a good amount of damage to single targets, it doesn’t get further into fights because of its durability. Although it has perfect mobility and can swing around the map, the lack of AOE damage and sustain during fights makes it very bad in PVP. We would not recommend this class for PVP.

We would recommend the following skills for the best Demon Hunter build


  1. Sentry
  2. Daring Swing
  3. Multishot

This covers the entirety of the Diablo Immortal Best PVP Class list with all the classes mentioned alongside their spot on the list. This list is based off of the current meta and how the classes perform in PVP as of now.

Hopefully our guide to the best PVP class was beneficial for you and it helps you in making your own build with one of the recommended classes. You can also check out our other Guides on Diablo immortal such as the Demon Gates and Legendary Items. Good luck in defeating monsters and your online foes! 🙂

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