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A comprehensive guide covering all the best Armors in Tears of the Kingdom.

Best Armor Tears of Kingdom
Best Armor

Are you also curious about the best armor in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom? Then your wait ends here as we are going to detail down the best and top armor in the Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways

Best Tears of the Kingdom Armors Include:

  1. Zonaite Armor is best to use if you want to enhance the efficiency of Zonai devices.
  2. Climb up freely without fear of falling or losing grip by equipping Froggy Armor.
  3. Zora Armor is the best armor with respect to swimming
  4. Frostbite Armor can protect you in freezing weather.
  5. Ember armor is perfect for warm weather.
  6. Hylian armor is a great choice for the early stages.

Tears of the Kingdom Best Armors & Comparison

No.ArmorBest UsagePriceDefense (level 1)
1Zonaite ArmorEnhance Energy Efficiency107
2Froggy ArmorBoost Slip Resistance105
3Zora ArmorEnhance Swimming Speed505
4Frostbite ArmorBoost Attack Power in Cold Weather104
5Ember ArmorEnhance Attack in Warm Climates6002
6Hylian ArmorEasily replaced by better armor703

Zonaite Armor

Zonaite Armor Set
Zonaite Armor (Image Credits: Lootward)

The Zonai devices are of great help in the Tears of the Kingdom as the open world is vast enough, so navigation becomes a necessity, and that is where these devices can provide great assistance. In this regard,

Zonaite Armor is the best armor as it can make the working of this device more efficient. Another plus point is that your defensive statistics go up to 84 when you equip all pieces of Zonaite Armor.

This includes Waistguard, Shin Guards, and Helm.


  1. For the Zonaite Waistguard, head to the Forge Island, in the East Necluda Sky. Then you will have to use the Paraglider and wind turrets to reach the height as the wind that is in the upward direction will push you in that direction as well and then to the pool by going through the tunnel.
  2. On reaching there, you will get the Yansamin Shrine, but that’s not where the armor is. Furthermore, there will be a lava surface, and just right, there will be a wall. Now climb it up, and then you can use the Ascend ability to enter the secret area, And there will be a chest box containing Zonaite Wasitguard. This will enhance the working of zonai devices.
  3. Now, moving to the Shin Guards for this, you will have to go to the Sky Mine in Alaska Sea Sky, and the coordinates are 4490, 2102, and 1155). You will have to reach the island floating in the sky with the help of a launcher.
  4. Upon reaching, you will have to spin the wheel anticlockwise, and then you will have to reach another Island by using the same launcher technique. Now this time, keep turning the wheel until it faces the globe or sphere-like structure above, And then fire a block to be placed inside the platform in this sphere.
  5. Now, you will have to follow it and initiate the rotation by placing the block on the floor tile. Afterward, you can utilize the Ascend ability to go above and then look for the chest containing the Zonaite Shin Guards.
  6. The Zonaite Helm can be obtained after the following steps: reach the Lightcast Island, which is in the Tabantha Frontier Sky, and then make your way to the tunnel that will appear after dying out the water. Then, you will have to follow another passage after demolishing the stone wall.
  7. Now, by using a light beam, you will be able to move from one island to another and then get the Mirror shield by defeating the enemy. Finally, you can get back on the island and look for the chest.

Froggy Armor

Froggy Armor Set
Froggy Armor

Climbing in the Tears of the Kingdom won’t get on your nerves anymore as the Froggy armour set is another best armour that assists you in climbing. Sometimes it becomes hard for players to have a good grip on a wet area,

But now it won’t bother you if you are equipped with this armour set. It includes: Sleeves, Leggings, and Hood.


To get the Forggy Armor set, you will have to complete a bit of a time-taking quest: “Potential Princess Sightings.” To initiate this quest, you will have to visit the Lucky Clover Gazette in Tabantha Frontier,

And the next thing will be to communicate with Penn and Traysi. You will be given a task to visit various locations, and more specifically, you will need to visit 12 locations of the stable to complete this objective.

As you visit the 4 stables, you will get the Froggy Sleeve, then after visiting the 9 stables, you will get the Froggy Leggings, and as you finish visiting all or 12 stables, then you will receive the Froggy Hood, which will complete your armor set.

The details of stables and quests are as follow:

Quest Stable
Princess Zelda Kidnapped? Dueling Peaks Stable
The All-Glucking Cucco South Akkala Stable
Serenade To A Great Fairy Woodland Stable
For Our Princess! Foothill Stable
Gourmets Gone Missing Riverside Stable
The Missing Farm Tools Wetland Stable
The Blocked Well Gerudo Canyon Stable
The Beckoning Woman Outskirt Stable
An Eerie Vocie HIghligh Stable
The best And The princess New Serene Stable
Zelda’s Golden House Snowfield Stable
White Goats Gone Missing Tabantha Bridge Stable

Zora Armor

Zora Armor Set
Zora Armor

In the Tears of The Kingdom, the Zora Armor set is best so far as it has made the hectic and frustrating swimming easy for players. This makes swimming easier and more convenient. It comes with a number of benefits,

Such as it allows you to go through waterfalls by swimming, boost up the speed and if you are able to get all three pieces, then while doing a dash swim, it decreases stamina consumption. The Zora Armor set includes Zora Helm, Zora Armor, and Zora Greaves.


  1. For Zora Armor: Chest piece, you will have to complete the main story quest that is “Restoring the Zora Armor.” There are less chances to miss this quest if you play through the main story. Now for the Zora Greaves,
  2. You will have to speak with Yona after finishing another quest: Sidon of the Zora. After communicating with Yona, the “A Token of Friendship” quest will begin, and in this quest, you will have to turn down the Stone Talus.
  3. You can find this enemy by heading towards the Zora Waterworks. After defeating, you will be able to attain the Zora Greaves, which will be in a treasure box which you can look for behind the Waterfall. The coordinates are 3586, 0247, -0103.

To attain the Zora Helm, you will need to complete the quest, which goes as “The Never-Ending Lecture” and this will take you to the Floating Scales Island where you can search for the chest in the cave.

Frostbite Armor

Frostbite Armor Set
Frostbite Armor

If you want to have the best armor for surviving in the cold freezing environment, then Frostbite armor is the most appropriate choice. It provides you with the double benefit that is protection from the cold weather,

And secondly, it boosts up your striking power when you are in such a cold environment. The Frostbite Armor includes Shirt, Trousers, and Headdress.


  1. So let’s get to the Frostbite Shirt, which you can find in the Brightcap Cave, which is located in the Tabantha Frontier area. At the entrance, you will also see two characters standing and chatting with each other.
  2. By going through the cave, you will also encounter the enemy. As you go further, you will get to see the chest area is covered with something more like shrubs, and to clear your way you can use the fire fruit that will burn them and will make an obstacle-free path for you.
  3. The Herbra Headspring is the next location from where you can get the Frostbite Trousers. There will be ice walls, and one of them will have a hole. As you spot it make your way inside and there will be the chest enclosing the trousers.
  4. The last location is in the Hebra Mountains, i.e., Lake Kilsie Cave, where the Frostbite Headdress is. This cave is on the North of the lake, so the most suggested way to reach there is through the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and with the help of a paraglider.
  5. The launcher will throw you up, and then you can use a paraglider to make your way to the cave. On entering, you will encounter the Horriblin. It’s up to you whether you want to combat or continue to move while ignoring the enemy.
  6. The area containing the chest will be on the right, but it will be blocked with some icicles type structures. No worries, as you can clear it by using the fire fruit or Bomb Flower. Get inside as the path gets clear and collect the Frostbite Headdress.

Ember Armor

Ember Armor Set
Ember Armor

The Ember Armor is opposite to the last one as this armor is going to be useful in a warm environment. This best armor also enhances the attack power in warmer areas. It includes: Shirt, Trousers, and Headdress.


  1. In the Eldin Canyon area, there is a Goronbi River Cave where you can look for the Ember Shirt. You will need the flame guard or Flamebreaker armor as there is lava inside the game. There will also be enemies that appear when you enter the cave.
  2. Here you will see the lava river, and you can use the rocky platforms to cross it; these platforms keep coming so make sure that you jump on them at the right time. You will come across the treasure box, but it will not contain the Shirt, so keep moving.
  3. Now continue to move through these platforms, and you will reach another point where they will be moving in the opposite direction. Use the recall to change its direction, and then you will have to fight off the enemy.
  4. Then once again, you will have to use the platform, and you can make one by using the Splash fruit. Let It move, and after some seconds, on the right side and then there will be the chest on the upper side.
  5. For the Ember Trousers, Make your way to the Cephla Lake. Before entering the cave you will have to communicate with the two characters standing outside it, and as they grant you permission, you can get inside.
  6. There will be many chests in the cave, and the trousers will be in one of them. You can go to the left side of the cave to search.
  7. Head to the YunoboCo HQ South cave for the Ember Headdress. There will be enemies waiting for you by hanging on the cave’s ceiling so, defeat them. Now move to the right and there will be a wall which you have to destroy.
  8. After doing this you will be able to see a car whose wheels will be missing so find the wheels and then get on the car to cross the lava. In the last you will reach the surface and by moving further a chest will become visible to you.

Hylian Armor

Hylian Armor Set
Hylian Armor

The Hylian Armor set is the top and best armor one get to equip in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It may not offer you the bonuses but the most highlighted feature of this armor is the defensive statistics which are pretty impressive.

By having this armor you can easily go through the game’s early stages. This set includes Hood, Tunic, and Trousers. You can upgrade it to boost up the defensive stats. Another notable point of Hylian Armor is that it doesn’t limit movement.


You can obtain this set from the shop located in Lookout Landing. The Hood will cost you 70 Rupees, the Trousers will cost 120 Rupees, and Hylian Tunic will cost 130 Rupees.

Ending Remarks

The Tears of The Kingdom’s best armor guide ends here. We have picked the top armor that seems more reliable than the others. We hope that by reading this guide, you must have got the idea of all these armor. Happy gaming!

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