6 BEST Tears of the Kingdom Armors + Locations

I have played Tears of the Kingdom for more than 120+ hours, and here are the best Armors I found in the game!

Best Armor Tears of Kingdom
Best Armor

Are you also curious about the best armor in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom? Then your wait ends here as I will detail down the best and top armor in for an enhanced defensive playthrough of the game. 

About The Author

Reeshail Qureshi has spent over 120+ hours playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (His Switch User is Panther). He is also well-versed in the previous Zelda games, so you can easily trust his information related to Tears of the Kingdom!

Key Takeaways

My best picks of armor include:

  1. Zonaite Armor is best to use if you want to enhance the efficiency of Zonai devices.
  2. Climb up freely without fear of falling or losing grip by equipping Froggy Armor.
  3. Zora Armor is the best armor for swimming
  4. Frostbite Armor can protect you in freezing weather.
  5. Ember armor is perfect for warm weather.
  6. Hylian armor is a great choice for the early stages.

Best Armors & Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my 6 best Tears of the Kingdom Armors . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.ArmorBest UsagePriceDefense (level 1)
1Zonaite ArmorEnhance Energy Efficiency107
2Froggy ArmorBoost Slip Resistance105
3Zora ArmorEnhance Swimming Speed505
4Frostbite ArmorBoost Attack Power in Cold Weather104
5Ember ArmorEnhance Attack in Warm Climates6002
6Hylian ArmorEasily replaced by better armor703

Best Armors Comparison Table. 

Zonaite Armor

Best Overall Armor.
Zonaite Armor Set
Zonaite Armor (Image Credits: Lootward)

Why did I Choose Zonaite Armor?

The Zonai devices are of great help in the Tears of the Kingdom as the open world is vast enough, so navigation becomes a necessity, and that is where these devices can provide great assistance. In this regard, the Zonaite Armor is the best armor as it can make the working of this device more efficient.

Another plus point is that your defensive statistics go up to 84 when you equip all pieces of Zonaite Armor.

This includes Waistguard, Shin Guards, and Helm.


Zonaite Waistguard:

  1. Go to Forge Island in East Necluda Sky.
  2. Use the Paraglider and wind turrets to gain altitude.
  3. Navigate through a tunnel to reach a pool area.
  4. Find the Yansamin Shrine, but don’t enter it.
  5. Look for a lava surface and a nearby wall. Climb the wall.
  6. Use the Ascend ability to enter the secret area.
  7. Inside, you’ll find a chest with the Zonaite Waistguard, which enhances Zonai devices.

Zonaite Shin Guards:

  1. Go to the Sky Mine in Alaska Sea Sky (coordinates 4490, 2102, 1155).
  2. Reach the floating island with a launcher.
  3. Spin the wheel anticlockwise.
  4. Use the launcher to reach another island and turn the wheel to face the sphere-like structure above.
  5. Fire a block into the platform within the sphere.
  6. Follow the block’s path and initiate its rotation on the floor tile.
  7. Use the Ascend ability to reach the chest containing Zonaite Shin Guards.

Zonaite Helm:

  1. Reach Lightcast Island in the Tabantha Frontier Sky.
  2. Navigate through a tunnel after draining the water.
  3. Continue through another passage after breaking a stone wall.
  4. Use a light beam to move between islands.
  5. Obtain the Mirror Shield by defeating an enemy.
  6. Return to the island and locate the chest to find the Zonaite Helm.

  • Best Defense.
  • Zonai Abilities.
  • All-Rounder Armor.

  • Requires Obtaining Each Individual Piece.

Froggy Armor

Best Slip Resistant Armor Set.
Froggy Armor Set
Froggy Armor

Why do I Prefer Froggy Armor?

Climbing won’t get on your nerves anymore as the Froggy armor set is another of the best armor that assists you in climbing. 

Sometimes, it becomes hard for players to have a good grip on a wet area. But now it won’t bother you if you are equipped with this armor set. It includes Sleeves, Leggings, and hoods.


To get the Froggy Armor set, begin the “Potential Princess Sightings” quest at the Lucky Clover Gazette in Tabantha Frontier. Interact with Penn and Traysi to start. You’ll visit 12 stable locations for this quest.

  1. After four stables, you receive the Froggy Sleeve.
  2. After nine stables, you obtain the Froggy Leggings.
  3. Once you visit all 12 stables, you’ll receive the Froggy Hood, completing the set.
Princess Zelda Kidnapped?Dueling Peaks Stable
The All-Glucking CuccoSouth Akkala Stable
Serenade To A Great FairyWoodland Stable
For Our Princess!Foothill Stable
Gourmets Gone MissingRiverside Stable
The Missing Farm ToolsWetland Stable
The Blocked WellGerudo Canyon Stable
The Beckoning WomanOutskirt Stable
An Eerie VocieHIghligh Stable
The best And The princessNew Serene Stable
Zelda's Golden HouseSnowfield Stable
White Goats Gone MissingTabantha Bridge Stable

Froggy Armor Quests Table.

  • Assists in Climbing.
  • Ideal Defense Stats.

  • Requires Quest Progression.

Zora Armor

Best Armor With Unique Effect.
Zora Armor Set
Zora Armor

Why did I Choose Zora Armor?

The Zora Armor set is the best so far, as it has made the hectic and frustrating swimming easy for players. This makes swimming easier and more convenient. It comes with several benefits.

For instance, swimming allows you to go through waterfalls and boosts your speed. If you can get all three pieces, doing a dash swim decreases stamina consumption. The Zora Armor set includes Zora Helm, Zora Armor, and Zora Greaves.


Zora Armor (Chest Piece):

  • Complete the main story quest, “Restoring the Zora Armor.”
  • Progress through the main story to ensure you don’t miss this quest.

Zora Greaves (Legs):

  1. Speak with Yona after completing the quest “Sidon of the Zora.”
  2. This will trigger the “A Token of Friendship” quest.
  3. Defeat the Stone Talus near the Zora Waterworks.
  4. Find the Zora Greaves in a treasure chest behind the waterfall.
  5. Coordinates: 3586, 0247, -0103.

  • Helps in Swimming.
  • Boost Speed.

  • Armor performs best with a complete set unlocked.

Frostbite Armor

Best Frost Armor Set.
Frostbite Armor Set
Frostbite Armor

Why did I Choose Frostbite Armor?

If you want the best armor for surviving in a cold, freezing environment, then Frostbite is the most appropriate choice. It provides you with the double benefit of protection from the cold weather.

And secondly, it boosts up your striking power when you are in such a cold environment. The Frostbite Armor includes a Shirt, Trousers, and an Headdress.


Frostbite Shirt:

  • Frostbite Shirt: Found in Brightcap Cave in Tabantha Frontier. Pass two chatting characters at the entrance, proceed through the cave, and burn shrubs with fire fruit for a clear path. The Frostbite Shirt is inside.

Frostbite Trousers:

  • Found at the Herbra Headspring with ice walls.
  • Look for a hole in one of the ice walls.
  • Inside, you’ll find a chest containing the trousers.

Frostbite Headdress:

  • Located in Lake Kilsie Cave in the Hebra Mountains.
  • Reach the cave from the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower using a paraglider.
  • Inside, you’ll encounter the Horriblin enemy (optional).
  • Clear the path blocked by icicles using fire fruit or a Bomb Flower.
  • Collect the Frostbite Headdress from the chest on the right.

  • Double Defense.

  • Individual Pieces are Unlocked in different locations.

Ember Armor

Best Warm Climate Armor Set.
Ember Armor Set
Ember Armor

Why did I Choose Ember Armor?

The Ember Armor is opposite to the last one as this armor will be useful in a warm environment. This best armor also enhances the attack power in warmer areas. It includes a shirt, Trousers, and address.


Ember Shirt:

  • Located in the Goronbi River Cave in the Eldin Canyon area.
  • Requires Flame Guard or Flamebreaker armor to withstand the lava.
  • Navigate through the cave while dealing with enemies.
  • Cross the lava river using rocky platforms.
  • Use a recall to change the platform direction and defeat an enemy.
  • Create a platform with Splash Fruit.
  • Reach the chest on the upper side to find the Ember Shirt.

Ember Trousers:

  • Found in the Cephla Lake cave.
  • Speak to the characters outside the cave to gain permission to enter.
  • Explore the cave. One of the chests contains the Ember Trousers.

Ember Headdress:

  • It is located in the YunoboCo HQ South cave.
  • Defeat enemies hanging from the cave’s ceiling.
  • Destroy a wall to progress.
  • Find the missing wheels for a car and cross the lava.
  • Reach the surface and continue further to discover a chest with the Ember Headdress.

  • Ideal for Warm Climate.
  • Enhances Attack Power.

  • Limited Variety and Unlocked in different locations.

Hylian Armor

Best Early-Game Armor.
Hylian Armor Set
Hylian Armor

Why did I Choose Hylian Armor?

The Hylian Armor set is the top and best armor one gets to equip in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It may not offer you the bonuses, but the most highlighted feature of this armor is the defensive statistics, which are pretty impressive.

This set includes Hood, Tunic, and Trousers. You can upgrade it to boost up the defensive stats. Another notable point of Hylian Armor is that it doesn’t limit movement.


You can obtain this set from the shop located in Lookout Landing. The Hood will cost you 70 Rupees, the Trousers will cost 120 Rupees, and Hylian Tunic will cost 130 Rupees.

  • Cheap Armor Set.
  • Early-Game Unlock.
  • Enhances Movement.

  • Only suitable for Early-Game.

What Is My Recommendation?

I recommend going with the Hylian armor for the early game, as it qualifies for offering decent defenses for your character. However, if you are seeking an all-rounder with perfect armor, then Zonaite is the perfect choice. Not only does it aid with Zonai aspects, but it also enhances the defense in crucial times.

I have picked the top armor that seems more reliable than the others. I hope that by reading this guide, you have got the idea of all these armor. Happy gaming!

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