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Monster Hunter Rise Mods
Monster Hunter Rise Mods Guide

Capcom is well known for its sci-fi adventure games that take you into another gaming realm, and Monster Hunter Rise is no exception.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced Drop mod helps players acquire the best weapons & gear by improving drop rates in single-player & multiplayer modes.
  • Unlimited Wirebug mod provides players with unlimited wirebugs, which helps them move freely across the landscape without being bound to the wirebug’s limit.
  • Clarity mod improves the overall aesthetics of the game, enhances visual clarity, & makes gameplay more compelling.
  • DPS Meter mod provides health bars for monsters, damage meters, & other features to make hunts and battles more convenient and exciting.
  • Monster Hunter World mod allows players to enjoy nostalgic gameplay & enhances the cinematic experience.
  • MHR Modding Tools mod is essential for the proper functioning of installed mods & allows modders to make their own mods, including complex ones.
  • Remove Kill-Cam mod removes the flyover cams & monster kill-cam shots, which can interrupt players’ gameplay.
  • UI Scale Adjustability Mod is available for Monster Hunter Rise and allows players to adjust the scale of various elements on their screen.
  • Installing mods is easy & straightforward if you follow the provided method.
  • Fluffy Manager is an essential modding tool provided by NexusMods that helps with installing & managing mods.
  • Players can download the tools and extract the files to add new mods to the created folder & customize their game to their liking.
  • Fluffy Mod Manager manages the mods and can also launch the game directly from the manager.
  • Always download the latest version of the modding tools to avoid bugs & crashes & to stay updated.

The previously released Monster Hunter World was a success, and now its sequel is here to steal the throne and take you even further towards exploring new species of monsters and wild new adventures.

When a game arrives on the PC platform, it’s already written in its destiny that it will get modded to reach new possibilities on PC Master Race. Monster Hunter Rise met a similar fate. The moment the game came out, we started seeing new mods dropping like rain for it.

Monster Hunter Rise Mod List

We have gathered the most popular and helpful mods for you to enhance your gaming experience; we have also included the installation method to save your time and effort, as it may seem easy, but one mistake can make everything looks quite messy.

Monster Hunter Rise Enhanced Loot

MHR Enhanced Drop Mod
Monster Hunter Rise Enhanced Drop Mod (Image credits: Nexus Mods)

Monster Hunter Rise is an incredibly engaging game. However, the end game can be pretty challenging when you don’t have the proper loot or gear to grind. To avoid that and acquire the best weapons and gear, players need to obtain the particular parts from every monster they hunt.

These parts may have an extremely low drop rate, and players will repeat the same quest until they find the desirable loot or obtain a rare or legendary item.

Fortunately, we have some mods created to resolve this issue so players may not get stuck in repeated hunting loops. This mod will help enhance drop rates not only in single-player mode but also in multiplayer mode.

Unlimited Wirebug Mod

Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Mod
Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Mod

For those players who desire to have endless wirebugs, then this mod is perfect for them. Wirebug is a creature in Monster Hunter Rise which resembles a zipline. To travel across the land, the hunters use the wirebug.

Despite having the helpful feature, the wirebug has a wirebug gauge which restricts its use by hunters. So this mod is a big help in resolving this problem by providing players with unlimited wirebug.

Using this mod, the players don’t have to worry about running out of the wirebug and can operate in new and thrilling ways. It increases the range of the wirebug. The hunters can move freely across the landscape without being bound to the wirebug’s limit.

Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon

Monster Hunter Rise Clarity Mod

Monster Hunter Rise Clarity Mod
Monster Hunter Rise Clarity Mod

There are many mods available for MHR that can improve visual fidelity. Still, this one mode improves the overall aesthetics of the game as well as visual clarity that enhances the already breathtaking experience.

With the use of such mods, players can enjoy exciting features. The clarity enhancer mod is built to make the gameplay more compelling and sharp. As you can guess by its name, this mod improves and enhances the game graphics but requires beefy hardware specs to maintain the framerate.

It provides a clarity boost and improves it. It brings smoothness to the overall game display without causing significant changes. It makes the horizontal lines even and eliminates the blurring effect that overshadows the characters’ details and background.  

DPS Meter Mod

Monster Hunter Rise Damage Mod
Monster Hunter Rise Damage Mod

Monster Hunter Rise is an action game requiring players to make decisions critically to play well. Information is essential for making better decisions.

This mod will provide health bars for your monsters, damage meters, and other features to make your hunts and battles more convenient and exciting.

In the case of battling with the monster, obtaining information becomes necessary to fight proficiently. You can get additional information by installing this mod without constantly shifting through the menu. The health bar will be displayed above the head of the monster.

This mod provides the overlay and makes the HUD element smooth enough for players to read the information clearly and easily. amour and weapons statistics and buffs become visible to the players through this mod. Players can change the position of elements and customize them.

Monster Hunter World Mod

Monster Hunter World Mod
Monster Hunter World Mod

Players who have played the previous Monster Hunter game, such as Monster Hunter World, may demand this mod. with this mod, the game will start looking like Monster Hunter World. The players can enjoy the nostalgic gameplay.

It enhances the cinematic experience. This mod allows players access to many fascinating features. The cinematic reshading is done by changing features like visuals, sharpness and graphics.

The visuals are desaturated, the sharpness is increased, and further adjustments are made in graphics to obtain this. To enhance the graphical fidelity, such mods are perfect to use.

MHR Modding Tools

Monster Hunter RIse Modding Tool
Monster Hunter RIse Modding Tool

To get an access and to enable the modding tools you may require to install this mod. This mod is quite essential and a foundation in Monster Hunter Rise for the proper functioning of installed mods.

Certain upgrades in the game will be done on the installment of this mod and it also allows the modders to make their own mods, simple to complex ones by providing them with specific tools. The complex mod may include scripting in them.

this mod offers the optimization for other mods that may effect the certain game settings. It also fixes the crashes. it is recommended to install this mod before installing any other mod.

MHR Remove Kill-Cam Mod

Monster Hunter Rise Kill-Cam Mod
Monster Hunter Rise Kill-Cam Mod

The players can find flyover cams and monster kill cam shots quite annoying. As the players defeat the monster, they have limited time to get items. The timer includes 60 seconds, and players fall short of timing due to the monster kill-cam interruption.

With this mod, players can have a high note ending while knocking down the enemy, and they will see more action.

UI Scale Adjustability Mod 

Monster Hunter Rise UI Adjustment Mod
Monster Hunter Rise UI Adjustment Mod

This is the adjustable UI scale mod. The UI in Monster Hunter Rise is extensive and covers a significant portion of the screen. You can make desirable adjustments on your UI scale. This mod does what it says.

It provides you pretty good control over the scale, and various UI elements can be positioned and aligned as desired. You may not be able to move them to screen another side freely, but to some extent, you can shift to them according to your preferences.

However, you can have complete control over their scale. Players can enjoy a more comprehensive and clear gameplay view. 

Monster Hunter Rise Easiest Weapon

Installation Guide

Installing mods are pretty easy and straight forward if you follow our provided method, Each section is explained in detail so you don’t get confused at any point and successfully enhance your overall experience in the game.

Installing REFramework

REFramework is a modding tool provided by NexusMods you can visit their website and download this tool as it will be crucial in helping you install the required mods in your PC.

REFramework Modding Tool
REFramework Modding Tool

Download the tool and then extract the files. Once everything is done you will be able to add new mods to the created folder and customize your game to your liking.

Installing Fluffy Manager

Fluffy Mod Manager is also an essential tool provided by NexusMods that manages the mods as the name suggests. You can download this manager and start adding mods into the list for it to load them for you whenever you launch your game.

Fluffy Mod Manager
Fluffy Mod Manager

If you have done everything correctly, you should also be able to launch your game directly from the manager. Always download the latest version to avoid bugs and crashes and to stay updated.


There you have it guys, a detailed guide for all your modding needs, we tried our best to make it simple and easy to understand, so it saves you a reasonable amount of time and gets you back into your game as quickly as possible.

We’ll be bringing you all the latest and greatest news regarding Monster Hunter Rise and many other new games very soon, so stay tuned. If you love what we do, kindly share our work with your close ones, and we’ll see you in the next one.

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