Tower of Fantasy Baiyuekui: The Ultimate Guide

Tower of Fantasy Baiyuekui

As countless RPGs offer the ability to play as different characters and choose different weapons to match your playstyle, so does Tower of Fantasy. With its wide variety of Champions and a handful of classes to play with, you have the perfect chance to make a build that synergizes with your play style. One of these characters is “Baiyuekui” a newly released champion in Tower of Fantasy, which we will cover in detail below.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can choose from various champions and classes to match their playstyle, Baiyuekui is a newly released champion in the game, who is a DPS-oriented assassin with SSR rarity.
  • Baiyuekui is currently only playable on the Chinese version and does not have an announced release date for the global version.
  • Baiyuekui has a harsh backstory and is a formidable fighter with a high damage approach and mobility, but lacks sustain and healing abilities.
  • Two separate playstyles are playable by Baiyuekui during fights: swordplay or magic.
  • Weapon of Baiyuekui, the Alaya, is a lightning-element katana that boosts damage and has two weapon effects: War Intent and Volt.
  • There are six weapon advancements for Baiyuekui’s Alaya, and there are recommended matrices to boost her stats and abilities.

Who Is Baiyuekui

In Game image of Baiyuekui
Baiyuekui In-Game

Immediately after the release of Baiyuekui in Tower of Fantasy, she has proven to be a compelling character. A loaded kit to help her dominate her opponents and deal massive amounts of damage makes her a formidable foe if you end up on the wrong side of the fight. She is currently playable only on the Chinese versions (CN) and has no announced date of release for Global.

Her backstory is apparently very harsh, which is visible with her current attitude as she is a very hardened fighter. The mentioned gender for Baiyuekui is Female, and she comes up to around 172Cm in height.

Now getting back to her In-Game playstyle. She is a DPS-oriented assassin with a rarity of SSR, the highest rarity. With a high damage approach and somewhat mobility present in her kit, the only thing she lacks is sustain in fights.

Other than the sustain, she also lacks any sort of healing for herself or her team and is not recommended to be used as a support. Her recommended playstyle would be as the damage dealer, or the team carry because of her efficient abilities and massive damage burst.

Also, she can opt for two separate playstyles during the fights, one being swordplay and the second being Magic. Being a melee champ with a fast and agile weapon, we recommend her for beginner players to get the gist of the game and to assist you in advancing further. You can acquire certain items to boost you throughout the game.

Baiyuekui Weapon

Baiyuekui’s weapon is essentially a katana with the lightning element. The sharp blade boasts a DPS resonance with high ranking abilities such as the Shatter Ability with an S ranking and the Charge ability with an A rank. this sword also goes very well aesthetically with her base and 3-star skin. The weapon stats are as goes.

Alaya in Game
  1. Resistance: 3
  2. HP: 1010
  3. Attack: 15

Weapon Effects

The Weapon Baiyuekui wields in Tower of Fantasy is called the “Alaya,” and it has two weapon effects mentioned below.

Effects Description
War Intent Enabling the War Intent boosts your damage by 15% in combat and also gives you the debuff of cellular aging, causing you to lose HP by 1% for every 5 Seconds. If your health goes under 50% the debuff stops, leaving you with only the damage buff. Also if you leave the battle of switch weapons during the fight you end up loosing the War Intent effect.
Volt The Volt effect is very potent, providing you with damage boost and making the enemies receive no buffs for the next 6 seconds. Once the Katana is on max charge, your next attack will render the enemy paralyzed, making them stunned for the next 1 second and deals extra damage by 144% of original Attack damage.

Advancement for the Weapon

There are a total of 6 weapon advancements for Baiyuekui’s Alaya.

Advancement Number in Stars Effect Description
1 Star A boost in damage dealt by 160% Attack along with 5% of HP lost through the Discharge skill
Deal damage through explosion caused by the Weapon skill, the damage is increased by 160% along with 5% of HP lost.
Get an extra hit with the Dodge attacks skill, allowing you to do extra damage by 80% Attack along with 2.5% HP lost
2 Star You get a boost of Attack in your currently equipped weapon by 16%
3 Star When you break an enemies shield, you deal a massive amount of burst damage at the point of attack. This damage is 1500% of Attack if there is only one person in the vicinity or otherwise is does 680% of Attack with multiple targets. Also boost the shatter by 15%.
4 Star A permanent increase to the weapons HP growth by 32%
5 Star This allows you to block enemies attack automatically when attacked, performing a block with the inclusion of stuns. You can block damage upto 20% of you HP. Also if you attack while blocking the enemies attack, you do a counter hit allowing you to deal increased damage by 240% Attack and making the enemy airborne.
6 Star Perform the War Intent Effect for 7 seconds when you are in Discharge Skill allowing you to output more damage by 40%. This also negates all the damage taken from Cellular aging.

Recommended Matrices For Baiyuekui

Matrices are small upgrades along the progression of the game that help you in boosting stats such as Attack or HP. These are equipable on the weapon you used and can be swapped for other matrices depending what sort of build you are going for. Below are 5 different types of matrices that are good for Baiyuekui.

Matrices Effects
King Matrix (SSR) 2 Piece: provides you with increased damage for a total of 25 seconds by stacks which increase in the following order, 8%-10%-12%-14%.
4 Piece: Restore HP with the scaling being 14%-18%-22%-26% of the damage given to enemies while attacking. Only applicable when you are facing more than 2 enemies.
Shiro Matrix (SSR) 2 Piece: Deals increased damage with scaling by 15%-19%-22.5%-26%. This is only applicable when enemy is above 50% HP and it also shatters enemies
4 Piece: Gain additional damage with scaling by 20%-25%-30%-35%. This effect starts when you enter battle and lasts for 35 seconds.
Samir Matrix (SSR) 2 Piece: This is a stacking Matrix with stacking damage by 1% every time you hit an enemy. This can stack up to 20 times max and has a duration of 1.5 seconds
4 Piece: Deals additional Explosion damage by Dual EM stars with the ratios being 16%-22%-30%-40%.
Crow Matrix (SSR) 2 Piece: Deals extra critical damage with scaling being 24%-30%-36%-42%. This is only applicable against enemies with HP lower than 60%.
4 Piece: Not a stacking matrix. Deals extra Crit damage with scaling being 18%-22%-26%-30% Attack.
Sobek Matrix (SR) 3 Piece: Stacking matrix with main effect being extra damage. Scales up to 9%.

Gifts For Baiyuekui

  • Nice Picture Frame +15
  • Gold Coin +80
  • Warren Fossil +80
  • Gem Necklace +30
  • Postcard of Aida +15
  • Spider Figure +30
  • Plant +15
  • Strange Plant +15
  • Tata Cards +60

Bottom Line

Baiyuekui is a very balanced champion in Tower of Fantasy with focus on the damage side of things. Consisting of massive damage and mobility, her only downside being her HP and sustain in fights.

She has multiple strengths and weaknesses making her a very versatile choice for new players. If you want more Tower of Fantasy related content, check out our guides on Bygone Phantasm, Best Elements in Tower of Fantasy, and Best Healers. Good luck mastering Baiyuekui in Tower of Fantasy!

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