Tower of Fantasy: Banges Gold Nucleus Guide

In this guide we will explain all about Gold Nucleus and how to obtain such a resource.

tower of fantasy banges gold nucleus

Have you been getting bored of exploring? Do you want to spice things up? Well lucky for you as we will cover the Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus and all the ways you can obtain them in-game. It’s a new currency for you to make rolls and feel that sweet dopamine release every time you roll for your favorite character.

If you have ever played Genshin Impact, then you are already familiar with this game, but if you aren’t familiar with Genshin, let us elaborate. Tower of Fantasy as a game is known as a gacha game. It originates from the East and incentivizes you as the player to spend money on it rather than unlocking skins. You unlock characters, weapons, and best relics.

Even though Genshin Impact may inspire it, Tower of Fantasy has some quality of life improvements that it tries to implement. Some of these are not very noticeable, while others make it so much easier to do specific tedious tasks such as going around the map and talking to NPCs.

tower of fantasy artwork
Tower of Fantasy Cover Art

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Event Rewards

Many free events can be participated in to get a plethora of rewards. These can range from small amounts of experience to entire characters, or in our case, the coveted Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus.

These events are mainly for newcomers who recently downloaded the game and need a jumpstart to get into the rat race. This might be because they don’t want to discourage new players with bad luck, or they want to keep power creep in check without actually touching or tweaking the characters of game systems themselves.

Quest Rewards

Now you will encounter quests that will undoubtedly grant you Gold Nucleus as a reward or as part of a reward set. These can be long-term or daily missions that are quite time-sensitive because they are gone forever after 24 hours.

This is why when completing quests, it is essential to try and get through them as efficiently as possible. Making sure you don’t waste time and are efficient with your time is the key to maximizing reward output.

Exploration Rewards

These are usually found when you go out and about to explore every nook and cranny. You end up finding some treasure hidden in plain sight or someone giving it to you for free since, as the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Throughout the Banges area, there are multiple locations where you can encounter the Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus. To be exact, there are sixteen locations with a hidden Gold Nucleus, and below we will detail each location as best as we can to help you on your journey and collect all the SSR Rank Characters and Relics.

The YouTube channel of Deku Danu provided these locations in their video, so if you need more help on this matter, go check them out.

Location 1

bages golden nucleus tower of fantasy plains
Location of 1st Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Upon arriving at the Spacerift Signal Station Ruins, you should start heading South. Keep heading South till you see some large mushrooms all in one location.

These mushrooms are slightly different from those we use as they have a grey top with a bulbous blue gradient base. Now, this is a puzzle where you have to step on these mushrooms in order of size, and you are allowed to touch the ground.

If you did it right, then upon completion, you should hear and see a Tower of Fantasy Bagles Gold Nucleus spawn, and this is the first of many.

Location 2

tower of fantasy banges gold nucleus
Location of 2nd Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Again, using the Spacerift Signal Station Ruins, start heading East. Now you have to climb any terrain that comes in your way and make it to the top of one of the mountains where there is a slight plateau.

Here you will see a craft that has a blue flower in the middle surrounded by little water cores on the outside. The game now is to get this little water core to the blue flower. Once you achieve this, the Gold Nucleus should spawn inside the craft area next to the blue flower.

Location 3

lava rock tower of fantasy
Location of 3rd Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Once again, start heading South East from the Spacecraft Signal Station Ruins. Once you have reached the coastline, look for a small piece of land with a little volcanic bubble sticking out.

Go up to this little piece with an Ice Shell type weapon equipped. Once close enough, start firing the Ice Shell weapon at the molten lava. After a few hits, it should reveal to you the Gold Nucleus.

Location 4

You must arrive at the Spacerift Black Market teleporter for this next one and begin heading southeast. Follow the path along the road and go up the pallet of wooden boards.

Here you will encounter the same kind of blue flower as mentioned before surrounded by a spacecraft salvage, just like before. Use the same steps as last time and unlock the fourth Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus.

Location 5

banges factory shelter golden nucleus
Location of 5th Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Now from Location 4 you need to start moving South and reach the edge of the mountain. Once you reach the edge then you must glide over to the Banges Factories.

Once you see the factory you must hug the cliff wall and keep moving alongside it. Drop down onto the grassy area and then keep hugging the wall. Here you will find a small entrance to a little compartment containg our fifth Gold Nucleus.

Location 6

tower of fantasy banges platform puzzle
Location of 6th Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Start off by teleprting to Spacerift Mount Targus. Once there start heading North till you reach an empty plane with two stone pillars and a little shack. Defeat enemies here and the look on the ground for a circular stone platform.

Equip the Omnium Handcannon and aim it towards the platform. Fire the weapon to then spawn a pillar which will make a Golden Nucleus appear.

Location 7

banges factory chimneys
Location of 7th Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Go back to Spacerift Mount Targus and start heading Southwest. Keep heading in this direction till you see three large metal chimneys. Use your wings to fly up to the middle chimney and claim the Golden Nucleus hovering at the top.

Location 8

tower of fantasy banges golden nucleus statue
Location of 8th Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Teleport to the Spacerift Banges Dock and head Southwest. Start climbing the mountain and any vertical terrain in your way till you reach a statue resembling Atlas with a ball on his back made of metal.

Approach this statue and use your Strange Cube relic to blow away the ball atop the man. Once done you will see the Golden Nucleus being in its place.

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Location 9

tower of fantasy banges golden nucleus lava rock
Location of 9th Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Start heading back to the Spacerift Banges Dock. Then begin moving South. Climb up the few walls you encounter and keep moving. There you will find a different type of rock with red shading. This is a lava rock and inside it there is the ninth Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus.

Location 10

Teleport to the Spacerift Bnages Farm and head North. After you keep heading North remember the mushroom puzzle from the Location 1. Simply repeat this puzzle and claim your free Gold Nucleus.

Location 11

banges broken bridges
Location of 11th Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Go back to the Spacerift Banges Farm to begin heading South. Glide down to the area with the broken bridges. Look at the beams that hold the bridges up and on one of them there will be a Golden Nucleus.

Location 12

For this one simply drop down from where you collected the 11th Gold Nucleus and proceed towards the small waterfall. Here in the river that the waterfall drops into there will be a small volcanic bubble. Use an ice weapon to break this bubble to revela a Golden Nucleus.

Location 13

From Location 12 start heading North and climb up onto the cliff above. Here you will see there are two stone pillars as seen previously in Location 6.

So you have to repeat the puzzle by defeating all the enemies and using your Omnium Handcannon to shot the correct platform.

Location 14

banges hot air balloons
Location of 14th Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Teleport to the Spacerift Banges Shelter and head North. Begin your trek up to the top of the mountain. Once you have reached a reasonable height glide over to the big pole. Once on there use the Omnium Handcannon to raise your altitude.

Then jump off and glide to the red balloon in the distance. The balloon to aim for is the highest one amongst the three so take you time in getting there because if you mess up then its a whole mountain climb in store for you.

Location 15

For this next one jump off the balloon towards the East. The little strip of land that extends out towards the sea is where you want to land.

Once there pull out an Ice Shell weapon to destroy the lava rock. Once broken you have achieved the 15th Golden Nucleus.

Location 16

banges tower
Tower with 16th Golden Nucleus | Courtesy: Deku Danu

Finally, teleport to Spacerift Banges Shelter and trek North. Your destination is the top of the mountain. Once there simply glide towards the tower once again but this time the second highest platform. There you will find the last Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus.

Milestone Rewards

Here we are talking about the Battle Pass for Tower of Fantasy. An important thing to note regarding this is that there are two types of Battle Passes. The free version has some points where you can get Gold Nucleus, but there is also a premium version with more Tower of Fantasy Banges Golden Nucleus.

Here you will be faced with a choice. Do you genuinely believe that you will play this game for an extended time and can justify spending money on it? If you are sure there is a time investment from your end, then we say go for it, but if you don’t know whether your time in this game will be extended, don’t bust out your wallet.

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Exchange Dark Crystals

Ok, this is a system that the game allows, but in our eyes, it is not a system even worth considering simply because they have a terrible exchange rate. You can obtain Dark Crystals by completing in-game missions and events or letting your credit card take the hit, similar to Gold Nuclei.

Our recommendation; don’t convert these crystals to golden nuclei but save them and use them to get exclusive characters using Red Nucleus, which can also be exchanged for Dark Crystals.

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