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Tower Of Fantasy
A Complete Beginners Guide

A newly launched game can be a bit overwhelming, and Tower Of Fantasy is no exception. But don’t stress out because our best Tower of Fantasy Beginners Guide has made it easy for you.

We will cover all the problems a new player can face and tips and tricks you can use to progress better in the game. Every section will be covered in detail yet easy to understand. If you follow this guide properly, we assure you it will be the only guide you need to enjoy the game.

Let’s get started.

Basics To Know

This guide is a starting point for those just getting into RPG games. Getting started in such games is quite a challenge, especially since you have no prior knowledge and don’t know where you can grind to get the best possible gear for your inventory.


The very first thing at the beginning of Tower of Fantasy you must do is to learn all the controls so you can achieve excellent command over your gameplay. Such as movement and weapon controls etc.


Rerolling (imagecredits: Moga)
Rerolling (imagecredits: Moga)

Reroll means to restart the game and develop another new account to get the character of your desire. The rerolling process cannot be done on an existing account, so it is required to create a new one, and you have to do the 30 pulls to attain the SSR.

No doubt that the SSR weapons are great in their use and have significant benefits over others.

Character Customization

Character Creator Menu
Character Creator Menu

In Tower of Fantasy, a wide range of options are available to customize your character, including colors of the outfit, hair, features of a face, etc. You can make changes anytime. There are two genders, and you can choose one of them.

Beginners Guide to Weapons

Beginners Guide To Weapons
Beginners Guide To Weapons

Knowing the weapon’s specifications is a must in the beginning. You can learn about any weapon’s details by tapping the magnifying glass icon. The stronger build depends upon selecting the right weapons, and with our beginner’s guide, you are all set.

So, it would be best if you remember certain aspects, such as different resonance types: DPS, support, and defense, and each weapon consists of one of these types. Another notable aspect is that some particular abilities are more influential than others.

For instance, the shattering ability is essential for removing the shield of enemies, so some weapons have a higher and faster shield-breaking ability than other weapons. The weapon with healing ability is also important to grant healing to you and your teammates.

Pick up three vigorous weapons that may go along perfectly with each other. DPS weapons have Dual EM Stars, Scythe of The Crow, Chakram of The Seas, Thunder Blades, Ice wind Arrow, Nightingale’s Feather, and Thunderous Halberd.

All these weapons are very briefly described below.

Dual Em Stars-Samir

It can cause great dealing damage within the minimum amount of time. Increasing the rank makes the weapon extremely powerful. It can paralyse the enemy and remove their buffs.

Scythe Of The Crow-King

This one is amazing at breaking down the shields and has a diversity of attacks. Its shattering ability is considered the highest among the rest. Carrying this weapon while encountering loads of enemies can be an excellent choice.

Chakram Of The Seas-Shiro

To enhance the shattering ability of your team, you can hand-pick this one. It provides sufficient damage to the enemies and levels up the whole team’s damage. Shiro can also reduce the speed of opponents.

Thunder Blades-Crow

You need to increase your rank for Thunder blades to unlock the high damage abilities. Crow is overall great for sneaky attacks. 

Ice Wind Arrow-Tsubasa

Tsubasa is finely adjustable with all other weapons and makes an effective trio. Nightingale’s Feather-Bai Ling 

Nightingale’s Feather-Bai Ling

You can use it during long-range attacks, and also you can dodge the attack easily. It is best for beginners and performs better than other base weapons.

Thunderous Halberd-Echo

Being a beginner, you can also choose Echo’s weapon as its shattering ability is helpful for them while facing shielded opponents. This weapon is good for the new players and shows satisfactory performance.

The defense category includes Rosy edge, Pummeler, and Molten Shield V2.

Rosy Edge-Meryl

It also has the greater shield-breaking ability; you get a huge need of eyes as you switch to the weapon, but this effect unlocks at three stars. Add the molten shield V2 and negating cube weapon with a Rosy edge to beat down the world bosses.


Pummeler is the leading weapon in shattering Shields and can easily take over the shielded opponents. 

Molten Sheild V2-Huma

Another defensive weapon that lowers damage taken and increases the dealing damage. This weapon can switch between 2 modes, I.e., Axe and shield mode, and with the advancements, the strength of these modes can e increased.

In our last type we have Venus, Absolute Zero, Negating Cube, Staff of Scars, and The Terminator. 


Nemesis, with her weapon Venus is extremely helpful to the team. She can create a healing chain for the wanderer and the team through her skill. Further, the electrodes provide additional support. 

Absolute Zero-Cocoritter

In the case of healing, Coco’s name is on the top, and she is regarded as the best healer. You can freeze the enemies for yourself and your teammates to attack them.

Negating Cube-Zero

Negating cube is the source of efficient support and creates a dynamic shield around you and your allies. This shield also causes damage to the enemies.

Staff Of Scars-Pepper

If you like to play in a team, pepper can be a suitable option. Through one of her skills, an energy ring is formed that can lower the damage taken and provide healing along with it. While combating the world’s bosses, this weapon can be advantageous and reliable.

The Terminator-Hilda

A weapon that is good for long-distance fights. You can make it more compelling through advancements. Its Turret skill mode allows you to go prone while dealing with targets.

Main Story Quests

Main Story Beginners Guide
Main Story Quests

You must pay attention to the main story quests as you can get a lot of stuff from there including the XP points. Until you reach the level cap keep on playing through the main story. 

Daily And Other Activities

Daily And Other Activities
Daily And Other Activities

Our best beginners guide has covered some activities that you should do daily as this holds great importance regarding rewards, etc. You must do them without skipping. These tasks are not too time-consuming.

Login Daily

Get the login reward in Tower of Fantasy by logging in every day. Nothing can be an easier way to earn rewards than this one.

Vitality Activities

These are some fun activities through which you can utilize your vitality. You get 180 vitality per diem, and 1 vitality per every 8 minutes is its refreshing rate. These activities are Joint Operations, Dimensional trials, Interstellar Exploration, Omnium Beacon, and Spacetime Domain.

By completing these tasks, you can get matrices, gear, upgrading material, coins, and many more rewards.

Bounty Missions

The daily bounty missions are time effective and are a total of 4. All you have to do is to fight off some enemies by visiting specific places and gathering materials etc. These missions are a great way to get the equipment for upgradation.


Complete the training to achieve training points; later, you can purchase items in exchange for these points.

Crew Donations

Being a part of the crew, you should make daily donations, and in return, you will obtain points. You can get items from the shop in exchange for these points.

Hopkins And Claw Machine

Visit the black market to meet Hopkins where you can open the mystery boxes. Travel to Cetus Island where you can interact with the claw machine and get fabulous rewards.

Mia’s Kitchen

Mia’s kitchen is a fun and sweet activity. You get 3 tastings per day and a reward for each tasting. So ensure that you may do this one before going for the hard challenges.


Ruins are about resolving the quests, fighting with the bosses, and obtaining prizes. We have 5 ruins in Tower of Fantasy that are further subdivided. After ruins clearance, the rewards we attain are Upgrading material for the suppressor, Relic shards, and XP.

As in ruins, your HP doesn’t recover, so the pro tip is that you should cook some food items before visiting the ruins so that may help you in health recovery.

Bygone Phantasm

Bygone phantasm is the magnificent scheme of getting higher and bigger rewards, so don’t miss out on this activity.

Collect All Types Of Nucleus

There are three types of the nucleus: red, gold, and black. Remember this all three are used for essential purposes so make sure to gather all of them.

Exploration Of World And World Bosses

Exploration Of World And World Bosses
Exploration Of World And World Bosses

You have so much to explore in the world in the Tower of Fantasy, and with the help of an interactive map, you can look around all areas without any trouble. You can find the black nucleus here so that you may get the SSR.

Besides this, the world bosses also make an appearance with whom you can fight and earn plenty of rewards, and if you follow the Beginners Guide properly, you might not have to worry about defeating them.

Beginners Guide To Shop

Shops And Things You Must Purchase
Shops And Things You Must Purchase

In Tower of Fantasy, we have a variety of shops and currencies. So, what you should prioritize while making a purchase can be slightly confusing. Here you, with a Beginners Guide of the list of certain items that are worth buying, can make all the right purchasing decisions.

Crystal Dust Shop

You should buy the material from this shop to boost and enhance your weapons. More specifically, the booster and advancement modules are recommended. Also, these items are rare, so buying them from the store is more convenient.

Limited Items

If you are considering spending your real currency, you should purchase the restricted items. You can buy these items only once, and there are chances to get incredible deals and rare equipment through them, such as rookie supplies, Adventure packs, etc.

Their prices may vary accordingly as some cost less and some are more expensive.

Red Nucleus Purchase

Red Nucleus is required to pull from the Limited banner. The point to be noted is that they are highly rare, and it isn’t easy to find them. One way to buy them is through real currency and Tanium.

But there is also the second way, which is more convenient, through dark crystals. So save them rather than wasting and get the red nucleus through these crystals. Your chances of better pull increase through this nucleus.

Buy Gifts

You should purchase gifts from the point store as you can unlock the awakening of SR and SSR characters. In Tower Of Fantasy, we have special, fine, and small gifts, and the cost of each gift item varies.

So buy them and send them to your characters as you know that simulacra awakening is greatly important.

Crew Shop

Here you should purchase the potent Omnium crystal as it increases your progress. Also, buy some relic shards and Suppressor some. Another thing that you can only buy from the shop is Hovercannon Shard, so you must get this one too.

Support Store

It is recommended to purchase the joint supply chips from the support shop as these are useful, and your chances of obtaining the Master and ultimate equipment get double. The type of this item is miscellaneous.

These chips are made for the participants who take part in joint operations. Besides the shop, you can also get it by completing weekly tasks.

Weapon Store

In this store, you should focus on buying weapon duplicates that will lead to the fusion core, which is generally difficult to find. Moreover, for the advancement of weapons, these are also required.

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Functioning Of Simulacra Awakening

Beginners Guide To Awakening
Functioning Of Simulacra Awakening

The simulacra awakening allows you to send gifts to the simulacra in Tower of Fantasy. On reaching level 3, you can turn it on. Then go through the passive abilities, which get stronger on full awakening. Each character has different gift categories.

You can only select one tag for each gift that goes along with the trait of simulacra. However, for the special gift, two labels can be used.

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Final Words

We have included everything a new player can find useful at the start of their journey; we tried our best to keep the guide easy and simple to understand.

If you guys love what we do, kindly share it with your loved ones as it helps us grow too. For more amazing guides in the future and news related to all the upcoming games, stay tuned.

We’ll see you at the next one.

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