Tower of Fantasy Best Advancements: Weapons & Relics

This Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement guide will let you know of all the best advancements you can go through to become the best in-game.

Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement [Top Weapons & Relics]
Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement [Top Weapons & Relics]

Tower of Fantasy made its mark in August 2022 and is on its way to elevating its popularity. The game’s intricate and polished mechanics captivated players worldwide, leaving them yearning for more. Moreover, it allows its players complete freedom in their character building, including the Advancement related to the Weapons and Relics. Hence we provide you with this Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement guide so you can dominate the battlefield.

Tower of Fantasy allows you to play multiple different characters, each with their skillset. Moreover, each character has its own build that enables it to excel beyond its standard capabilities. The characters each have a role to fill. Some characters are best suited for PvP, while some do better in PvE. But some characters are also just innately strong. So if you want more information, check out our Tower of Fantasy Best Characters guide.

Moving on, Gacha pulls don’t always give you your desired character. So if you are looking for another way, check out our Tower of Fantasy How to Reroll guide. The characters also have specific roles to fill, such as Damage Dealer, Support, e.t.c. Hence you can give our Tower of Fantasy Best Class guide to find out the best characters for each role.

Furthermore, The characters use weapons to deal massive damage. The weapons themselves are what make a character truly powerful. So feel free to check out our Tower of Fantasy Best PvP Weapons guide. These weapons are potent from the start, but the character’s advancements unleash their much more powerful state.

Such is the same for the Relics in-game, providing extra perks to boost your overall firepower. That is why advancements are essential and why we provide you with this Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement guide.

What are Advancements In Tower of Fantasy?

Advancements are stages of the weapons and relics progress. The weapons grow stronger with each Advancement and enable you to showcase boosted firepower. The high stats you get from those advancements make your equipment even more lethal.

The character Advancements not only increase the weapons’ potential but also enable you to unlock additional skills and perk, as seen in this Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement. The extra perks can be handy and will allow you to display skill and craftiness in a fight. They can even get you out of a sticky situation if used rightly.

Advancements are necessary if you wish to survive till the endgame and dominate the battlefield while doing so. As the players on the server compete against each other, the PvP scene gets quite competitive. This ensures that everyone will try their hardest to overwhelm their opponents with sheer power. In order to obtain that power, you need to ensure that your weapon has been fully advanced and can demolish anything that stands in its way.

However, the weapon advancements aren’t easily attainable if you just keep going through the game. To advance your weapon, you will require a specific amount of gold and consumable which will increase with each level. You can look at the weapon advancement tab to see how much you need.

Best Weapon Advancements in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned, Weapons are the basics of a character’s kit and are what makes it strong. In order to display the most damage and skill, you need to ensure that your weapon is highly advanced. Imagine what the result would be if you make an already powerful weapon advanced to make it deal more damage to outplay your opponents.

Thus the following list will note down the best advancements for the best weapons in the game.

Samir Weapon Advancements

tower of fantasy samir
Tower of Fantasy Samir

Samir is a strong character in Tower of Fantasy that uses her Dual EM Blasters to obliterate her opponents from a distance. The dual pistols enable her to rain hellfire from a safe distance. Such an advantage makes her one of the strongest characters in the game. She even has the highest DPS in the game and is a goliath to face.

Furthermore, the advancements help take her abilities and weapon’s capabilities up a notch. Her advancements allow her weapon to excel as they have the DPS resonance and benefit significantly from it.

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ After scoring a critical hit, initiate an electrical explosion on the target, causing the target and surrounding opponents extra damage equal to 30% of their ATK. The skill has a 0.2-second cooldown
2★ Base ATK growth for the current weapon is increased by 16%.
3★ 40% increased Critical Strike Rate against electrified enemies. Additionally, the duration of electrified effects is increased by 0.5 seconds, up to a maximum of 5 seconds, by electrical explosions.
4★ Base ATK growth for the current weapon is increased by 32%.
5★ Increases Electro Field’s duration by 100% and draws targets into the center of the attack.
6★ Skill cooldowns are lowered by 1 second when an electrical explosion is triggered.

King Weapon Advancements

King is also high up among the best characters in the game. He uses his Scythe of the Crow to slice his enemies in high. The weapon also has an insane Shatter rate, enabling it to destroy the enemy’s shield and get up close to deal damage. The weapon also gives King longer reach due to the wide arc of the scythe swings.

Moreover, like the Dual EM Blaster, The Scythe of the Crow has a DPS resonance which means the upgrades from the advancements will tremendously boost its ability to slay enemies.

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ 15% increased Shatter Rate. Burn damage equal to 120% of ATK is dealt to the target per second for 15 seconds after the target’s shield is broken.
2★ Base HP growth for the current weapon is increased by 16%.
3★ For every opponent within six meters, increase damage delivered by 10%, up to a total of 30%.
4★ Base ATK growth for the current weapon is increased by 32%.
5★ 100% Increased damage is done to foes with HP shields or shields
6★ For 30 seconds, 10% increased damage is done for each opponent killed. You can stack it up three times.

Nemesis Weapon Advancements

Nemesis TOF Charater

Next up, we have Nemesis in our Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement guide. Nemesis is an exceptional character in Tower of Fantasy. She is integral to any team that she is a part of. She plays a support role in the group and provides her teammates with immense healing to keep them healthy in fights. Her abilities make her the best healer in Tower of Fantasy.

Furthermore, her healing allows her teammates to fight to their heart’s content. They don’t have to worry about being low-health or anything and can just enjoy and relish the fight. Her weapon advancements make her even more robust and reinforce her as one of the best characters in the game.

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ Creates 1 Electrode after using Pulse Lock or Particle Beam Burst, which provides the player with five stacks of healing chain enhancement. Moreover, release a healing chain that restores 135% of the Wanderer’s ATK to surrounding allies.
2★ Base ATK growth for the current weapon is increased by 16%.
3★ The Electrode releases Ring Lightning every 6 seconds, which damages a target area by up to 205% of its ATK.
4★ Base ATK growth for the equipped weapon is increased by 32%.
5★ After using Pulse Lock, increase the Wanderer’s ATK by (5 + (Number of Electrodes *5))% for 25 seconds.
6★ Up to 2 Electrodes can be active at the same time. Summoning more Electrodes will replace the ones furthest from the user.

Tsubasa Weapon Advancements

Tsubasa utilized her bow, The Icewind Arrow, to rain a fury of arrows upon her enemies. Her bow allows her to fire from afar and still deal significant damage. Furthermore, the increased damage from the advancements enables her bow to shine genuinely. For more information on her bow, feel free to check out our Tower of Fantasy Best Bow guide.

Moreover, the weapon has a high charge rate, which is already powerful enough to stand against most enemies. It allows her to fire off multiple ultimate attacks in a fight and showcase her true potential.

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ Each time an arrow shot by a Dodge attack strikes a target, you gain a stack of Sharp Arrows. For 15 seconds, each stack provides you with 5% additional damage. You can stack it up to three times.
2★ Base ATK growth for the current weapon is increased by 16%.
3★ Unleash three Charged Arrows when you launch a Dodge strike.
4★ Base ATK growth for the current weapon is increased by 32%.
5★ Arrow Rain’s duration is doubled, and targets are 25% slower.
6★ Shark Arrow can be stacked to a maximum of five times. Moreover, three stacks are given right away for a Charged Arrow hit, and five stacks are awarded for headshots. 

Cocoritter Weapon Advancements

Cocoritter is the next addition to our Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement list. She is a skilled healer who provides her team utility to ensure their victory. Players compare her to Nemesis due to her powerful healing prowess. Most believe she is better to use than Nemesis because of her abilities.

However, because her healing prowess is available even with an advancement, she is placed lower in this guide. This is not to say that she does not gain from her weapon advancements, as you can see below.

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ You can call forth a healing bee that accompanies the user and heals the teammate with the lowest health percentage within 15 meters after evading. It lasts for 25 seconds and heals for 25% of ATK. Moreover, It replenishes 50 weapon charge points each time. It has a cooldown of 25 seconds
2★ Base HP growth for the current weapon is increased by 16%.
3★ Sanctuary can remove Debuffs from targets or discharge abilities, which can be performed while under the influence of control effects. All teammates within range will deal 20% increased damage and shatter and will also be immune to control effects and shatter.
4★ Base HP growth for the current weapon is increased by 32%.
5★ When healing targets with less than 60% HP, the healing effect increases by 15% and another 20%.
6★ Heals all allies for 100% of the user’s ATK when a healing bee is summoned or leaves a battle. A 15% all-damage and healing boost is also provided to any companions within 10 meters of the healing bee (cannot stack).

Meryl Weapon Advancements

Tower of Fantasy Meryl
Meryl with her GreatSword

Lastly, we have Meryl, who uses her Greatsword to fend off enemy attacks. She plays the defensive role in the team and tanks powerful attacks to ensure that the others remain healthy. Her Greatsword, Rosy Edge, allows her to destroy her enemies’ shields and break past their defense.

This allows her team to launch counterattacks and hit the enemy where it hurts. She even has other effects such as Knockback mixed in her attacks that keep the enemies scared. However, this is not even her full potential. Her Advancement enhances her capabilities and makes her more powerful than ever,

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ After breaking the target’s shield, gain 15% more shatter, and 10% more HP is restored.
2★ Base HP growth for the current weapon is increased by 16%.
3★ When the weapon is swapped, you can get a health ice shield equal to 10% maximum health value, lasting 10 seconds. The shield has a 20 seconds cooldown.
4★ Base HP growth for the current weapon is increased by 32%.
5★ While the shield is active, Deal 50% more damage and shatter.
6★ When switching to the weapon, you gain a Health Ice Shield with a health value of up to 20%. The shield offers resistance to control effects and has a maximum duration of 10 seconds. The cooldown of this skill is 20 seconds.

These are all the best weapon advancements that provide the most to the respective characters. All advancements are promising and add much to the character’s overall firepower. You should advance whichever character you are playing to ensure you are at the apex of the food chain. However, some advancements provide a lot more than others which you can see above.

Best Relics Advancements in Tower of Fantasy

Moving on, we cover the Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement for relics. Relics are essential pieces of equipment that can add quite a lot to your kit. They all provide different perks and abilities, which means their use varies. The SSR Relics in the game are the strongest and will help you break past your limits. For more information on the relics, make sure to check our Tower of Fantasy Best Relics guide.

Just like the character and their weapon advancements, the relics have their own. Their advancements unlock their additional abilities making them more useful in battles. So, to aid you in becoming the best, we have listed the best advancements for the best relics at your disposal.

Colossus Arms Advancements

Tower of Fantasy Colossus Arms Best Relic
Colossus Arms

The Colossus Arms is an SSR Relic. It is an Attack Type relic that fights in your place and launches powerful attacks. It exponentially increases your attack power allowing you to deal tremendous damage to anyone unfortunate enough to face you.

The colossus arms are a powerful addition to any arsenal and will prove to be potent. Their only drawback is their 300-second cooldown. However, the solution to that is its Advancement. The advancements decrease the cooldown and introduce multiple different abilities and damage, making it stand out even more.

1★ With each strike, you launch two missiles that attack the target. Damage from each missile is equivalent to 34.8% of ATK.
2★ Lowers the cooldown to 200 second
3★ With each strike, four missiles are fired, damaging the target. Damage from each missile is equivalent to 34.8% of ATK.
4★ Even if they are not deployed, you take 2% less Physical damage. You cannot use it in Apex League
5★ The duration of Colossus Arms is extended to 30 seconds, during which you take 20% reduced damage. 

Magnetic Storm

Next up in this Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement guide, we have the Magnetic Strom Relic. It is an SR relic that showcases extreme DPS and control. It allows you to overwhelm your opponents with a mighty force and leave them begging for mercy,

The relic itself is already mighty, but with advancements, it overtakes most of the SSR Relics. The advancements increase its usefulness and make it much deadlier. The damage it deals is also increased, which adds more to the user’s firepower.

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ Fire off two electric tornadoes.
2★ Deal 20% increased damage with Tornadoes
3★ Fire off three electric tornadoes.
4★ 1.5% increased bolt damage even while the relic is stationary and not deployed. You cannot use it in Apex League.
5★ Every time they sustain damage, tornado victims have a 50% risk of being disoriented for three seconds. Additionally, the tornado will switch the movement direction inputs of the enemy caught in it.

Type V Armor

Type V Armor
Type-V Armor In-Game

Type V Armor is an SSR Relic that showcases its potential to be the best. It fires off high-accuracy bullets rapidly, allowing you to deal significant damage. The relic is deadly in the right hands, as you can finish off the fight just during the duration of this relic.

The only way to improve this relic is to make it more lethal. That means you need to increase its attack damage and time duration. Another thing you can add is to make it more durable. Well, all of that is easily possible with its advancements.

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ Gain resistance to control and damage from flames when handling mechs.
2★ Fire six times with artillery at the locked-on enemy. It deals damage equal to 155.2% of ATK is with each hit.
3★ Dealing damage while operating the armor also afflicts enemies with Burn.
4★ Deal 2% more flame damage even while the relic is stationary and not deployed. You cannot use it in Apex League.
5★ Acquire the Flame Domain ability.
Flame Domain: At the current position, construct a wide-range Flame Realm that deals damage up to 1146.8% of ATK.

Missile Barrage

Lastly, we have the Missile Barrage Relic in our Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement guide. This SR relic allows you to place down a missile launcher. The missile launcher fires off multiple rockets at the surrounding enemies that each deal significant damage. Furthermore, it only has 60 seconds cooldown, enabling you to use it multiple times during a fight.

The Advancements for this relic make it even more powerful. They add more missiles to it and allow it to increase its firepower tremendously. Moreover, the increased damage also comes in handy in finishing off enemies trying to run away or to start the fight with a bang.

Advancement Rank Effect
1★ Fire more missiles every second.
2★ Deal 20% more Missle Barrage damage
3★ The duration of the Missile Barrage is increased by 12 seconds.
4★ Deal 1.5% higher physical damage even while the relic is stationary and not deployed.
5★ Fire off more missiles every second, causing you to deal more damage

These are some of the best relics you can use in-game and their best advancements. That finishes the relics part of this Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement guide.


Advancements are crucial for you to display your true potential. They allow you to unlock additional skills and stats and make you stand out above your competitors. For the weapons, they will enable you to deal more damage with the increased stats and even boost your health recovery. Such perks are advantageous in an intense battle and can be the deciding factor. Hence make sure that you are advancing whenever you can.

For the relics. The advancements increase their damage and abilities. The new skills make your kit even more robust and allow you to dominate the battlefield. They also incorporate durability to the relics making them more sustainable in fights. This will enable you to keep using them for longer durations, especially missile barrage, which you can use multiple times during a single battle. You cannot give up such powerful upgrades. Thus, it would be best if you always looked forward to advancing your relics.

This concludes our Tower of Fantasy Best Advancement guide. Let us know down below which Advancement you think is the most crucial!

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