Tower of Fantasy: BEST Bosses to Farm

In this guide we will be discussing all the bossesand everything about them.

tower of fantasy best boss to farm

Have you been getting bored of exploring? Do you want to spice things up? Well lucky for you as we will cover the Tower of Fantasy Best Boss to Farm and all the ways you can defeat them in-game. It’s a new challenge for you to put your skills to the test and feel that sweet dopamine release every time you beat that one boss after five hundred tries.

Key Takeaways

  • In level 22, Robarg can be found close to the Southern Ring Ranges (approximately -565,1055). It deals physical damage and is vulnerable to ice-type attacks, so be ready with some of those.
  • Apophis deals physical damage and has a terrible weakness in ice-type attacks. At level 30, the player runs into him close to the Banges Industrial Zone (approximately -480, 18).
  • In contrast to its predecessors, Frost Bot at level 35 in Navia Bay (approximately -595, -551) attacks with frost, making fire its natural weakness.
  • Level 40 of Lucia in the Crown Mines (approximately 1106, -1130). There is no clear weakness in Lucia that might be used against her.
  • At level 40, Sobek can be found in the Feindish Swamp (approximately 60, 515). Sobek is a Volt attacker. Therefore you can utilize extremely effective attacks of the Fire or Ice types on him.

Here is a summary table for the attack patterns of the Best Bosses to Farm in Tower of Fantasy. Each column represents the attack and its description for each boss:

Earth Spike
Poison Gas
2ApophisMelee Swipe
Rock Throw
Melee Attack
Energy Radiation
3Frost BotFreeze Field
Ice Orbs
Double Charge
Spinning Charge
4LuciaSpinning Fist
Belly Slam
Whip Spin
Sword Swing
Crack That Whip
5SobekAir Strike
Water Cannon
Tail Swipe
Burrow Attack
Head Charge
Volt Shield
Thundering Claw

If you have ever played Genshin Impact, then you are already familiar with this game, but if you aren’t familiar with Genshin, let us elaborate. Tower of Fantasy as a game is known as a gacha game. It originates from the East and incentivizes you as the player to spend money on it rather than unlocking skins. You unlock characters, weapons, and best relics.

Even though Genshin Impact may inspire it, Tower of Fantasy has some quality of life improvements that it tries to implement. Some of these are not very noticeable, while others make it so much easier to do specific tedious tasks such as going around the map and talking to NPCs.

tower of fantasy cover art
Tower of Fantasy Cover

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Best Bosses To Farm

What are world bosses, you may wonder? Well, these are the most formidable enemies in the entire game. They each inhabit their respective area and act as the final obstacle you must overcome to progress.

Now, if we break down some ground rules for taking on these monsters, they are pretty simple. Firstly, do not fight them solo. It doesn’t matter if you are at the same level or higher than them; just don’t end as it will end badly if you attempt it.

In a more general sense, the best way to tackle these bosses is to have some friends with you because you will all get the same amount of loot and experience after the bosses’ defeat. Hence there is the added benefit of reward equality which keeps everyone primed for the attack. Now we will discuss the Tower of Fantasy Best Boss to Farm.


tower of fantasy robarg
Robarg Art

Now Robarg, in its appearance, seems pretty typical for a machine, but it’s the moveset is what you should be worried about when facing this dancing disaster. The theme of the mechanical plant is quite well represented in the moveset as they all relate to the core concept of utilizing the earth itself to inflict damage to you.

Robarg is encountered at level 22 near the Southern Ring Ranges (approximately -565,1055). Robarg itself deals physical damage and is weak to ice-type moves, so have some of those prepared up your sleeves.

Moves Description
Sweep Robarg charges up for a short time and makes a sweep attack in a 180° arc in front of him.
Earth Spike Robarg randomly selects between 1-4 players to get hit by spikes launched from the ground. These spikes can hit between 1-3 times.
Roar Robarg charges up shortly and roars, damaging all players around him in a circle.
Poison Gas Robargs gas attack is by far his most lethal move. Its a vast area of effect range makes it nearly impossible to dodge in close combat.

Carefully watch your HP after getting hit.
Summoning During the fight, he randomly summons a swarm of bees. Frequency depends on how fast you kill the boss.
Spheres Robarg summons seven spheres above his head and launches them at the player.

The possible rewards you could get from defeating Robarg are:

  • Random SR Weapon
  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • KING SSR Matrix
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Missle Barrage Shard
  • Matrix Datapack III
  • Robarg Matrix


tower of fantasy best boss to farm
Apophis Art

This world boss is more like a rabid dog, and the design also leads us in this direction. The big front hands and quadrupedal look in the back evoke the image of a dog, although more deadly and less fluffy. You should NOT pet this thing because it will tear that arm clean off. With that being defined, the moveset for this monster is listed below.

Like Robarg, Apophis is a physical damage dealer with a particularly nasty weakness to ice-type moves. He is encountered by the player at level 30 near the Banges Industrial Zone (approximately -480, 18).

Moves Description
Melee Swipe Apophis will charge up its arms and make a 360 swipe attack.
Rock Throw Apophis just randomly throws rocks at enemies.
Pounce Apophis stays in a low stance for several seconds before pouncing toward a player’s direction.
Melee Attack This move has two features: one heavy charged-up swipe with its paw or a three burst that slams down at the end of it.
Energy Radiation Apophis will stick its claws in the ground and begin to blast waves throughout the battlefield.
Fireball Throughout the fight, Apophis raises its hands into the air and launches fireballs from its hands.

The possible rewards for defeating Apophis are:

  • Tsubasa SSR Matrix
  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Couant Shard
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Datapack III
  • Apophis Matrix

Frost Bot

tower of fantasy frost bot
Frost Bot Art

Ok, imagine this; one of the mechanical animals from Horizon Zero got fused to a crab, and it started taking steroids. This is the image that Frost Bot conjures into our heads. It is, by all means, a threatening design that is only amplified by the moveset, but it is also quite goofy. These contrasting features help it stand out and be more memorable.

Frost Bot is found at level 35 by the player near Navia Bay (approximately -595, -551). Unlike its previous peers, this world boss is a frost attacker; hence, it has an innate weakness to fire.

Moves Description
Freeze Field Frost Bot charges a large area of effect that applies regular freeze to everyone around it.

You can break out of it by mashing your attack button. Unlike permafrost, this attack can be dodged.
Ice Orbs Frost bot charges an ice orb and shoots it at a player three times in a row with slight delays. The third shot is slightly bigger.
Permafrost Its signature move. Frost Bot spreads icy fog around him, freezing players with a special kind of ice.

A timer will appear on frozen players counting down. When it reaches 0, the player will instantly be killed.

Other players can break the ice with five hits. One way to avoid getting hit is by having a weapon swap skill ready and using it when he starts the animation.
Double Charge Frost bot burns out his wheel for a moment, then does a charge forward, knocking everything in his path over.

He does a 180° at the end, charging the focused player again.
Spinning Charge Frost Bot does a spinning charge with almost no windup, knocking players over.

The possible rewards from defeating Frost Bot are:

  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Frost Bot Matrix
  • Huma SSR Matrix
  • Hovercannon Shard
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Backpack III

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tower of fantasy best boss to farm
Lucia Art

W…where do we even begin describing Lucia? Her design is a mishmash of quite a few things and borrows from old western aesthetics, especially the clothing and hat with the netted veil. Besides, she has wings, a lovely deep emerald shade, and weapons in both hands. On her right, she holds a whip, and on her left, a chainsaw.

You encounter Lucia at level 40 in the Crown Mines (approximately 1106, -1130). Lucia has no such direct weakness that can counter her. You can only go in with confidence and put your Dark Souls skills to the test.

Moves Description
Spinning Fist Lucia moves around, spinning her after a few spins. She will try to punch a target.
Belly Slam Lucia will walk along the battlefield chasing a player. After a hop, skip, and jump, she will belly flop onto her target.
Whip Spin Lucia will spin her whip in a 360 degrees radius around herself and continue to do it for a few seconds.
Sword Swing Lucia can occasionally swing a sword into the ground right in front of her.
Crack That Whip She raises her whip in the air, then cracks it forward after a short moment, causing a purple shockwave in the area.

The possible rewards from defeating Lucia are:

  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Lucia Matrix
  • Shiro SSR Matrix
  • Quantum Cloak Shard
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Backpack III


tower of fantasy sobek
Sobek Art

The best way to describe Sobek is if Blastoise went down the wrong path and ended up in rehab. This boss is a giant reptilian with a back-mounted cannon and technological upgrades to its bio body, especially its hind legs. Worthy of being on the Tower of Fantasy Best Boss to Farm list.

This boss is encountered at level 40 in the Feindish Swamp (approximately 60, 515). Since Sobek is a Volt attacker you can use the Fire or Ice type moves which are super effective against this boss. This boss is worthy of being a Tower of Fantasy Best Boss to Farm.

Moves Description
Air Strike An underwater attack where the boss fires missiles across the battlefield.
Water Cannon Sobek’s main move is to fire its giant cannon on its back. The move targets a player, launching a big watery bolt.
Tail Swipe Sobek will move backward slightly and to the right, charge for a moment and then whip its tail towards the enemy.
Burrow Attack Sobek’s second underwater attack, where it shortly appears under a character’s position.
Head Charge Sobek powers itself up, creating a blue orb on its head. It then charges around the battlefield.
Volt Shield Sobek will occasionally put a shield around itself, take reduced shock damage, and break the shield to return to average damage.
Thundering Claw Sobek moves its claws to the front then they start glowing blue. It then raises them into the air before they come crashing down.

The possible rewards from defeating Frost Bot are:

  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Random R Matrix Chip
  • Sobek Matrix
  • Crow SSR Matrix
  • Cybernetic Arm Shard
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Matrix Backpack III

How to Farm World Bosses

The one thing to know is that these bosses do respawn after some time. The best way to go about bosses is to make sure that everything in the list below is checked off.

  • Have at least three members in your party and designate a group lead.
  • Go to the channel which wants to beat the World Boss.
  • Bring your party along to fight the World Boss.
  • Employ the most effective strategies available to you in your fight.
  • Do not be more than two levels below the boss you are facing, this goes for all the members in your group.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, there is no objectively easiest Tower of Fantasy Best World Boss to Farm but if we had to pick one then it would be Lucia. However, this can be different for you if you have some different characters.

For example, if you got really lucky and pulled an SSR Meryl then you would have a much easier time against Robarg or Apophis due to their weakness to Ice type moves which Meryl can dish out quite a bit.

So to conclude, if you don’t have a high DPS character or an SSR which has the same typing as the weakness of one of the World Bosses then consider going for Lucia since she has no innate weakness or advantage against different typings.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of each World Boss and how best to farm them, go out there and get that loot. While you are here why not check out another fascinating guide on Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus.

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