Tower Of Fantasy Best Bow [All Bows]

Here is the list of best bow weapons you can acquire in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Best Bow
Tower of Fantasy Best Bow

Perfect World’s much anticipated Tower of Fantasy finally received a global launch after massive praise in China. Developers call the new Tower of Fantasy a “Genshin Killer” with a revamped open-world MMORPG experience focusing on highly detailed characters and weapons. For that instance, the game is attracting a lot of veterans and new players with one question on top what is the Tower of Fantasy best bow

When it comes to the Gacha games, bow weapons have always been a prime consideration of players. Meanwhile, developers have offered numerous powerful weapons in the Tower of Fantasy. But still, many people miss out on the opportunity to get the best bow in the game. 

If you are also one of those players seeking Tower of Fantasy best bow, then you are at the right place. Even though players have many opportunities and weapons, getting your hands on the best bows is an easy miss. Weapons are directly related to what type of playthrough you are trying to pursue. 

In this case, you will have to make the correct consideration from the start to increase the chances of acquiring all the bows in Tower of Fantasy. This guide entails all the details you need to know about the best bow in Tower of Fantasy. With that said, let’s get right into it.

Key Takeaways

  • Bow weapons have long been a significant consideration of players.
  • The Composite Bow is a unique bow weapon in Tower of Fantasy that is not character-specific and has a Fire element. Players can use the Composite Bow to deal unrelenting fire damage to opponents for up to 16 seconds.
  • According to its statistics, Nightingale’s Feather has a Shatter value of 6. Players can quickly destroy their opponents’ shields and leave them vulnerable to your attacks when this value is on their side.
  • Icewind Arrow comes with an Ice Shell element to provide freezing damage, and its frostbitten effect lasts for six seconds, while the freezing harm only lasts for two seconds.

Tower Of Fantasy Best Bow

You might already know that the weapons are categorized under SSR, SR, and R ranks. The SSR represents the higher rank and rarity, thus relating to more powerful weapons. Meanwhile, the performance and strength of the SR and R unit weapons are low compared to SSR. 

Additionally, you can acquire weapons like bows on specific characters. In essence, weapons and characters are interlinked to yield the best performance through skills and ultimate combos. This mechanic enables a smooth learning curve for new players just joining the game. 

Conversely, players can also see the weapon characteristics with elemental types. These include Grievous as Physical, Ice Shell, Volt, and Flame. Now that you know the basics of weapons mechanics in Tower of Fantasy, let’s look at bows available to players. 

Composite Bow

The first bow players will find in Tower of Fantasy is Composite Bow. It is an entry-level weapon with an R unit in the Tower of Fantasy. Composite Bow has always been the prime choice of beginner players among the dozens of weapons already available to players.

The main reason behind it is that Composite Bow is not character exclusive and comes with a Fire element, which is unique for a bow weapon in Tower of Fantasy. Using the Composite Bow will allow players to deal with continuous fire damage on opponents for up to 16 seconds. 

If this sounds like your ideal playthrough, you should consider Composite Bow for your character build in Tower of Fantasy. Here are the best characters you can use for the Fire element among the Tower of Fantasy best elements

Composite Bow in Tower of Fantasy
Composite Bow

Looking further into the stats, players using Composite Bow will be eligible to deal DPS Resonance with their ideal character. Now, this might not sound surprising at the start. However, employing this bow in PvP will dish out the best damage and performance. For those who do not know, DPS means Damage Per Second and involves less effort to deal massive damage to the opponents. 

Players pursuing a Player vs. Player build must incorporate a DPS weapon to make the most out of the online gaming experience. For that instance, Composite Bow makes up a perfect DPS weapon that is readily available to players and maximizes character performance. 

Nightingale’s Feather

The next bow weapon that is highly worthy of mention is Nightingale’s Feather. However, it is a Bai Ling exclusive weapon. But as you progress further in the storyline, you can easily equip the weapon for any character. One of the best approaches to using this weapon is through character combinations. 

Combinations go a long way to assist in both PvE and PvP battles of Tower of Fantasy. Meanwhile, in the case of Nightingale’s Feather, the stats are straight off the charts. It is an SR weapon with a Grievous element. Meanwhile, it also uses DPS resonance to deal massive damage in close and far-range combat. 

Considering the SR unit on Nightingale’s Feather, it is more rare and more powerful than the Composite Bow. Thus it involves even more storyline progression and careful consideration to make the most out of the performance. On the other side, Bai Ling is the perfect character for using Nightingale’s Feather. 

Nightingale's Feather in Tower of Fantasy
Nightingale’s Feather

She is more agile in dodging the income strikes from enemies while making accurate DPS damage using the charged Nightingale’s Feather bow. Significantly, the combination of this weapon and Bai Ling is a perfect choice if players are more suited to far-range gameplay.

Unlike Composite Bow, Nightingale’s Feather is also upgradeable with suitable materials. This way, players can increase the damage output and Grievous performance on all enemies. 

The stats of Nightingale’s Feather reveal a Shatter value of 6. With this value on your side, players can easily obliterate opponents’ shields and expose them to your attacks. Meanwhile, the bow comes with a Charge of 10 to deal basic damage up to 87.8%. 

Icewind Arrow

Last but not least bow weapon entry in Tower of Fantasy is Icewind Arrow. It is used by Tsubasa and has an SSR unit, thus more rarity and enhanced performance than any other bows in the game. Meanwhile, as the name implies, Icewind Arrow comes with an Ice Shell element to deal freezing damage. 

The cherry on top is that this freezing damage will last for two seconds while leaving a frostbitten effect for six seconds. This is important because, during the heat of battle, you will not be able to stand a chance while low on HP. Meanwhile, Icewind Arrow will give players a small timeframe to freeze the enemy and decide the next move. 

Icewind Arrow In Tower of Fantasy
Icewind Arrow

Or you can just finish the opponent by breaking the Ice Shell and deal damage of 151.00% ATK. At the same time, the Ice Shell will negate the opponent’s charge by 50%, thus dropping their defenses and attacks even further. 

Icewind Arrow also has a DPS Resonance, making it ideal for both PvE and PvP. On the other side, the weapon stats include a Shatter value of 4. It does not seem right for a powerful and rare bow weapon. But what this weapon lacks in Shatter, it makes up for a Charge of 11.5. 

Final Words

Players can consider numerous other weapons to pursue their ideal gameplay in Tower of Fantasy. You can utilize Em Blasters, Spears, Mauls, and many more weapons entries for your character. Meanwhile, these were just the bows you can quickly obtain in the game. 

That is about it for Tower of Fantasy best bow weapons. Do you find this guide helpful for obtaining your ideal bow for your character? What is your favorite weapon for both PvE and PvP? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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