Tower of Fantasy Classes: The Ultimate Guide

This Tower of Fantasy Best Class will let you know of all the classes that you can play as in this game. along with which are the best ones.

Tower of Fantasy Best Class: Duelist, Marksman, and More

Tower of Fantasy is the latest MMORPG game on the block. The game’s intricate and mesmerizing world-building and mechanics have cemented its success. You can choose from multiple characters and weapons in-game to reach the apex of your skills. However, to select the best characters and weapons accustomed to you, you need to know about the classes that they fall in. Thus we provide you with this Tower of Fantasy Best Class guide to aid you in this process.

Key Takeaways

  • You can select from a variety of characters in Tower of Fantasy, each with its own advantages. Some characters are better at PvP, while others are better at PvE.
  • The characters fall into certain categories. The diverse weapons that the characters can use open up a world of opportunities for creating the greatest class.
  • Duelist Class: You need players in this class on your squad if you want things to go smoothly because they can defeat practically anyone in a 1v1 battle. These are skilled duelists who are sure they can completely destroy their opponents.
  • Assassin Class: They skulk in the shadows and take advantage of their utility skills to win battles. When the time is right, they launch a powerful weapon attack to immediately dispatch their adversaries.
  • Marksman Class: Characters adept at outpacing their foes with sheer destructive power and ranged strikes. They utilize their range to their advantage in order to prevail in combat. Also, it protects them from melee opponents so they can win battles without receiving any harm.
  • The Tank class is adept at shielding the team from attacks from the opposition. They may deflect strikes with their weapons, giving them a chance to initiate counterattacks.
  • Support class: Characters that are most useful and aid their squad in winning battles are found in the support class. Also, they offer to heal to prolong the lives of their allies and give them the assurance to attack without hesitation.
  • You must make sure that your team is well-balanced with members from various academic backgrounds. Classes are important, but they are not required to be attended. You can design your own customized kits that suit you the best.

Here is a summary table for the best Classes in Tower of Fantasy:

No.ClassCharacterWeapon Special Attacks
1DuelistKingScythe of CrowReturning Chainblade, Asunder, Flaming Scythe, Domain of the Bat, Mortal Coil, Rising Scythe, Sneak Attack
2AssassinShiroChakram of the SeasAerial Discharge, Sneak Attack, Full Bloom, Scatter, Waning Moon, Spirit of the Air, Rapid Throw, Air Spin
3MarksmanSamirDual EM StarsDual Fire, Rising Lightning Kick, Phantom Kick, Energy Burst, Domain of Thunder, Bullet Rain
4MarksmanTsubasaIcewind ArrowQuickdraw, Arrow Rain, Piercing Shot, Arrow Volley, Charged Arrow, Explosive Barrage, Loaded Arrow
5TankHumaMolten Shield V2Valor, Aerial Strike, Anticipation, Seething Rage, Erupt, Fission
6SupportNemesisVenusDual Focus, Aerial Discharge, Twin Spinning Focus, Forward Pursuit, Parallel Beams, Pulse Lock, Discharge

What Are Classes in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy characterizes its characters through their quirks. Even though there aren’t any explicit mentions of classes in the game, the characters fit some specific classes. The different characters can go with various weapons that create avenues filled with endless possibilities to create the best class.

Moreover, the characters have unique abilities, skills, and attributes. This, combined with their preferred weapon, create the room where they excel the most. Furthermore, the character’s elemental attacks play a considerable part in determining the best role they fulfill. It allows you to use the characters in their respective roles/class, which is why this Tower of Fantasy Best Class will be helpful for you.

However, the idea that you can craft your own class with your blend of abilities, weapon, and skills allow you to immerse yourself further into the game. It provides you with the opportunity to make a goliath of a class that enables you to dominate any enemies standing in your way.

Although it can be beneficial to your whole experience, the task of creating a class is a long and tedious process. That is because not every ability and weapon fits every character making it hard to differentiate between which will be the most useful. Also, this process can be quite time-consuming to create the best class.

To save you time and effort, we have tried multiple combinations to provide you with these classes. They are some of the best classes in the game, with the respective characters and the abilities that fill them.

Tower of Fantasy Classes

We will be going through the best tower of fantasy classes. They are named as per how the characters work. We will have all the abilities and the character’s weapon to ensure that you are fully aware of the character’s capabilities.

The Classes that we will discuss are the following:

  • Duelist Class
  • Assassin Class
  • Marksman Class
  • Tank Class
  • Support Class

Now that you know the classes, let’s take a more detailed look.

Duelist Class

This class includes characters that are insanely DPS-focused. They deal a ton of damage and decimate their opponents before giving them a chance. Their sheer firepower is enough to overpower their foes and emerge victorious in their battles.

They are quite skilled at breaking the enemy’s defense, allowing them to get those decisive blows to land. Players in this class have the capability to beat almost anyone in a 1v1 and are needed in your team for smooth sailing. They excel in dueling and are confident in their ability to complete crush their foes.


Tower of Fantasy King

Firstly, the most powerful character on this list is King. King showcases revolutionary potential as a close-combat fighter and annihilates his opponents with his Scythe of the Crow. King has excellent offensive capabilities with his long range. He can deal with multiple wide-range attacks, which can be lethal in a team fight. He also has insane attack speed making him launch multiple blows in exchange for an attack.

King has a durability trait that you can unlock for 1200 points. The attribute “Coldblooded Swipe” heals King for 8% of his health for every seven enemies he takes down. This is a perfect trait for him that rewards him for his high DPS. Killing off enemies isn’t tricky for King with his abilities, so such a trait allows him to reap the rewards of his efforts.

If you are looking for a more advanced version of this treat, you can go for “Fear Reaper.” It heals you for 10% of your health for every five enemies. Such an upgrade is very compelling; however, you will have to sacrifice 4000 awakening points for it.

Scythe of Crow

His weapon Scythe of the Crow, is powerful as well. The weapon has one of the highest Shatter rates of 12.5. This lets him quickly get through the enemy’s defense by breaking their shields. Without their shields, they are helpless in the face of the King’s offensive prowess.

Moreover, he has a fire elemental attack called Flame. It allows him to deal explosive damage to his enemies and render them helpless against his unrelenting attacks. The ultimate attack sets fire to his enemies, making them burn for eight seconds in excruciating pain. The fire lasts for eight seconds, with the enemies taking 58% of the base attack damage every second. This fire also disables the enemies healing capabilities by 50%, making them an easier target.


Moreover, the weapon has a lot more to provide as well. You can check the following list of what the weapon can perform.

Attacks Effects
Normal Attack Deal five blows in succession, with each one dealing more damage than the previous one
Returning Chainblade Transforms you into a chain blade that deals 137% of your attack damage to enemies near you.
Gain a Dash Strike after a Perfect Dodge
Asunder Jump in any direction dealing damage to those around you
Inflicts knockback upon landing
Flaming Scythe Removes all debuffs
Using Phantasia increases your Attack Damage for 10 seconds
Domain of the Bat It pulls the target in a domain and allows you to deal massive damage.
Mortal Coil Deal 500% of your Attack Damage on your Scythe’s Swing.
Rising Scythe Perform an Aerial Normal Attack. The Higher the enemy’s altitude, the more damage you deal.
Attacks from behind deal 570% of the Attack Damage

This is the most potent duelist character attack that effectively enforces his ability to destroy his opponents.

Assassin Class

Next up, we have the Assasin Class. This class is similar to the Deuslist class as they also deal significant damage in certain situations. They lurk in the shadows and use their utility skills to gain an advantage in a fight. When the timing is right, they strike with weapons and deal enormous damage to finish off their opponents instantly.


Tower of Fantasy Shiro

The character that excels the most in the Assasin Class is Shiro. She has various skills that allow her to unlock her true potential. Moreover, her weapon Chakram of Seas fulfills the gaps in her defense and enables her to deal decisive blows.

She is really good at getting through her opponent’s defense and launching her skills to wipe the floor with her foes. Moreover, her weapons attribute increase her already high attack damage and make her a force to be reckoned with.

Chakram of the Seas

Shiro uses the Chakram of the Seas to display her assassin prowess masterfully. The weapon has a high Shatter rate of 10, which enables her to move through the enemy’s shield and stab them in cold blood.

Furthermore, she has a grievous elemental attack. The attack deals 137% of the attack damage and makes the enemies take 20% increased damage for seven seconds. Such a high advantage makes her blow her opponents away with severe damage. The grievous effects allow her to finish off any loose ends and leave without leaving any traces.


Check the list below to see the weapons attacks in more detail.

Attacks Effects
Normal Attack Deal five blows in succession, with each one dealing more damage than the previous one
The last hit inflicts knockback on enemies
Aerial Discharge Perform three spinning attacks in succession while in the air
Attacks from behind deal 427% of the Attack Damage
Full Bloom Chakrams move with intense speed creating a whirlpool and swallowing all nearby enemies, dealing damage as well.
Scatter Launch five Chakrams that each deal 43.5% attack damage
Inflicts slight knockback
Waning Moon Massive damage after executing a dodge
Inflicts stun on enemies
Spirit of the Air Removes all debuffs
Using Phantasia increases your Attack Damage for 10 seconds
Rapid Throw Perform a five auto attacks combo in succession
Air Spin Launch forth a powerful swing that deals 191.5% attack damage
Suspends the enemies hit

The increased damage from her sneak attacks is a testament to her prowess as an assassin. Her mobility skills also enable her to fulfill this role and backstab the enemies when they least expect it. Even though she is an assassin, the different ways her Chakram can be used ensure that she won’t lose even in a head-on battle. Powerful attacks like Waning Moon make her lethal when spotted.

Marksman Class

Next up in this Tower of Fantasy Best Class, we have the Marksman Class. Marksman Class includes characters skilled in overwhelming their enemies with sheer damaging prowess and ranged attacks. They use their range to their advantage to win their battles. Moreover, it also keeps them safe from melee characters, allowing them to win fights without taking any damage.

Such a class is exceptional for dealing damage and ensuring your survival. This is the Tower of Fantasy Best Class, in my opinion, because of how much it provides you with. Following are the best characters you can find in this class.


Tower of Fantasy Samir

Samir is a strong character that uses her Dual Guns to destroy her opponents. She has one of the most tremendous in-game damage alongside her range advantage. She shreds through her enemies’ defense and blows them to smithereens. To complement her class, she comes packed with various mobility skills to allow her room to escape out of tough situations or close-range combat.

Furthermore, she has a broken trait called “Trickery,” which allows her to deal bonus damage if she doesn’t take any damage for four seconds. This is an excellent trait for her as it exploits her range and rewards her for maintaining her distance. Additionally, the increased damage can be increased up four times if you manage to remain scratch free.

Moreover, Samir has some powerful AOE attacks, enabling her to deal with numerous foes simultaneously. Such an advantage makes her well equipped for any kind of battle that ensues.

Dual EM Stars

Samir’s weapon is called the Dual EM Stars. These pistols are the main reason why Samir works so well. The weapon has a DPS resonance along with a lightning elemental attack. The elemental attack is Volt. This attack paralyzes her opponents and deals electrifying damage for six seconds. Additionally, it removes all their buffs and debuffs, making them take the full brunt of this attack’s 144% attack damage. To top it all off, the targeted enemies cannot get any buffs for the next six seconds, making them highly vulnerable.

Moreover, the weapon has a 10.7 Charge rate, allowing her to use her elemental attack multiple times in a fight. With such a powerful elemental attack that can demolish opponents, imagine how scary it can be when you can keep spamming it.


The following list gives a more detailed explanation of all the weapon’s attacks.

Attacks Effects
Dual Fire Fire five bullets with varying damage
Last attack deals 154% Damage
Launches the Enemy
Rising Lightning Kick Deal 122.6% of Attack Damage after dodging an enemy attack
Phantom Kick Perform an AOE attack where you smash the ground
Energy Burst Shoot forth to unleash a barrage of bullets that each deal 23% damage
Domain of Thunder Using Phantasia removes all debuffs
Create a small field that lasts for 3.5 seconds
Deals massive damage to enemies inside the field
Bullet Rain Fire endlessly at the ground when in the air to deal 50.6% damage
Each hit is worth 220 endurance

Samir is one of the most potent DPS characters in the game, which is also reflected in her attacks. Bull rain and dual fire allow her to deal explosive damage that can overwhelm the toughest of opponents. Additionally, her phantom kick will enable her to crush multiple enemies and even use it as a disengage.


Next up, we have Tsubasa. She is also exceptional in the marksman class due to her compelling nature and fighting prowess. She is an archer that utilizes the terrain and range to her advantage. Her mighty arrows pierce enemies with such destructive force that they can even one-shot them.

Moreover, like Samir, she also has AOE attacks that allow her to deal with multiple opponents. However, Tsubasa can even do her AOE attacks from a safe distance giving her an innate advantage before hell breaks loose. This makes her extremely powerful and a terrifying opponent. Moreover, she has a trait called “Rainstorm,” which increases her attack damage with each hit that lands. This gives her an incentive to fire her arrows with precision and killing intent.

Icewind Arrow

Tsubasa utilizes her Icewind Arrow bow to showcase her true potential as a marksman. The weapon is one of a kind with its technologically advanced upgrades that enable it to excel beyond standard capabilities. The weapon has a DPS resonance along with an Ice element. This allows it to pull off the Ice shell elemental attack.

The Ice shell elemental attack allows Tsubasa to trap her enemies in an ice prison for two seconds and deal massive damage of 151% to them when they break out of it. Moreover, they are inflicted with frostbite for six seconds which halves their charge rate. This leaves them unable to launch their ultimate attack in the face of the never-ending arrows.

Furthermore, the weapon has a charge rate of 11.5, which allow it to shine even more with its ultimate attack. This makes it able to fit the ultimate attack various times throughout their fight.


Following are all the Icewind Arrow Attacks:

Attacks Effects
Quickdraw Launch five arrows in the air, each with increased damage than the previous arrow
Arrow Rain Rain a barrage of arrows in an area to deal massive AOE damage
Piercing Shot Fire three piercing arrow that deals 258.3% damage ignoring all enemy’s defense after performing a backflip
Arrow Volley Fire four arrows while airborne to deal increased damage with each arrow
Charged Arrow Charge up your arrow to deal additional damage
Deal double damage in case of a headshot or hitting a weak point
Explosive Barrage Using Phantasia removes all debuffs
Creates a hailstorm that deals 570% attack damage
45% increased speed for seven seconds
Loaded Arrow Deals 124% Attack Damage
Knockbacks the enemy hit

These attacks are outstanding. Arrow rain and Arrow volley allow you to fire AOE attacks, enabling you to get out of tough spots. Moreover, her discharge attack Explosive Barrage deals a ton of damage that renders the opponents begging for mercy.

Tank Class

The tank class is also worthy of being called Tower of Fantasy Best Class. The Tank class specializes in defending the team against enemy blows. They are mighty warriors that face the enemies head-on and deal enough damage while tanking to finish them off. Their weapons allow them to block off attacks and provide them the opportunity to launch counterattacks.


Tower of Fantasy Huma

Huma is the best character in the Tank Class. Her abilities and skills make her capable of making this class the Tower of Fantasy Best Class. Huma is a character with a huge health bar which allows her to withstand and trade blows. She excels in that regard and makes head-on battles that much more easier.

She uses her Weapon Molten Shield V2 which can change forms. The weapon can either change into a shield or an axe. This provides her with both offensive and defensive capabilities. She makes a perfect blend of such skills and destroys her opponent with it. Moreover, once you increase her weapon’s advancement, her power rises exponentially.

Molten Shield V2

The Molten Shield V2 allows her to dominate every battlefield. The weapon’s flame element and Defense resonance makes it extremely powerful. The weapon shatter and charge rates both sit pretty high at 10. This allows Huma to keep launching her ultimate attacks while breaking the enemy shield.

Her ultimate attack is Flame. It allows her to deal explosive damage to his enemies and render them helpless against her unrelenting attacks. The ultimate attack sets fire to her enemies, making them burn for eight seconds in excruciating pain. The fire lasts for eight seconds, with the enemies taking 58% of the base attack damage every second. This fire also disables the enemies healing capabilities by 50%, making them an easier target.


You can take a look at the list below to see all her attacks.

Attacks Effects
Normal Attack Swing your weapon four times to deal various amounts of damage each hit
Valor  Perform air branch attacks while in air
Aerial Strike  Perform three succession attacks whose damage keeps on increasing with each hit
Anticipation  Take 50% reduced damage if you charge your shield for 3 seconds.
Seething Rage Using Phantasia removes all debuffs
Release a flame shockwave that does 352% attack damage
Taunts the enemy
Erupt Perform a dodge attack after you execute a perfect dodge
Fission Turn your weapon into an axe and perform a ground shatter attack that damages the nearby enemies.

The ability to switch between the shield and axe form provides opportunities for endless outplays. The attacks’ effects differ depending on the weapon and allow them to shine individually. The axe form allows Huma to become more of an attacker if need be, while the shield form allows her to block the damage for her team and keep them standing to fight the enemies.

Support Class

Lastly, this Tower of Fantasy Best Class guide offers the support class. The support class contains the characters that provide the most utility and help their team succeed in their battles. They also provide healing to keep their teammates alive for longer and provide them the confidence to attack without hesitation.


Nemesis is the best support character that you can get your hands on. She fulfills her support capabilities to the max and has been regarded as a must-pick by many players. Her immense utility makes all the brutal battles so easy to handle and truly allows her to shine.

Nemesis’s stand-out ability is “Twin Spinning Focus,” with which she provides continuous healing when she dodges. This allows her to be rewarded for regular activities she would do in a fight. The best part about this is that it extends to your teammates as well and can heal them on the move. Moreover, You can stack the healing up to five times to make it an even more significant number.

Furthermore, getting a perfect dodge on her is highly satisfying. That is because it cleanses her of all debuffs and restores her to her original prowess. This also triggers a magnetic field that slows down the people caught inside it, making them easy targets for you to pick off.

Additionally, her mighty weapon Venus allows her to spawn electrodes that deal damage and heal. This makes her a very compelling character to opt for and enables the support class to rise up in the rankings.


Nemesis uses her EM Blaster called Venus to perform most of her abilities. The weapons lighting element and support resonance make it a viable option. It even has a high charge rate among supports of 8, which allows nemesis to keep shooting her ultimate attacks more often.

In her ultimate attack, Volt paralyzes her opponents and deals electrifying damage for six seconds. Additionally, it removes all their buffs and debuffs, making them take the full brunt of this attack’s 144% attack damage. To top it all off, the targeted enemies cannot get any buffs for the next six seconds, making them highly vulnerable.

Such a powerful ultimate attack allows her to deal decent damage even while being a supporter. Her capability to handle herself in a fight distinguishes her from others and makes her a gem among the rough. She is a character that will surely not fail you, especially with Venus by her side.


This list includes all her attacks and their respective effects.

Attacks Effects
Normal Attack Deal five blows with Venus, each dealing different attack damage
Dual Focus  Charge your attack to shoot forth an electric ball that deals 118.4% attack damage
Aerial Discharge  Fire five attacks in the air with various amounts of damage
Twin Spinning Focus It provides you healing with each dodge that you can stack up to five
Forward Pursuit Fire a missile at your enemies that deals massive damage
Parallel Beams Dodging heals nearby allies for 10 seconds
Pulse Lock Fire a missile at your enemies that deal 233.2% attack damage
Knocks the enemies down
Discharge Using Phantasia removes all debuffs
Restrict the enemy’s mobility by 70% for 5 seconds
Deal 393.9% through an electromagnetic blast

Nemesis’s Parallel beams allow her to fulfill her role as a healer and further enhance her capabilities. This will enable her team to fight without concern and demolish any kind of challenge they face. Furthermore, her discharge allows her to showcase some offensive capabilities as well, which showcase her potential in a 1v1.

How Vital Are Classes In Tower of Fantasy?

Towers play a crucial role in Tower of Fantasy. You must ensure that your team has a good composition comprising different classes. This will allow you to be more balanced and ready for any kind of problem that stands in your way.

Even though classes are vital, they are not necessary to follow. You can make your own personalized kits that suit you the best. The idea of one singular Tower of Fantasy Best Class is flawed and depends more on the player’s preference. Those that want to have high damaging character would consider the duelist or the marksman class the best. At the same time, those that wish to be on the backline and support their team with their abilities will hold the support as the Tower of Fantasy Best Class.

As it stands, there is no right or wrong answer to the Tower of Fantasy Best Class. It is all up to your choice. Although if you are overwhelmed and want to know what to do, I recommend you choose the marksman class as it will be an excellent place to start. It will make you accustomed to the game’s mechanics and will allow you to deal with opponents with your insane damage.

This concludes our Tower of Fantasy Best Class guide. Let us know down below which class is your favorite!!

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