Tower of Fantasy Best DPS Weapons [Top 6]

Best DPS Weapons Guide
Tower Of Fantasy Best DPS Weapons.

Tower Of Fantasy is out now and so is our detailed guide about the Best DPS Weapons that you must include in your build to output the most amount of damage.

Key Takeaways

  • DPS weapons ranked according to their performance and effectiveness include Em Dual Stars-Samir, Scythe of Crow, Icewind Arrow-Tsubasa, Thunder Blade-Crow, Thunderous Halberd-Echo, and Greatsword of Glacier-Nars.
  • Samir’s weapon of choice is the Em Dual Stars-Samir, which is a rapid charging dual pistol. She deals a massive amount of damage using spinning attacks, and her skill electrifies and paralyzes enemies for six seconds.
  • King, who is also on the SS tier list, wields the Scythe Of Crow, which has the fire element. He can blaze up enemies for eight seconds, decrease their healing ability by 50%, and deal massive damage for breaking shields.
  • Tsubasa owns the Icewind Arrow, an ice shell weapon that is a bow and has the ice element. She can freeze opponents for two seconds, reduce their rate of charging by 50%, and deal greater damage with three piercing shots.
  • Blade Crow wields the Thunder Blade, a small dagger-like dual blade with lightning elements. The weapon has abilities to paralyze, nullify buffs, and electrocute enemies.
  • Echo uses the Thunderous Halberd, which has the thunder element. This weapon deals immense damage and enhances the user’s mobility.
  • Greatsword of Glacier-Nars is another powerful weapon that can deal heavy damage and has ice elements.

Comparison table of DPS Weapons;

1Em Dual Stars-Samir610.718116514-
2Scythe Of Crow14.35161165-6
3Icewind Arrow-Tsubasa411.518116514-
4Thunder Blade-Crow6818116514-
5Thunderous Halberd-Echo12.6711753-3
6Nightingale’s Feather-Bai Ling61019113014-

All of them have their own role in this game, but some weapons are way stronger and more powerful than others, and you may need to choose from them depending on your playstyle.

The weapons are ranked according to their performance and how they make a difference in the most messy situations.

So without wasting any time let’s dive right into it.

Tower of Fantasy Best DPS Weapons

Em Dual Stars-Samir

Tower Of Fantasy Best Dps Weapon 1
Em Dual Stars-Samir

Considering the best damage dealers, Samir’s name is one of them and she is the first one with whom players get to play and come under the SS tier. She is the joyful one that loves to have fun around but also knows who to turn down her enemies.

Samir is most suitable for beginners. The providence of main damage is her primary role. Got the high damage and movement potency. Through a spinning attack, she deals enormous amounts of damage and swings in the middle of the air while doing so.

The weapon used is Double EM stars, the dual pistols. It has rapid charging which is quite helpful in releasing the discharges. Samir’s skill is electrified and Discharge is named Domain of thunder. With the lightning ability, she can paralyze the enemies and electrify them for 6 seconds.

Ranking up to three stars makes her immensely powerful and with 6 stars Samir becomes more deadly and her attacks even stronger and more dynamic than ever.

Scythe Of Crow

Tower Of Fantasy Best Dps Weapon 2
Scythe Of Crow

King, when enraged becomes extremely chaotic for the opponents. He is also among those who are regarded as the best DPS in Tower Of Fantasy and is on the SS tier list. His new skin unlocks at 3 stars, His weapon name follows as the Scythe Of Crow and has the fire element.

It is a significant and powerful weapon. Offers great damage and is amazingly defensive. You can blaze up the enemies for 8 seconds and with the next attack, the damage will increase by 58%. It also brings down the enemy’s ability to heal by 50%.

With the discharge ability, a flame scythe is created and its lasting time is 10 seconds, along with this you can tear up the ground and make a volcano erupt out of it which damages and knocks up. King offers colossal damage for shields breaking as well.

As this weapon is a fire in its elemental nature So it’s better to use it during mid-range fights. In the end with the increase in star level, the weapon’s damage will automatically boost up.

Icewind Arrow-Tsubasa

Tower Of Fantasy Best Dps Weapon 3
Icewind Arrow-Tsubasa

Tsubasa is always prepared to mess up with the enemies with her icy powers and she is S-tier marvelous DPS in Tower Of Fantasy. She owns the Icewind Arrow, an ice shell weapon that is a bow and has the ice element. 

you can freeze the opponents for two seconds and the frostbite infliction lasts for 6 seconds. It also reduces their rate of charging by 50%. Moreover, when the ice shell breaks it causes further damage to the targets.

The completely charged weapon results in the hailstorm in the direction of enemies and then freezes them. Besides this, your speed also boosts up. Three piercing shots can be made that deal greater damage. It’s considered among one of the best DPS Weapons in the game at the moment.

Also if the enemies come into collision with a barrier, then it knocks them back and they become dizzy for 5 seconds. It has a cooldown of 12 seconds. As the rank up the weapon effects advance and the rank range from 1 star to 6 stars. You must include this substantial weapon in your build.

Thunder Blade-Crow

Tower Of Fantasy Best Dps Weapon 4
Thunder Blade-Crow

In Tower of Fantasy in A tier, Blade Crow is another Best DPS Weapons associated with thunder blades. As the name speaks itself, the small dagger-like dual blades have the lightning element and abilities to shatter and charge.

The players who like sneaky gameplay can go for this one. The attacks from behind and his mobility are among the highlighted features. You can paralyze the opponents for 1 second, also their buffs are nullified and at the same time your damage boosts up.

With active skill the 6 returnable blades can be fired that deal a lot of damage and until the blades return the crow gets buff for himself. Its cooldown time is 45 seconds. The orbiting blades (discharge) are another massive source of damage.

As the weapon is charged fully it blinks towards the target’s location to attack and also the enemy gets electrocuted. Along with this, the 3 blades spawn that move around you or the user and those who come in contact with these blades receive damage.

However, you can enhance the harm through advancements by uplifting the rank. Such as the weapon’s base attack grows by 16% at 2-star rank and so on.

Thunderous Halberd-Echo

Tower Of Fantasy Best Dps Weapon 5
Thunderous Halberd-Echo

Echo also falls under the DPS category and she is considered the best shield breaker, so you must keep her as she will be quite helpful while having combat with stronger enemies. She falls in the B-tier. Echo’s weapon is a spear, named Thunderous Halberd.

The element type is lightning and has the same charging and shattering abilities. It can be used in both close and long-range fights. The volt paralyzes the enemies and they remain under this effect for 1 second.

They also receive an electrical shock and their buffs get cleared which can be attained after 6 seconds only. With her moon chaser skill, she can fly above and knock off the targets while being in the air.

Through the thunderclap, discharge echo can throw the spear while jumping in the air and this leads to the detonation at the target area and also paralyzes the enemies for 1 second. As you rank up the effects will keep on building up and this will make weapons more compelling.

Nightingale’s Feather-Bai Ling

Tower Of Fantasy Best Dps Weapon 6
Nightingale’s Feather-Bai Ling

Bai ling is a B-tier character that plays the DPS role. The weapon used is Nightingale’s Feather with grievous elements. It is also a bow. The grievous element allows you to cause extensive damage and to turn the enemies grievous for like 7 seconds, plus it causes 20% extra harm.

She knocks the opponent’s back and deals damage by using her piercing shot skill. The enemies become stunned if they come in contact with the barrier. Discharge includes the explosive barrage and at the opponent’s location, the hailstorm is formed that causes damage and a freezing effect.

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There you have it guys a complete guide on the Best DPS Weapons in the game so you can have the best possible combat experience and output the highest amount of damage to your enemies.

If you love what we do, don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones as it will help us to grow and bring more and more exciting content for you. Stay tuned for all the latest news on Tower Of Fantasy and we’ll see you in the next one.

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