Tower Of Fantasy BEST Healers [Top 4]

Best Healers
Tower Of Fantasy Best Healers

Healers are considered the backbone of your team in any game; the story is no different in Tower Of Fantasy. Like the rest of the characters, they have their importance, and Best Healers In Tower of Fantasy are required for smooth gameplay as they are the source of healing and damage.

Choosing the best healers can be pretty bewildering but don’t stress out. We have got you. The best healers are listed below, so scroll down and pick out the most sterling healer of your choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Nemesis is an SS-tier healer with the Em Blaster weapon that possesses the lightning element. She has a pulse lock skill attack that fires a missile & immobilizes the enemies for 1 second.
  • Cocoritter is an A-tier healer with a staff named Absolute Zero that has the ice element. She has the highest healing ability among all the healers & can freeze the enemy for 2 seconds.
  • Zero is another A-tier healer who plays a supporting role & uses the omnium-negating cube as a weapon. He has a flame element that helps to damage enemies & reduce their healing ability by 50%.
  • Pepper is a B-tier healer in Tower of Fantasy & has the highest charge among all healers. She wields a staff with a lightning element & possesses the Sanctuary skill which provides an energy shield & heals allies while reducing damage taken. Her Swift Deliverance skill can remove debuffs & heal allies. Upgrading Pepper improves her healing abilities & weapon charge speed. Considering Pepper as a healer is a wise choice.
  • All healers have unique skills & strengths that make them stand out from each other. They can rank up their skills by leveling up their characters & unlocking new abilities.
  • Players can rely on these healers in both solo & multiplayer modes, & they offer leading gameplay in both conditions.

Here is a comparison table for the Best Healers in Tower of Fantasy:

No.Character's NameAttackHPCharge
4PepperN/A20% Increment-

Best Healers


Tower Of Fantasy Best Healers 1
Tower Of Fantasy Nemesis  (imagecredits: IceXgame)

Nemesis is known to have the magnificent surviving ability with low weapon advancements and is placed in the SS tier. She got the Em Blaster weapon which is called Venus, and it possesses the lighting element.

She uses the volt through which she can immobilize the enemies for 1 second and can also give them 6 seconds of shock which removes all the buffs and causes damage. They cannot attain buffs for 6 seconds.

Her pulse lock skill attack fires a missile, and when an enemy comes in contact with this missile, it explodes on that enemy while dealing the damage and knocking it down. When the weapon is fully charged, a ray is fired that creates an unstable region and brings down the enemy’s speed by 70%.

It lasts for 5 seconds. Right after this, with a slight pause, there is a release of a burst. And it is electromagnetic. Also, an electrode spawns near the target’s location and attacks it. Only one electrode can be spawned at a time.

One of her dodging attacks, the Twin Spinning Focus, holds great importance. As a healing chain is created when you dodge an attack and this chain provides you healing to your partners as well. Ranking up the stars makes Nemesis a more sublime healer.

Getting three stars allows the electrode to the lightning every six seconds, which causes significant damage, and at four stars, your weapon’s base boosts up by 32%.


Tower Of  Fantasy Best Healers 2
Tower Of Fantasy Coco 

Coco is the most powerful healer, and her healing is considered to be the highest among all. She is listed in A-tier. A staff is her weapon and is named as absolute zero, and as far as the element is concerned, it is ice with support resonance.

You can rely on coco as a healer in both solo and multiplayer modes because she offers leading gameplay in both conditions. You don’t have to wait for advancements in her weapon, as she can access these notable healing abilities without them.

She is capable of restoring the player’s and allies’ health. Through the ice shell element, she can freeze the enemy for 2 seconds, and it remains exposed to this extreme coldness for 6 seconds. Due to this, the enemy’s charging rate also drops by 50%

On the other hand, the breaking of ice shells provides more damage to the enemy. With her active skill, she can create a zone that is a source of healing for the player and his partners, which follows the player in whatever direction. It has a 60 seconds cooldown.

Coco’s passive skill enables her to summon bees that move along the player and heal the allies and also boost up their Hp. Through the discharge skill, the buffs are removed from the user and partners, and it also heals them for 7 seconds if they are nearby.

Her 1-star advancement allows you to call for a bee that assists in healing, and at three stars, you can use the discharge skill or sanctuary skills. Moreover, at five stars, the effect of healing also increases. Now you may know why she is regarded as one of the top healers.


Tower Of Fantasy Best Healers 3
Tower Of Fantasy Zero

Zero plays a supporting role in Tower of Fantasy and is also one of the best healers. He as well falls in the A-tier. He is pretty helpful to the players and all his teammates. He uses an omnium, negating cube as a weapon, and has a fire element.

The flame element helps to blaze up the enemies, which continue to damage them for 8 seconds and reduces their healing ability by 50%. An omnium shield skill attack allows you to create a powerful shield around you and your teammates, lasting for 10 seconds.

This shield doesn’t only protect you but also causes damage to the enemies. It can bear massive amounts of damage. You can also make attacks while staying at a safe distance, so it’s super functional when you have to combat stronger enemies.

The omnium wave discharge releases the shockwave along with five cubes. As the shockwave hits the enemies they get blasted off and then fall to the ground with a reduction in their health. The cubes along with waves deal great damage.

Besides all these, opting for negating cubes can be of great help in overworld puzzles such as for supply pods that are covered by the vines. Rank up the stars to attain more wonderful advancement effects.

Like on three stars, your skill attack cooldown gets reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, and there is a 32% increase in the base of your weapon at four stars.


Tower Of Fantasy Best Healers 4
Tower Of Fantasy Best Healer 4 – Pepper

The last best healer in Tower of Fantasy we have is Pepper, and she has the highest charge. She falls in the B-tier. Pepper also got a staff as a weapon; the team of scars and its element is lighting. You may not require to invest so much in starting her healing abilities.

So going for her can be a considerable option. Being a volt user, she can make her enemies disable and electrify them. They remain paralyzed for almost 1 second. Using the sanctuary skill attack, you can develop an energy shield around yourself and your allies.

Those inside it will be healed, and damage taken will be reduced. It has a 60 seconds cooldown. Her discharge skill, Swift Deliverance, removes the wanderer’s and the teammates’ debuffs and also provide them healing.

Ranking up to the 1 star enables the healing of your partners within 10 m after the dodging attack. Just like this on the 5 stars rank, your speed of attaining weapon charge increases by 20%, but it doesn’t apply to the attacks that include missiles.

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More Tips

Tower of Fantasy is an engaging and exhilarating 3D anime RPG game. It involves action and has an interesting storyline and gameplay. You play as certain characters termed simulacra Tower of Fantasy has vibrant graphics, and everything is presented exquisitely.

You stroll around as a wanderer and interact with the environment. It includes interacting with puzzles for players and different activities through which they can obtain various valuable rewards. It has 15 characters, each of which falls into four roles: support, defense, healer, and DPS.

 All of them have specific abilities and strengths that distinguish them from each other. They have unique skins that unlock at particular levels, and leveling up can increase their weapon advancements.

You can create the character on your own, and there is a broad range of customization. Three different types of weapons having other elements can be equipped, and each gun has its distinctive skill.

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