Tower Of Fantasy Best PvP Combinations [Top 3]

This guide entails all the details you need to know about Tower of Fantasy PvP and best 3 PvP Combinations to dominate the online modes.

Tower of Fantasy Best Pvp
Tower of Fantasy Best Pvp

After months of under-curtain release in China, Perfect World’s Tower of Fantasy is finally released in the wild. Soon after the release on August 11th, 2022, waves of massive players community stormed the game to get hands-on experience for the “Genshin Killer.” However, the launch was still shaky with enormous downtime. But still, players are not having enough of the massive gameplay experience for combat and in-depth characters and are already seeking Tower of Fantasy best PvP combinations.

A wide range of characters and enhanced combat mechanics are the top aspects of Tower of Fantasy. At the same time, players can create team compositions to achieve the desired gameplay experience for both PvE and PvP. Especially, PvP is the top subject of interest among players to try the character’s abilities and weapons in online battles. 

PvP in Tower of Fantasy allows players to embark on the powerful and engaging world of combat. Players can test their abilities by fighting with team compositions of their choice. However, building a perfect team is difficult, as you must incorporate different class elements, abilities, and weapons. 

If you are also one of those players that want to enjoy the best PvP experience, then you are in the right place. This guide entails all the details you need to know about Tower of Fantasy best PvP combinations. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Tower Of Fantasy Best PvP Combinations

PvP is the most fun feature added to the all-new Tower of Fantasy to allow players to take the fight on professional grounds. You can play different missions with your friends or take the head-on challenge and fight with players at any moment in the game. All you need to do is send someone an invite for a challenge, and others have to accept it and test their skills in massively detailed fights. 

But before that, it is worth noting that there are two different modes in the Tower of Fantasy PvP. The first one is the open-world PvP, where players and their friends can roam around or duke out the fight with opponents at any moment or any time in the game. Meanwhile, the second mode, Apex Legends, involves ranked matches to take the gaming experience to the next level. 

Both PvP modes are a pretty fun experience for the players. Although, the open world is not balanced and is mostly pay-to-win. On the other side, most players engage in the Apex Legends to play 1vs1 matches and numerous other challenges to receive the hefty rewards, including the notable Black Crystals. 

As for the PvP combinations, players must incorporate numerous elements to create a unique team and dominate the online modes. These may include the characters, abilities, and special weapons available in the game. You can follow our Tower of Fantasy Best PvP weapons guide to pick the ideal arsenal for your choice in online battles. 

On the other side, creating perfect PvP team compositions is another crux of the matter. You will have to pick characters that are not only powerful enough to compete but also perfectly balance the team. With that said, let’s look at the top PvP teams in Tower of Fantasy to achieve the best gaming experience. 

Baiyuekui, Claudia, And Tsubasa

The first entry in the best PvP compositions for Tower of Fantasy is Baiyuekui as the primary character, Claudia and Tsubasa. Although, it may not seem immensely powerful to take on all the challenges in online PvP. But still, this combination makes up for being the best entry-level team available to all kinds of players in Tower of Fantasy. 

Putting the Baiyuekui in the first role will push the overall combination’s performance. If you do not know, Baiyuekui is an SSR character that is immensely powerful to pierce through opponents’ shields. Apart from that, she also got neat combat move sets to fight both small and large enemies, thus making it ideal for the PvP in Tower of Fantasy. 

Baiyuekui in Tower of Fantasy

On top of that, dodging attacks with this character will grant you a good amount of iframes. In essence, iframes or simply invincibility frames put your character in the god mode whenever it has an active skill. It enables your character to be utterly immune to damage for a long time. 

Next, we have Claudia, which brings a Guren Blade to dish out heavy damage. If Baiyuekui can help dodge attacks and break the enemy’s defenses, Claudia makes a perfect entry in the best PvP in Tower of Fantasy. Moreover, Tsubasa can also aid your team’s significant energy recharge and damage buffs. 

With these team combinations of breaking shields and best damage capabilities, players can quickly pursue this entry-level character combination for PvP. As you progress further in the game, you can mix and match the weapons to create a perfect team combination in Tower of Fantasy. 

Samir, Nemesis, And King

Our following best PvP composition in the game is Samir with Nemesis and King. Players can achieve the best damage output and the combat moves available in the game, starting with Samir. The character comes with the Dual EM Stars as Volt pistols that are immensely powerful for entry-level compositions. 

The best thing about Samir is the high-performance charge of the character. The character is ideal for playing from a distance, but the charge abilities can also assist in performing the dash and making the most out of the PvP experience. 

Samir, Nemesis, And King Team Composition
Samir, Nemesis, And King Team Composition

This means you do not have to keep your distance in the PvP. You can quickly dash forward in the face of the opponents. All you need to do is to hit the dash and start the attack as soon as you are close to the opponent. 

Another best aspect of Samir is that the character specializes in aerial attacks. Samir can either spin in the air while shooting volts or use the jet pack to elevate in the air. This will help your character to not only attack the opponents from all sides but also dodge their incoming dash and enhance the defenses. 

Players that have not got their hands on the jet pack can also grapple onto the objects in the environment to use them for their battle needs. With these aspects on your side, Samir makes up 90% of the overall team composition for PvP battles. 

Next, we have Nemesis to employ the massive ultimate to deal AoE damage to the enemies. Also, players can use the short hit by using the spear. But overall specialization of Nemesis lies in support weapons known as Venus, EM blaster guns. She also has a Tower of Fantasy SSR rank, so you might want to unlock her to proceed with the following team composition.  

Lastly, King will directly contribute with Nemesis for enhancing defenses in the PvP. Players struggle with maximizing defenses’ performance during PvP gameplay like in every game. The same goes for Final Fantasy, where keeping up the defenses can be real trouble for entry-level and veteran players. 

Meanwhile, King is assuring to be the best character in the PvP combination to offer break through the shields of any opponent and expose them to your attacks. It is worth noting that King employs the shield-breaking weapon Scythe of the Crow to deal both physical and defense damage to the opponents. You can learn more about the character by visiting our guide on Tower of Fantasy best team.  

Zero, Cocoritter, And Nemesis

It may surprise many players, but you can also pursue a healer team composition in PvP of Tower of Fantasy. Many players never pay attention to the fact that healers can also deal damage and attack. 

For that instance, we will use Zero as the most favorite entry in the team composition yet. He is the ultimate close-range damage-dealing character with DPS resonance. The character uses Negating Cube, which not only assists in elemental attack but also drops opponents’ defenses by dropping their healing effects significantly. 

In essence, the Negating Cube will deal an onset fire damage over eight seconds on opponents. On the other side, another effect kicks in that will reduce their healing intake from the team.

Apart from that, Zero also supports the team by using the cube effects that grant a 10-second shield on the team. These aspects make Zero a perfect and most powerful character in the PvP team combinations in Tower of Fantasy. The character will drop the green items that heal the team, so make sure to pick them up during the fight. 

If this is not enough, you can add Cocoritter to push the healer’s performance further. She is also support but brings the quality of freezing the enemies for two seconds. Not just that, but that freezing effect renders a frostbite effect for six seconds. 

Cocoritter for Freezing Damage
Cocoritter for Freezing Damage

She uses the Absolute Zero staff, which implies the freezing abilities of the character. After using the skill, you can dash back to a distance to heal the allies and then return to the battle area. In essence, she has a healing bee that is always following her and healing the team in the vicinity. 

Lastly, the Nemesis again brings the support and massive weapon of death. Do not overlook her silence, as the mutation has enabled her to use elemental damage. This works by using the Volt to paralyze the enemy and then deal continuous damage for six seconds. The skill will also negate the enemy buffs and expose them to your attacks, thus giving a complete tactical advantage to your team. 

Tips For Tower Of Fantasy PvP

There are vast possibilities for building an ideal and best PvP combination for Tower of Fantasy. However, it is always essential to incorporate elements that can aid in improving the team’s performance in PvP sessions. 

As for the team composition, you might always want to ensure you add a shield breaker to your team. This is important because you can never expect what you will fight in the PvP. Meanwhile, having a shield breaker in your composition can be highly beneficial to give you exposure and weaken the enemy right at the start of the battle. 

If you ignore the shield breaker, you will miss out on tons of damage, as the opponent’s shield will block all of the attacks from your team. You can build a composition around using a shield breaker, a DPS, and support. This is the ideal build requirement for PvP. 

Also, if your team employs an elemental resonance booster, adding another character in the same element is essential. For instance, if you are using the Nemesis, you can add another character with the same element to maximize the performance of the elemental resonance booster. 

Final Words

Tower of Fantasy offers a unique experience from every other Gacha game and allows players to dive deeper into the skills and lore of the characters. With that, you can easily mix and match different characters to create the best team combination for both PvP and PvE playthroughs. 

That is about it for Tower of Fantasy best PvP combinations. Do you find this guide helpful for trying out some of the best combinations?

What is your combination for competing against other players in the PvP sessions of Tower of Fantasy? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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