Tower Of Fantasy Best Server & Region

Here is everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy best server to achieve the best online gaming experience.

Tower of Fantasy Best Server
Tower of Fantasy Best Server

After a massive success in China and unbridled attention from the global Gacha community, Tower of Fantasy is finally released on August 11, 2022, for PC, iOS, and Android.

Despite a downtime, the new game quickly acquired a massive player base. Although the game allows you to customize from the start, many players are puzzled over Tower of Fantasy best server selection to ensure a smooth gaming experience. 

Like most games, players always consider the best settings and servers to achieve the ideal playthrough. Moreover, there is a variety of factors that influence your decision regarding the selection of servers in video games. For instance, choosing a random server may not guarantee a good player population and latency. 

On top of that, if you are planning on playing with your friends and they have joined a different server than yours, you may not be able to join their game. For that instance, you might have to consider servers carefully so it does not impact your gaming performance in Tower of Fantasy. 

Key Takeaways

  • Selecting the right server is crucial for a good gaming experience. Choose a server with your location for better latency and performance.
  • Players cannot cross-play with friends on a different server. Players can Communicate with friends to join the same server region.
  • Streamers can help guide server selection for a better experience. Use resources like gaming streamers and server surveys to find the best server.
  • The first character transfer to a new server is free for players. But it will reset their progress. Players can create multiple characters on different servers at a cost.
  • Four regions (Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and South America) have multiple servers.
  • Select a server with a good network connection & that is not under maintenance or hotfixes. Different servers have different player bases.

You surely do not want to miss out on the perfect experience from the “Genshin Killer” with the most detailed characters and engaging storyline. With that said, we give you a detailed guide on selecting a Tower of Fantasy best server. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

How To Select Tower Of Fantasy Best Server

When it comes to the servers in Tower of Fantasy, there is a huge list of available locations and regions that players can choose from. Although, developers have done a perfect job of distributing the content equally on all servers. But still, picking up the correct server from the start is crucial to achieving an ideal gaming experience. 

The game will put players into a default server at the start of the game. However, you can also avoid this by selecting the Server option below the character creation. Now, here is the catch, as you select the server, you can not cross-play with friends that have games on another server. 

Tower of Fantasy Best Server
Tower of Fantasy Best Server

For instance, if you have selected a Europe server and your friends are playing Tower of Fantasy in North America, you will not be able to join their missions and raids invites.

You would want to communicate with your friends to join the same server and region to ensure joining the game as a team. Also, if you are following a streamer, you can join his specific server and region for a perfect gaming experience. 

Meanwhile, players that have already joined a random server and would like to transfer their character to a new one can also change the server.

This transfer is free for the first time. Unfortunately, since the data is on the server and not stored locally on your device, changing the server will reset your character, and you will have to start over in-game to progress with a new character. 

After that, you will have to pay an in-game currency to move the characters to another server. It might feel daunting at the start, but making the right decision at the start can save you from all kinds of hassle. 

On the other side, if you are more considerate on the performance side, you might want to select a server with your location and best latency.

This will eventually smoothen your gaming experience based on the particular server. During the server selection, you will see different regions and the server names with their respective health. 

There are four regions, and each has numerous best servers in Tower of Fantasy. Asia-Pacific and Europe have the highest list of servers, standing at 32, while North America has 22 servers available to players. South America has only ten servers that players can join to enjoy the PvP experience online. 

You can follow our Tower of Fantasy best PvP guide to understand the online experience, enjoy team combinations, and more. Apart from that, each server in the respective region also has a different player base. You must join the server, like your friends’ or streamers’ party, to ensure a similar gaming experience with players. 

As for server health, you will only select a server with the best network connection and is not under hot fixes or development.

There are four health categories that you can see in each region’s server. These include Maintenance, Smooth, Hot, and Queue. You might only want to select Smooth server in your region. 

Server Health
Server Health

The server health categories are self-explanatory and depict the nature of the network quality of the server. If a particular server is under Maintenance, then it is offline by developers.

Meanwhile, Smooth depicts that the particular server is fully functional and will provide the ideal network for online gaming in Tower of Fantasy. A Hot server shows that it will reach the total capacity of the player’s population and may impact the performance of your game.

On the other side, Queue servers have reached maximum capacity and will require waiting time for players to join the game. 

You also have the freedom to create many characters on different servers. As said earlier, this will cost a lot of in-game currency, and a game reset upon changing the server.

However, still, you will be able to enjoy playing in different regions and achieve a unique experience with each character. 

Characters Owned in Multiple Servers
Characters Owned in Multiple Servers

Final Words

Picking the best servers in Tower of Fantasy can be overwhelming at the start since most of them are already crowded with players.

However, resources like gaming streamers and joining a friend group can help you navigate the best server in your region. You can also incorporate different server surveys in the Tower of Fantasy to find the best server for your Tower of Fantasy playthrough. 

That is about it for the best server in Tower of Fantasy. Do you find this guide helpful for understanding the server mechanics in the new Tower of Fantasy? What is the best server in your region? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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