Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Relics [Top 10]

In this guide we will guide you through the ssr relics and give our opinion on what we believe to be the best ssr relic(s) in the game currently.

tower of fantasy best ssr relic

So, you want to know more about Tower of Fantasy best SSR relic, huh? Well, you came to the right guide. But first, let us start with knowing the basics and what Tower of Fantasy is about.

If you have ever played Genshin Impact, then you are already familiar with this game, but if you aren’t familiar with Genshin, let us elaborate. Tower of Fantasy as a game is known as a gacha game. It originates from the East and incentivizes you as the player to spend money on it, but rather than unlocking skins; you unlock characters, weapons, and in our case, relics.

The game also ranks these unlock under different tiers. These tiers are talked about more in the next section of this guide. Now we mentioned if you have played Genshin Impact because it seems that Tower of Fantasy has been greatly influenced by it. This extends more towards the gameplay and gacha aspects of the game.

tower of fantasy cover
Tower of Fantasy Art

What are Relics?

Relics are like gadgets in other games. They are buffs that augment your character(s) and sometimes are necessities when fighting or exploring.

There are many relics in the game currently, and these are all explained later on, but it should be noted that these are not all the relics but only the Tower of Fantasy best SSR relic. If you are confused by the term SSR, then worry not, as the next section describes what this term means and how it is compared to other gear in the game.

What is SSR Rank?

To provide a simple answer, SSR rank is the highest rank in the game. It proves to be a symbol of power that garners either respect or disesteem from other players depending upon how it was acquired.

In these kinds of gacha games, we see that many players prefer to get characters rather than weaponry and the sort, but in Tower of Fantasy, the weapon and relic aspect is equally, if not more important than the character collection craze in Genshin. That isn’t to discount the characters, though, as they are pivotal in forming the bulk of your strength. After all, what would be the use of these weapons if there were no strong characters to wield them?

tower of fantasy gameplay
Tower of Fantasy Gameplay

Tower of Fantasy Best SSR Relics

Listed and explained below are the SSR-rated relics in Tower of Fantasy as of the writing of this guide. It seemed appropriate that we first provide you with the explanation and function of each relic before we can claim to make a judgment regarding the title of best.

Hoverboard (CN Exclusive)

tower of fantasy hoverboard relic icon
Tower of Fantasy Hoverboard Relic

As of yet, the Hoverboard is currently relegated to only the Chinese servers of Tower of Fantasy. The relic itself has the effect of increased movement speed on land or quicksand by consuming stamina over a short period. The cooldown on this relic is 90 seconds every one and a half minutes.

Star Effect
1⭐ Cooldown Reduction by 30 seconds.
2⭐ Stamina consumption is decreased by 50% on land and is now free of charge on the water.
3⭐ It can be activated while swimming to mitigate cooldowns.
4⭐ Slight increase in fire-type damage now granted as a passive.
5⭐ Further cooldown reduction by 30 seconds.


tower of fantasy confinement ssr relic
Tower of Fantasy Confinement Relic

Creates an enclosed area within a 14-meter diameter for ten seconds. Within this area, energy pulses deal elemental damage equivalent to 73% of your attack damage per tick. The current weapon‘s element decides upon this elemental damage type. Another intriguing effect is that enemies that come in contact with the edge of the enclosed area are stunned for two seconds. The cooldown for this relic is around 240 seconds, equating to 4 mins.

Star Effect
1⭐ The target stun now lasts three seconds, and the cooldown for the relic is reduced to 180 seconds or 3 mins.
2⭐ The damage per pulse tick increases by 30% of the original 73% damage.
3⭐ The cooldown is further reduced to 120 seconds or 2 mins.
4⭐ Passively increases physical damage dealt by a slight margin.
5⭐ The inside of the area triggers tremors every three seconds, making the target airborne.

Alternate Destiny

tower of fantasy best ssr relic
Tower of Fantasy Alternate Destiny Relic


Like Confinement, this creates an area of effect in which allies get immunity from stuns, and their health will not drop below 20%. Leaving this dimension causes the allies to lose all buffs gained in the dimension and be unable to be buffed by it again for 45 seconds.

This is similar to the Kindred Ultimate from League of Legends with some extra crowd control immunity. The cooldown on this relic is 90 seconds or one and a half minutes.

Star Effect
1⭐ Allies in the area of effect gain 15% health regeneration after the relic is activated.
2⭐ Allies gain 25% life steal within the area of effect.
3⭐ Allies gain immunity to all mind control abilities.
4⭐ It passively grants a minor amount of bonus frost damage.
5⭐ All allies have 2x life steal when their health drops to 40% or below.

Spacetime Rift

tower of fantasy ssr relics
Tower of Fantasy Spacetime Rift Relic

A sci-fi missile launcher that fires a projectile blackhole. This projectile then begins to suck in everything for ten seconds. After 1.5 seconds, there is a release of energy from the core, which damages the enemy by equal to 40% of the player’s attack to all targets caught within the field. This damage ticks every 0.5 seconds until the projectile evaporates. The cooldown for this relic is 100 seconds or around 1 minute and 40 seconds. This is one of the Tower of Fantasy best SSR relic.

Star Effect
1⭐ The duration of the black hole is increased to 15 seconds, and enemies cannot escape if they are close to the ground.
2⭐ It Doubles the area of effect that sucks in enemies.
3⭐ Increases the damage dealt by 20% in the affected area.
4⭐ Mitigates the flame damage received by a slight amount. This takes effect passively.
5⭐ All enemies caught in the area of effect are restricted from being able to heal or receive healing.

Couant 2 (CN Exclusive)

tower of fantasy relic icon
Tower of Fantasy Couant 2 Relic

This relic is another one found only on the Chinese servers currently. The relic itself grants a shield that lasts for five seconds. After being hit once, you damage the surrounding enemies, which is 100% + 50 of the attack.

If the shield is broken within one second of being activated, it stuns the enemy for two seconds. You will gain bonus damage amplification by the percentage of health you have left for ten seconds. The cooldown on this relic is 30 seconds.

Star Effect
1⭐ Gain bonus energy if you are at or above 90% health. Gain bonus energy if your health is lower than or equal to 90%. Gain bonus energy when the damage boost ends.
2⭐ Increases the timeframe of the damage increase to 12 seconds.
3⭐ The maximum damage boost increased from 60% to 70%.
4⭐ Passively increase fire damage slightly.
5⭐ Transforms missing health into damage buff percentage if missing health is greater than current health. This can only be stacked to 70%.

Omnium Shield

tower of fantasy shield relic
Tower of Fantasy Omnium Shield Relic

The Omnium Shield is a simple relic that stops projectiles for ten seconds with an energy level equivalent to 200% of your character’s maximum health. This relic has a 90-second cooldown or one and a half minutes.

Star Effect
1⭐ It cuts the movement speed by half of the enemies that move through the shield.
2⭐ Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds or one minute.
3⭐ Increase the time frame of the ability to be active to 20 seconds.
4⭐ Mitigate incoming frost damage slightly passively.
5⭐ If allies pass through the shield, then the damage dealt by them to enemies increases for seven seconds.



tower of fantasy relics
Tower of Fantasy Drone Relic

Calls a drone that increases damage reduction by 5% every five seconds. The drone lasts around 15 seconds, and the relic’s cooldown is 120 seconds or 2 minutes.

Star Effect
1⭐ Grant immunity to crowd control effects that lasts for five seconds.
2⭐ Extends the time frame of the relic by 25 seconds.
3⭐ Every five seconds, the player gets one stack of inspiration; this increases damage dealt by 5% with each stack.
4⭐ Mitigate volt damage slightly as a passive ability.
5⭐ Converts 20% of the damage dealt by the player into health.

Colossus Arms

tower of fantasy arms icon
Tower of Fantasy Colossus Arms Relic

This relic is like summoning a boss monster as your pet. You get to summon a robotic colossus with massive arms that fight the enemies for you. It remains in the fight for 20 seconds.

The standard attacks do 140% damage based on how much attack power you have currently, and the skills of the robot deal damage equal to 450% damage based on the attack power. Both of these moves knock the enemy into the air, and this relic has a cooldown of 300 seconds which is five minutes. These are currently running for the Tower of Fantasy best SSR Relic.

Star Effect
1⭐ Launches 2 missiles with each attack, and each missile deals damage equal to 35% attack power.
2⭐ Cooldown reduced to 200 seconds or 3 minutes and 20 seconds.
3⭐ Increase the number of missiles launched by attacking an enemy from 2 to 4.
4⭐ Passively reduce physical damage received slightly.
5⭐ The summon lasts 30 seconds, and all damage taken is mitigated by 20%.

Type-V Armor

tower of fantasy armor ssr relic
Tower of Fantasy Type-V Armor

You summon a suit of armor to pilot and fight in for 30 seconds. While in the suit, you are immune to crowd control and can exit the mech anytime.

The suit does, however, have a skill known as Aimed Shot. With this skill, you will damage your enemies equivalent to 44% of your attack damage. The cooldown for this relic is 200 seconds which is 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

Star Effect
1⭐ You gain flame damage and crowd control immunity.
2⭐ You gain the Artillery Fire skill. This allows you to fire six times at a target you lock on. Each hit deals the equivalent of 155% attack damage.
3⭐ Damage dealt now inflicts burn onto the enemies.
4⭐ Passively increase your flame damage slightly.
5⭐  You gain the Flame Domain skill. This skill creates an expansive wall of flame where you stand. This deals damage equal to a maximum of 1150% attack damage.

Hologram Projector

tower of fantasy best ssr relic
Tower of Fantasy Hologram Projector Relic

This relic creates a holographic clone of the player, miming the weapon attacks dealing half of the damage they would normally do. This hologram lasts 15 seconds, and the cooldown on this ability is 180 seconds, otherwise known as 3 minutes. Even though this doesn’t seem that good, it can be called the Tower of Fantasy best SSR relic due to the insane utility it can provide. Think of the mimic tear from Elden Ring.

Star Effect
1⭐  Increases the time frame of the relic to 20 seconds.
2⭐  Damage dealt by holograms increases to 75% from 50%.
3⭐  You can now teleport the hologram to your position.
4⭐  Increases volt damage passively.
5⭐  Holograms do the same amount of damage as the player, and teleporting the player’s hologram cleanses them of all crowd control effects.
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