Tower of Fantasy Black Screen [FIXED]

Tower of Fantasy black screen issue

Ever experienced the infuriating moment where you are on the verge of beating a boss or are just roaming around chilling in a game, then boom, all of a sudden, a black screen? Almost everyone has experienced this pain, and honestly, we don’t blame you for getting mad at it.

With Tower of fantasy being a relatively new title, it does have some bugs and issues that are yet to be resolved, but the problems with the black screen are very approachable. We know how to fix the Black screen issue in Tower of fantasy, so stick along for a while to find out more.

Key Takeaways

  • Low system requirements, corrupted files, conflicting apps, & outdated graphic drivers can cause the black screen issue.
  • Minimum system requirements for playing Tower of Fantasy are an Intel Core i5 CPU, Windows 7 64-bit OS, 8GB RAM, 25GB of available storage, Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 graphics card, & DirectX version 11. 
  • Recommended system requirements are an Intel Core i7 CPU or higher, Windows 10 64-bit or higher, 16GB RAM, 30GB of available storage, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, & DirectX version 12.
  • Users can repair corrupted files in two ways: download the game from Steam or are on the game’s launcher.
  • Disabling antivirus or firewall protection could help resolve the issue.
  • Users can upgrade their graphic drivers through their card manufacturer’s website or software, such as AMD’s Radeon Software.

Tower of Fantasy is the latest release from Hotta studio, which is related to Perfect World. It is essentially an RPG with its basis being an open-world game. You can play this game on multiple platforms, so it has quite a following and player base. These platforms include IOS, Windows, and Android.

How To Fix Black Screen Issue In Tower of Fantasy 

The black screen is undoubtedly one of the worst things a gamer could experience, especially during essential quests and fights. For Tower of Fantasy, these black screen issues have reportedly been experienced by players during the game’s launch right after they select their specific servers to play.

Even after meeting the requirements to play the game properly, users still face this issue and are waiting for a patch update. However, there are a few minor fixes that could help you get rid of this problem. We have mentioned those issues and their fixes below.

System Requirements

The first thing you should check if you come across this problem is the minimum requirements to run this game on your device. This could be the root of the issue you are facing and low end machines usually face this problem because of their inability to load or run certain areas and maps of a game. The Minimum and the recommended requirements are mentioned below.

Component Type Minimum Requirements
CPU Intel Core i5 and Above
OS Windows 7 64 bit Minimum
RAM A minimum of 8GB Ram
Storage At least 25GB Available
Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GT 1030
DirectX DirectX Version 11
Minimum requirements to run Tower of Fantasy

The recommended requirements to enjoy Tower of fantasy to the fullest are mentioned below.

Component Type Minimum Requirements
CPU Intel Core i7 and Above
OS Windows 10 64-bit and Above
RAM A minimum of 16gb Ram
Storage At least 30GB Available
Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
DirectX Directx Version 12

If you feel like you have a bit outdated system you can check these requirements and match along to see if it is viable for you. If not we would recommend investing in better equipment to enjoy the game.

Game File or File path Integrity

If you still have to face this issue, it could quite possibly be because of some corrupted files in your game’s directory. This usually occurs if you had a bad install or download of the game. However, it is easily fixable by repairing the files or downloading the missing files. There are two ways you can check and restore the files mentioned below.

Firstly, if you have downloaded the game from Steam, you can open the steam library and select the game Tower of fantasy. After getting to the main game screen in Steam, click the Properties button on the game bar.

Then click on the local files to check your game file directory, where it will give you an option labeled “Verify integrity of game files.” After choosing this option, it will take a few minutes to download or repair the missing files and install them. Now you will have a perfectly fine game with no corrupt files.

Secondly, if you are not playing it on Steam and are on the Games personal Launcher, you can open up the Game setting to find the repair files option. This is also another way to repair the files.

Conflicting Apps

Another reason why you could be facing the issue is because of certain conflicting apps, usually your antivirus or the firewall. As we already know, the antiviruses are very cautious about online platform software, so it tends to block it when it feels like your computer might be at a threat. You can disable your antivirus to check if it is the one causing the issue.

The entire process is straightforward. First, go to your windows search bar and search for Virus protection. Once you are in the Protection Tab, choose the manage security tab and Turn off the option that says “Real-Time Protection” to turn the virus protection off.

This won’t make your PC vulnerable to Major threats, but to check if the problem gets better, you can turn it back on. Also, you can turn off the Ransomware Protection from the same protection tab to check if your issue is resolved.

Graphic Driver

Black screen issues also result from display drivers as your Graphic cards are the ones that give you a display. So if you have old graphic drivers, you could be facing this issue, and to resolve it, you can upgrade the drivers through your card manufacturer’s websites and software like the ones mentioned below.

AMD Graphic Cards

AMD Drivers support Website
AMD Drivers Support Website
  1. If you have an AMD card, you can go to the respective AMD website and download their Radeon Software.
  2. Upon downloading and installing this app, you can open it to see if your graphic drivers are up-to-date.
  3. If they are, you might have a different issue, but if it says graphic drivers are outdated, you can download the latest ones and wait for them to install.
  4. During installation, your PC screen will go black for a bit, don’t worry, as it is part of the process.
  5. Finally, restart your PC for the drivers to apply and continue playing.

Nvidia Graphic Cards

Geforce experience on Website
GeForce Experience
  1. For an Nvidia Card, go to the Nvidia website and search for Geforce Experience.
  2. Download the Geforce experience software and install it.
  3. After installing and making a GeForce account, Check your current display drivers to check if they are up to date; if they are, then you might have another issue.
  4. But if there are new drivers to update, download and install them.

Tab out of the Game

Sometimes games glitch out, and it’s not a big deal. To solve this problem, it has a straightforward solution: to Alt-Tab out of the game. Just press Alt+Tab together, and the game will tab out to another application. By doing this, you reset your application and Alt+Tab back into the game for it to work correctly. This only works sometimes though.

Restart Game or Internet Connection

Frequently at the Launch of the game or during the game, your internet might have slight fluctuations or might not load all the resources properly. A quick game restart could fix this issue and stop your pc from getting a black screen. Another reason could be your internet connection and the settings you have.

 To troubleshoot, change your ISP if you have any available at that point, or try connecting through your mobile network. You could also have low data priority setting enabled, so disable that to get an uninterrupted internet speed. Alternatively, you could be experiencing Packet Loss or just unstable internet; overall, we recommend using a wired medium for internet. An example of a wired medium would be using an ethernet cable.

Run as Administrator or Change the Apps Compatibility Settings

Another fix for the black screen issue is running the game as an administrator. By doing this, you Bypass all the app limitations and allow the resources to run properly without any interruption. To run the game as an administrator, search up the game in the windows search bar as ” Tower of fantasy.” Once that app pops up, right-click it and choose “Run as Administrator.”

If the run as administrator doesn’t work for you, you can change the app’s compatibility settings. By doing this, you can run the game better depending on your device. To change these settings, right-click the application shortcut on your desktop. After the drop-down menu, choose the properties settings.

Another tab will open up with many settings to change, don’t get overwhelmed by this. On the top of this window, there will be a compatibility option where you will choose a run as administrator option, allowing the game to always launch with administrator permissions.

Servers or New Patches

Another reason could be that the game servers are down, letting you sink in your sorrows. You should check if the game’s servers are up before troubleshooting everything mentioned above. It could be that the server had too much traffic or are down for maintenance, leaving you with a black screen to stare into your eyes and the never-ending abyss.

Lastly, this game could have a bug or patch issue causing the black screen. For this issue to resolve, you can do nothing but wait for a patch release to save your game. The max you could do is beg the Developers to release it quicker because you can’t make the patch resources on your own lol.


We have covered all the black screen issues in Tower of Fantasy and their fixes above, so you can troubleshoot all of them to see if your problem goes away. Overall if nothing works, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the game so the doubt of having a bad install might also be finished. If you want more content related to tower of fantasy, check out our Tower of Fantasy articles on Bygone Phantasm, Best Elements, and Classes guide. You can also contact the Customer Support of the game if you are having further issues. Good Luck finding the solution!

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